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and Co have a series of videos on “Reading with Jane Austen.” The videos are available for free and can be watched at anytime.

Premise: "Reading with Jane Austen explores authors contemporaneous with Austen and authors that Austen is likely to have read.”


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Dialed a phone
(schick schick schick)
and called a friend.
We hailed a taxi to
a silent disco where
we played loud music
above the silence.

It had never been

We reveled in our

As we spoke easy.

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I've been writing for so many years and I still get caught up on Discrete vs Discreet. Do any of you have words you struggle with?

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How did you settle on your MC's appearance?

I often have a good idea of what they look like ... but sometimes it's more vague. I use storyboarding to help me consolidate who they are so that I can translate that a little better. Pinterest is super-handy for this.

Here is the story board for my current #wip

#amwriting #dualtimeline #historicalfiction #indieauthor

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MC POV: Where did you grow up? What was your childhood like there?

Dair Montgomery: We lived in Edinburgh. My da was what they called a hard man; he didn't like that I preferred the company of books and animals to playing football or cricket. My favorite time was the summer; my mum would drive me up to Ballachulish to visit Nanny Kilgour, her mother. Nanny understood me better than anyone; she nurtured my love for nature and learning. I dreaded going back home at the end of the summer.

When I came back from Afghanistan, I was pretty messed up. The only place I'd ever really felt like myself was Ballachulish ... so that's where I went.

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Good day!

Our weather is a yo-yo. After temperatures far above average, we’ve turned cold. It’ll reach 52°F/11.1°C, but it’ll take all day to get there.

It won’t be much over freezing when I walk, & with possible showers.

My writer self finds comfort in this weather.

Today’s targeted editing chapter is the moment when my MC, after a heartfelt journey seeking details about her past, cracks open the door to the unexpected...

Be everwell.

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The room where all
forgotten ideas go,
size unknown.

Undulating expand,
wavering contract?

Or fixed geometry.

Ideas increase,
crowding ensues.
Lost poems fuse with
unseen plans,
pressure, collapse.

Black hole, or biggest
bang, and creativity
every where
every when

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Does your character have a pet? What is the pet's secret?

#WritingPrompt #AmWriting #writing #authodons #dogs #DogsOfMastodon

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"Israel's fallacy of militant nationalism without the thugs"

New piece on making sense on the mixed messages we keep getting from Israel, Gaza and Zionism.

It is the fallacy of highly educated people like Yuval Noah Harari I like to point out here.

We liberals are far too trusting. We keep making excuses for the conservatives, because we'd prefer them not to be be real.

#IsraelHamaswar #Gaza #FreePalestine #cognitivepsychology #politicalneurophysiology


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For the first time in weeks I woke up with a scene in my head (after a day away from the keyboard, talking to my bestie about my stress, and checking in with my crit partners) so I got up to write... and realized I don't have a playlist for a mermaid book.

Give me some recs!

#Mermay #AmWriting #Books #Bookstodon

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A monster on your world displays surprisingly intelligent activity. Has the monster gained some sense, or is someone steering them?

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Chapter 24 is finally ready to sit and get a last edit.

I ignored a couple of Beta readers suggestions, but one they didn't think was big gave me a hard time.

Characters were reacting to the tone of something I had in my head, not what was on paper. What I had on paper was right, not what was in my head. to rip out the transition both in and out of that section so people were reacting appropriately. It meant junking some nice dialog, but oh well.

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#Writing #AmWriting

Today, I study the fine points of hyphens.

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Good day!

Something akin to early spring or late winter arrived today as our temperatures plummeted.

It made for an exhilarating walk this morning. There was even some drizzle. There were also few people. I saw almost no one.

Otherwise, I’m working on a yet another chapter. Today’s is short since I’ll be enjoying a rare dinner out for a special occasion.

Be everwell.

#Today #WritingLife #AmWriting #WritingCommunity

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In this week's #AccidentalGods #Podcast @maddyharland of @permaculturemagazine talks to
@MandaScott about her new 'Mytho-Political Thriller'

"An Extraordinary Story" Lee Child

"A Clarion Call for Our Times" Nathalie Nahai
#FridaysForFuture #AmWriting
#Writers #writerscoffeeclub #Climate #ChangeIsComing

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301: What are some of your MC's other (lesser) fears?

Getting lost in the bus system. Her brother getting mad at her. Her dad making a kind of chilli she doesn't like.

Am I doing this right?

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#PennedPossibilities 317 — What clothing materials or outfits feel the most comfortable to your villain?

Stuff like this. White woman who's spent decades studying various martial arts, but kalaripayattu and HEMA-style fencing form the basis of her practice.

#Writing #Writers #WritingCommunity #WritersOfMastodon #AmWriting #AmWritingSF #AmWritingFantasy #AmWritingSFF #Scriberspace

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318 What do you need in your writing space to help you stay focused?

Absence of other stuff I could be doing that's less effort. Absence of food and drink that'll direct me. No music.

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May 1: OMG! What happened to your MC's parents?

They're at home, wondering how they could possibly have let their little girl die like that, even though she's very much alive, trapped, a long long way away...

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#WritersCoffeeClub May 17: Other than writing, what's your go-to creative outlet?

Do I... have to...?

(The other thing I am doing for stress relief is trying to learn #Linux, because fuck corporate OS's, but that's not "creative.")

#Writing #Writers #WritingCommunity #WritersOfMastodon #AmWriting #AmWritingSF #AmWritingFantasy #AmWritingSFF #Scriberspace

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#WritersCoffeeClub May 18: Have you written sections where action occurs against the clock? How did you do it?

I have a short story about a man and his toddler son that spans the length of a day. I 100% cheated and put "2pm" and such in as scene headings. It got the job done.

My novel had a vague countdown to a tournament that I have tried to hint at through dialogue and narration, but also cranking up tension before the big day. I have not got that working the way I want it to.


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