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The table of contents starts off intriguing and then takes a swift turn into the homophobic

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Est-ce que quelqu'un⋅e aurait un lecteur de cassette type ghettoblaster ou boombox qui serait en état de fonctionnement et qui traînerait dans un grenier ou un carton, et qui voudrait le donner pour une bonne cause ? :blobcatgooglytrash:

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arkadiusz, to analog
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Progress on restoring Geha Schulfüller from the as-is lot. Pen cap was cracked and nib was misaligning itself when writing, piston was stiff.

So far I’ve:

  1. Solvent-welded the cap to seal the crack
  2. Knocked out nib and feed and realigned the feed, put them back in collar and realigned the nib.
  3. Dripped silicone grease into the piston knob and barrel, piston much smoother now.



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The sealed up crack is still visible, but it’s sealed and structurally sound. Unless you’re looking for it up close though, it’s not that obvious. I don’t have the right grit sandpaper to completely smooth this out right now, but I might come back to it when I do. #vintage #FountainPen

I used MEK (methyl ethyl ketone), and wrapped the cap with PTFE dental floss to bind it together while the solvent did its thing. I let it weld for about 24 hours.

The nib is OM left-foot.


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Writing sample - Waterman Serenity Blue

Geha Schulfüller (late 1960s early 1970s?) left foot oblique M

On Tomoe River 52gsm original

#vintage #FountainPen

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Join @mac84tv, @museumjoe and special guests as we celebrate the return of for 2024!

Sunday, February 25th 9E/8C/7M/6P

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Es gilt natürlich für fast alle Brettspiele von damals, aber hier insbesonders: Dieses Brettspiel würde heute so, auch mit der Anleitung, Indianer-Häuptling und Indianer, nicht mehr in Produktion gehen. 1977 ging das...

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What are you watching tonight?
July 27, 1985. TV Guide - Philip Michael Thomas and Don Johnson of NBC's Miami Vice (illus. by Richard Amsel).

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Joan Jett, the little devil, 1970s

#music #photography #vintage #pinup #celebrity

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Pan fried Nutburgers. Wrigley' Spearmint Chewing Gum. 1950

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Leona has been busy creating background NPCs for one of our games. It certainly won't be out before 2025 but you're welcome to follow progress. Its an adventure game like none we've ever produced (probably because its our first!).

#PointAndClick #pointNclick #AdventureGame #indiegames #gaming #oldschool #retro #vintage #art #artwork #ink #graphics

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What are you watching tonight?
1982 ABC- Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, Three's Company, Too Close For Comfort


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What's for lunch?
1969 McDonald’s introduces the Big Mac, advertisement.

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Get The Look -
Members Only children’s clothing line ad, 1983
#MembersOnly #Clothing #Advertisement #Retro #Style #Fashion #80sFashion #80Style #Vintage

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Display at Swirl vintage goods shop in Putney . Alas, books weren’t for sale.

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The woman in the lower left corner is here to let you know that the writers of Archie Comics know exactly what they're doing

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Deux des tous premiers ordinateurs Q1 sauvés de la déchetterie
Equipés d'un processeur Intel 8008, ces tous premiers ordinateur personnels Q1 allaient partir à la benne avant d'être sauvés in-extremis.... #minimachines #intel #vintage

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What's for dinner?
Mrs. Jack Hawkins for Batchelors Thick Pea Soup. 1956
Her name was Doreen Hawkins -

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Ask yourself this morning, Is your toilet seat magical?
Church 'Jewels' toilet seats. American Standard, 1960

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