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20% off ALL Products in my Gallery, Happy Memorial Day Weekend❣️

Prints, Frameable Greeting Cards, Mugs, Tote Bags, Puzzles, T-shirts etc.
Your of independent, local Artists is appreciated!

If you’d like a Canvas Print, ask about the half price promo for certain sizes.


EZLorenzImagery, to washington
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EZLorenzImagery, to washington
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Low income families in can get free AC.

This is a great thing in the short term as summers, especially for the elderly are getting too hot for work and play


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1924: an man hunts a deer on treaty-reserved land. Gets criminally convicted.

The ruling said tribal nations are not sovereign or independent, "the Indians being mere occupants of the land.”

The hunter died decades ago. The family member who continued his case died in 2007. But a tribal attorney kept pushing to get the unjust, demeaning conviction reversed.

On Thursday, nearly a century later, the state Supreme Court admitted it was wrong.


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groups are urging US President Joe Biden’s administration to oppose threats against the International Criminal Court (ICC) after its chief prosecutor’s decision to seek arrest warrants against Israeli officials drew ire in .

In a letter to that was made public on Thursday, more than 100 organisations from around the world called on the US government to “oppose any legislative efforts to undermine the ”.


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EZLorenzImagery, to Seattle
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The Challenge Amusement Parks Face In The Pacific Northwest


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Of course there were things to do; there always were, and some of them could even be listed in the "important" column.

But at the moment, nothing seemed more important than standing in the yard, overlooking the bay filled with sailboats, and just letting one's mind glide from one thought to another, as if it too were sailing on the bay.

Captain's House framed print -- https://2-steve-henderson.pixels.com/featured/captains-house-steve-henderson.html?product=framed-print

#house #home #art #artwork #mastoart #fediart #buyintoart #sailing #sail #boats #washington #water

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, : National Weather Service: WARNING in this area until 9:15 PM MDT. Take shelter now in a basement or an interior room on the lowest floor of a sturdy building. If you are outdoors, in a mobile home, or in a vehicle, move to the closest substantial shelter and protect yourself from flying debris. Check media. Source: NWS Denver CO

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Just started to upload my images of the historic auroral display from May 10-11, 2024.
Captivating, once in a lifetime experience, specially at our latitude.

Prints, Frameable Greeting Cards, Mugs etc: https://ez-lorenz.pixels.com/featured/captivating-display-of-northern-lights-over-lake-sammamish-wa-ez-lorenz.html

#Seattle #Washington #PNW #Aurora #AuroraBorealis #NorthernLights #Nature #Reflection #Prints #WallArt #HomeDecor #GreetingCards #Puzzle #Giftideas #fedigiftshop #MastoArt #Photography

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« Repubblica » : a demandé des explications au sujet d'avions en Tunisie

D’après le journal italien « », l’administration serait préoccupée par les mouvements et la présence russes en Tunisie.


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Peters said many of her haven’t left the county that they grew up in prior to this trip.

“We have a lot of kids that get the free and reduced lunch [program]. It’s a high poverty area,” she said, adding that some have never dined in at a restaurant prior to this weekend.

Residents of , , a community of 8,700 southwest of , came together to raise the $45,000 needed to send the to .


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’s allies are warming to a plan to rush tens of billions of dollars in funding to before Donald ’s potential return to the White House.

Under the plan, set to be discussed at a June summit, would receive money upfront from a G7 loan. The loan would be backed by future profits generated from around $350bn of Russian assets which have been immobilised in the west in response to Moscow’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.


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SR 410 Chinook Pass is closed to traffic eastbound at milepost 57 near Crystal Mountain Boulevard, 12 miles west of the summit. Westbound traffic is closed at milepost 74.5 Morse Creek, 5 miles east of the summit. Clearing efforts are underway, but crews discovered two washouts both east and west of Chinook Pass summit. Repairs are in progress. No estimate for reopening, although crews typically reopen each year around Memorial Day. Updates will be provided as information is available.


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Meinews, to washington

Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser will travel to Las Vegas this weekend less than a month after she faced scrutiny for attending the Mast...

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ℹ An excellent article ✒ by

On 7-8 May in DC, the city’s biggest convention hall welcomed ’s industrial complex, its top companies and its most outspoken justifiers of . Of course, that’s not how they would describe it

It was the inaugural “AI Expo for National Competitiveness”, whose lead sponsor was , who are currently, supplying some of its products to the Forces


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So now we are paying public servants to sit in court for ... Their salaries come from our taxes, tell them to get their asses back to and do their damned jobs instead of supporting their cult leader on our dime!!! =


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has not changed its position on potential Ukrainian strikes with -supplied weapons on Russian territory, even after had launched its offensive in Oblast, spokesperson Sabrina said at a press briefing on May 16.

"We believe that the equipment, the capabilities that we are giving Ukraine, that other countries are giving to should be used to take back Ukrainian sovereign territory,"


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