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Hi, I'm a #fedora #linux user, using, #typescript, #rust, #vue, #nuxt and #astro. I ❤️ #Privacy and #OpenSource.

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cory, to 11ty
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I guess next is the blog post on moving all of the content in my #Eleventy site to a CMS.

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But why?

erebion, to random
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Was ist denn nun mit der seit März vorgeschriebenen Messenger-Interoperabilität?


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Hey @matrix, is there any progress on the interoperability with WhatsApp?

zachleat, to random
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the public perception of AI has been permanently damaged by shitposting in training models

…we all understand what needs to happen next, right

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Show people a web of humans, with RSS, blogrolls, webmentions, #11ty & small independent search engines and without AI bullshit, ADs & big tech?

Nifflas, to random
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Me and 1neila1 made a weird experimental golf-like platformer-like, which you can get for free on itch


Download: https://nifflas.itch.io/xenosphere

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Is there a Linux version?

sass, to random
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If you like cool looking sites then look no further than @johnnydecimal site https://johnnydecimal.com.

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Your website is cool too!

jonas, to webdev
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Blogged about @zachleat's Glyphhanger and how I used it to shrink my web fonts by 90%!


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@jonas @zachleat
Psst, there are two secret fonts, that are even smaller: serif & sans-serif They are as small as 0 bytes and even magically adapt to the user's preference.

simoncox, (edited ) to 11ty
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Just got my Spotify data - had to wait a few days for it to arrive. Was going to do something with it but now can't remember what.

Probably something with #11ty - will have a play later.

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When I wouldn't listen to my music locally, I would probably build something like a genre or artist map.

echo_pbreyer, to random German
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🇩🇪 Heute hat das EU-Parlament gegen die Stimmen von die Schaffung eines EU-Gesundheitsdatenraums beschlossen – ein Kniefall vor Big Tech und Big Pharma. Die Folgen:

· EU-weiten Zugriff auf unsere Patientendaten ohne unsere Einwilligung
· elektronische Patientenakte erstmals auch für Privatversicherte
· Zwangs-ePA konnten wir immerhin verhindern, Widerspruchsrecht gerettet
· kein Widerspruchsrecht aber nur gegen grenzüberschreitende Zugriffe auf unsere Gesundheitsdaten aus dem Ausland
· bei Behandlungen im EU-Ausland teilweise kein Widerspruchsrecht gegen Datenabfluss an Big Pharma und Big Tech

CDU, CSU, SPD, FDP, Freie Wähler und Volt machen diese Entkernung des Arztgeheimnisses mit.

Mehr dazu: https://www.patrick-breyer.de/eu-gesundheitsdatenraum-kniefall-vor-big-tech-und-big-pharma/

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Wie kann ich das opt-out machen?

itsfoss, (edited ) to linux
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Comment below 😁

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An app (with a beautiful adwaita-UI) with tips how to improve the users system, agnostic to their skill level and detected configuration.

shadeed9, to CSS
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Here is a great use case for container queries, inspired by LinkedIn's feed.

✨ Show or hide each post action label (e.g: 'Like' or 'Comment') based on the container width. ✨

Learn more in my recent interactive guide about container queries: https://ishadeed.com/article/css-container-query-guide


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@simevidas @shadeed9
Therefore you have a tooltip.

libreoffice, to foss
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Lots happening in the project! In March, we had updates to the software, new user guides, Document Freedom Day, reports from meetups and more: https://blog.documentfoundation.org/blog/2024/04/02/libreoffice-project-and-community-recap-march-2024/

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But why is there Windows 11 on that laptop and not an open source linux distro like @fedora?

jak2k, to random German
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@bfdi Das ist nicht legal, oder? (Google Analytics kann man nicht abwählen)

echo_pbreyer, (edited ) to random German
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CDU und SPD stimmen heute für Fortsetzung der massenhaften 1.0 und Ausleitung eurer Privatchats und Intimfotos auf Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, XBox.

Warum das ein schwerer Fehler ist: https://www.patrick-breyer.de/cdu-und-spd-verlaengern-freiwillige-chatkontrolle-durch-big-tech-konzerne/

Quelle für Abstimmungsverhalten: https://mepwatch.eu/9/vote.html?v=164216&country=

Warum die Begründung eine Lüge ist (Video): https://digitalcourage.social/

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@echo_pbreyer Twitter?

bpb, to random German
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Die europäische direkt auf's Handy: Zweimal täglich sendet Eurotopics euch ausgewählte europäische zu, damit ihr immer auf dem neuesten Stand seid.
Um den -Kanal direkt zu abonnieren ➡️

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@bpb Signal? Matrix? Mail? IRC? RSS? Hallo?

fedora, to fedora

It's almost here! @kde Plasma 6 is around the corner and Fedora 40 will be one of the first to have it available on a stable release.

Help us make it as smooth as possible by participating in the Plasma 6 Test Days!

Test Days are running from today, Jan 29 to Feb 5. 📆

:fedora: ❤️ :kdenew: Learn more: https://fedoramagazine.org/contribute-at-the-kde-plasma-6-test-week/

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@fedora @kde Does it work with wayland and nvidia?

itsfoss, to random
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Graphite is a capable vector graphics editor that's open-source!


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Replace the word Graphite with Inkscape.

itsfoss, to linux
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Learn to create multiple dummy text files. 🐧

Become a better Terminal user with us. Follow us 😎

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As you are promoting foss, please use breeze or adwaita window decorations istead of mac's.

wolf480pl, to random
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The year is 2023. Most people in developed countries have broadband access to the internet. Long gone are the days of 56k modems and waiting for pictures on a website to load. These days we wait for the text to load.

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We don't wait for the text. We wait for the components, that render the text, or big chunks of data, that include the text.

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SSR is the solution

mysk, (edited ) to privacy

The rogue 2FA app that steals scanned secrets is now ranked 18 on the German App Store for the productivity category. No wonder! The app disguises as a Microsoft app. It is the top hit when you search for "Microsoft Authenticator" and the developer has updated the screenshots in the ad card to highlight the word "Microsoft". Surprisingly, the product page of the app shows different screenshots with the word "Microsoft" removed.
The app now has 1.2K reviews, as opposed to 18 when we first addressed the app.

🙏 Boosting this post will help spread the word. Thank you!

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That's why I use android and f-droid.

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