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Omnia mea mecum porto.

#Mythology #History #Philosophy

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mythologyandhistory, to Europe
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I'm currently in .

The just happened.

The AFD, aka the wing party got the second highest vote in .

Nobody I know went & voted, but complaining is in full swing.


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It's just after midnight in #China & thus after the 2 days (& about 9 hours) of the #Gaokao, the hardest Uni entrance #exam in the world.

They stop construction work & reroute traffic for this every year.

#Students get a celebratory flag-waving parade to the school.

This year (2024) 13.42 million students have (or will still have to) taken this exam.

That's about the same amount of humans as live in #Burundi.

#amazing #education

mythologyandhistory, to history
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Did you know that #Ancient #Egyptians were bad pet owners?

Green monkeys & their cousins were imported to delight the rich. #Cleopatra had one & many pharaohs. They were beloved enough to be mummified.

Despite their popularity, the Egyptians were #bad owners.

#Malnutrition & lack of exercise & light caused most monkeys to die between the ages of 6-10, while they live until around 13 in modern #captivity & age 12 in the #wild.

#history #pets

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Did you know that there were no private #gardens in #Ancient #Greece?

They did have public gardens, sacred grooves (which was wild land, enclosed, but open to everyone) & orchards.


mythologyandhistory, to China
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May 35th in today. Hm.

mythologyandhistory, to philosophy
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Do you know about the forefathers of ?

Skeptics question .

skeptics known as Pyrrhonists (named for Pyrrho of Elis) sought to understand arguments from both sides until the sides had equal strength.

Once accomplished, the argument became unresolvable, & thus, the Pyrrhonist could suspend judgment & attain "ataraxia", i.e. tranquillity.

This unworried died out after the Hellenistic period.

(Should we bring it back?)

shanen, to philosophy
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Which is more important? Learning from your own mistakes or learning from other people's mistakes?

Or is the real problem the idea that any mistakes can be prevented? Maybe we just have to make the same mistakes over and over again, and the entire project of worrying about the unknowable future is the real mistake?

Too many examples in the current news, but it really feels like "There's nothing new under the sun", just new fools making the same old mistakes.

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You need other people's mistakes to learn from your own.

Rarely does the "over and over again" method work, unless the mistake is so obviously painful that you recognise the problem immediately.

Say, you always feel like you are upsetting someone when you animatedly chat with them, but you do not know why.

It needs someone else to upset them, while you silently watch, for you to make the connection that comment=upset body language.

Interesting questions!

mythologyandhistory, to philosophy
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Did you know that "eat the #rich" was first a #philosophy concept?

Limitarianism is fundamentally the study of when it might be #ethical to put limitations on citizens in a governed society. It's a case-based theory, not a political system.

It asks questions like: is #wealth ever individual? What is the wealth limit?

& questions it isn't positing, like: If no one is ultra-rich, should no one be #poor? Is limitarianism virtue #ethics or justifiable without perfectionist views?


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That would be odd bed fellows!

mythologyandhistory, to art
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mythologyandhistory, to singapore
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Did you know that #Changi #airport has the largest indoor waterfall in the world?

I'm looking at it right now! 7:30h flying done. 20h layover (but it's ok, #singapore is awesome), then another 14.30h... and then another hour inside #Germany .



jeffowski, to random
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The Kansas Wheat company, in the midst of the Great Depression, realized that the poorest families were reusing their sacks (containing flour and grain) to sew dresses for women and girls, so to make them more captivating they decided to print them with floral and colorful motifs.
The initiative was a huge success: they made sure that the ink used for the logos would fade after a simple wash, and some bags even had the patterns already drawn on the fabric, ready to be cut and sewn.

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@burningTyger @jeffowski

Right you are!

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LifeTimeCooking, to vegetarian
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Another wonderful dish from . No pic, unfortunately - I am cooking later and it is too dark and too hurried for pics.

So Marcha nu Shak, Capsicums in a peanut-sesame-chickpea crumble. Oh my! First a mix of well-crushed peanuts, whole sesame seeds and chickpea flour is toasted till darken. Then bite-sized capsicum pieces are sauteed until soft and browning. Finally spices and the peanut mixture is added with a little water so that it clumps and becomes like a crumble.

Imagine the tastes! It is so very good.

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Sounds delicious!

mythologyandhistory, (edited ) to philosophy
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Did you know that #Roman road design included #safety features?

In the ruins of #Pompeii, you'll notice small white stones interspersed with the large paving ones along the extensive roads.

Those white #stones are 'cats eyes', i.e. gems that have a single line of inclusion of crystals of another mineral inside.

Upon light reflecting on them (from the #moon), they enable the walker to see that they are still on the right path!



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I haven't the foggiest, but now I hope so!

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Thanks for the link!

Actually, during the Roman era, the moon made more sense than torches. Some of those roads would be in the sticks.

Although, not all Roman roads had those cats eyes (in fact, probably not most of them).

Roman roads that were considered "great", i.e. connecting important places & usually recognisable by being named after someone (like the Appian Way), had an 'Aedile', a person to make sure manure, human waste & co would be reasonably in check.

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Congrats on the graduation :D

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Not sure, but they are very small compared to the main large paving stones, so I guess it may not matter?

mythologyandhistory, to history
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Let me tell you about a juicy !

Feb 2014: A containing words from poet is discovered - supposedly.

The papyrologist who found it makes contradicting statements.

It was found in the binding of a - did he destroy an for another?

Oh actually, it was a book binding!


The is soon found to have illegally sold another ancient text.

He has been suspended. The 'new Sappho' is dead.


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PS: The papyrologist was Dirk Obbink.


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Let me tell you about a people from #Indonesia!

The Bugis are Muslim, but their belief is strongly influenced by their ancestral #religion.

One #belief centres around the Monitor lizard. The animal is believed to have a human #soul & to be the twin of children. They are treated with respect.

Bugis also categorize people into 5 genders. Each is needed to keep the universe in balance.

Bissu, the #gender which is neither man nor woman, is the intermediary between humans & #gods.


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About the photo:

The building style of the Bugis reflects their belief system.

The gods live below & above, so the first floor represents those below (simple & earthen, but also the foundation) and the second floor represents the sky gods (mighty and beautiful, but also far away).

Both gods made humans to settle the formerly empty middle.

mythologyandhistory, to Archaeology
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Male-defaultism in is bloody annoying.

Just because someone draws a scene in a , doesn't mean it was a man doing so or depicting one.

Every grave from the Bell Beaker Era MUST be because even when they find additions, that just means she is related to a great man or the male lost status (of course).

Archaeologist Randy Haas just assumed he found a male big game hunter in Peru in 2013. Except he didn't.

Getting real .


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Probably Peru!

Thanks so much for the comment 😊

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