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My trip earlier this month was one of my favorite types-- followed water almost to the summit of the mountain! 8 of the 9 miles (one-way) was either along a river or . So beautiful to watch and hear the sound of rushing water while . The enjoyment extended into the night-- eating by the stream and falling asleep listening to its sounds! White , .

Photo looking upstream of Black Brook. Photo taken while standing near the middle of stream and near water level. Water is seen rushing over the large tan boulders and toward the camera. The brook is relatively wide here. Green trees are shown along banks of this brook. This water crossing is at the site of my campsite. I ate dinner and breakfast at this crossing and slept in my hammock near it.
Photo looking across Black Brook as viewed from bank of brook. Water is shown rushing over a nearly straight line of large tan and brown boulders. Green trees on opposite side of brook. This photo taken at water crossing where my campsite was. I ate dinner and breakfast here, as well as slept in my hammock near here.
Photo looking upstream of Black Brook. This is the last water crossing before the summit of Bondcliff mountain. This is about one mile from the summit. The brook looks completely different than the other pics taken at a lower elevation. It is now quite steep and narrow and consists of a series of narrow waterfalls cascading down large tan boulders. Green trees line each side of the brook.

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Sachsen heute eher bewölkt. Einen ruhigen Mittwoch wünsche ich.

#naturephotography #nature #photography #landscape

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Yesterday, when we walked in fields of gold

Acequia los Hechos, west flank of Cerro de Caballo at 2400m. Sierra Nevada, Spain

#Spain #mountains #flora #landscape #landscapephotography

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"Lobstering Gear"

A lobsterman's truck loaded down with traps, lines and buoys, parked at the town landing. This is a sight common in any one of the hundreds of little fishing harbors and ports dotting Maine's 3478 miles of coastline.

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I needed a dose of optimism this weekend. This lovely and unexpected rainbow arrived at just the right time Sunday evening.

May 26, 2024. Wolverine Lake, Michigan.

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For :

A lone fir tree stands in front of Mount Larrabee in the North Cascades of Washington State, USA.

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amazing shots captured yesterday by the Curiosity rover

Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech - Sol 4197


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Wow check this out: the Martian rover Perseverance made a huge leap forward to reach its Sol 1162 location, right in the middle of Neretva Vallis, in the close vicinity of an island-like mound.

#Perseverance #Mars #Sol1162 #rover #PerseveranceRover #NeretvaVallis #Neretva #river #valley #NeretvaRiver #space #Astrodon #science #map #STEM

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This area was photographed from afar on several occasion, including here on Sol 1146.

A mosaic of natural color images generated by the Mastcam-Z Downlink team at Arizona State University.

#Perseverance #Mars #Sol1146 #rover #PerseveranceRover #NeretvaVallis #Neretva #river #valley #island #NeretvaRiver #space #Astrodon #science #ASU #SESEASU #Martian #landscape #panorama #MastcamZForAll

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The path travelled by the rover, as seen by its Left Navigation Camera

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

#Perseverance #Mars #Sol1162 #rover #PerseveranceRover #NeretvaVallis #Neretva #river #valley #NeretvaRiver #space #Astrodon #science #Martian #landscape #panorama #path

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A composite view of the island-like mound taken by the Left Navcam. A peculiar rock with a white texture really stands out on its slope.

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

#Perseverance #Mars #Sol1162 #rock #rocks #rover #PerseveranceRover #NeretvaVallis #Neretva #river #valley #NeretvaRiver #space #Astrodon #science #Martian #landscape

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An 18-images mosaic captured by the Right Mastcam-Z science camera

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU

#Perseverance #Mars #Sol1162 #rock #rocks #rover #PerseveranceRover #NeretvaVallis #Neretva #river #valley #NeretvaRiver #space #Astrodon #science #Martian #landscape #STEM

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"Winter is such a drab, colorless time. Everything is white or grey."

The little bush laughed to itself when the hillside upon which it grew shared the conversations it had overheard over the seasons.

"Aren't generalizations silly?" the bush replied. "They confine the people who make them into a small, drab, colorless world."

Redbush framed print --

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It's been a pretty wet Bank Holiday weekend.

Thankfully, towards the end, the rain let up and allowed for a beautiful evening. We drove to a nearby walk alongside the Northern Reaches of Lancaster Canal.

Always a cracker. 👍

A family of swans in a tranquil canal surrounded by lush, verdant vegetation. The parent swans are gracefully swimming in the water, accompanied by their signets, or juvenile swans, which appear to be fuzzy and downy. The tall, green reeds and grasses provide a natural backdrop, creating a serene and picturesque scene. The water's surface reflects the swans and the sky above, adding to the peaceful and harmonious atmosphere of the image.
This stunning photo shows a tranquil and idyllic rural setting in the British countryside. The focal point is a beautifully constructed stone bridge arching over a serene canal, surrounded by lush greenery and vibrant flora. The canal winds its way through the verdant landscape, its waters reflecting the azure sky dotted with fluffy white clouds. Tall, majestic cedars stand guard on either side of the bridge, their branches providing a canopy of shade. The rolling hills in the background are dotted with more trees, creating a picturesque pastoral scene. The grassy banks of the canal are lined with a variety of wildflowers, adding splashes of colour to the serene setting.
This image depicts a serene and picturesque countryside landscape in the Cumbria. The scene features a dirt footpath meandering alongside a lush, verdant canal flanked by towering, verdant trees on either side. The meadow is dotted with vibrant wildflowers, including white clusters of cow parsley blooms. In the distance, a gently sloping, grassy hill rises, its surface covered in a patchwork of earthy tones and vegetation. The sky above is a brilliant blue, with wispy clouds drifting lazily overhead, creating a tranquil and inviting atmosphere. Overall, the image conveys a sense of natural beauty and tranquillity, capturing the quintessential charm of the British countryside.

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Abends an der Oder
#brandenburg #sundown #landscape

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Camden Maine Harbor Tranquility Panorama.

It's a gorgeous summer day and Maine's beautiful Camden Harbor is a bustle with activity. The harbor is full of activity with various boats, including fishing, whale watch and lobster boats, pleasure yachts and several historic Schooners.

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Under a tree. Vzvizhi, Nikola-Lenivets, May 2024.

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Doonagore Castle,Doolin,Co.Clare, Ireland

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