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Scientist. Engineer. Family man. Nerd. Acute case of not having enough time. Apologies for the bad jokes in advance. Born in Africa, grew up in the Middle East, made a family in Europe, now living in North America #fedi22 #Ukraine #rugby #science #anime #linux

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oakster, to Ukraine
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Interesting, seems like Israel is retiring its patriot systems. I can think of one country that would love to have them.


KraftTea, to random
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Good. Maybe this unwise, greedy cyber dude can be swapped for a few Ukrainian POWs...
If the Russians actually wanted someone like him on their side.



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@KraftTea to me it seemed from the story that he didn’t actually manage to contact any Russian so they don’t know who he is and won’t give up anything in exchange. But still a good catch

oakster, to cooking
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For dinner tonight pizza from scratch, I’ve found the technique of cast iron pan then broil gives good results. For dessert crème caramel. Not the healthiest but one of the pizzas had tuna on it, at the request of the children. Got high marks from the family.

Caramel flan on a plate
A homemade pizza with tuna, baked in a cast iron pan.
A caramel flan on a plate with syrup around it

oakster, to random
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randahl, to random
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This news is disheartening. Denmark is lucky to have the coexistence advocate Özlem Cekic, who has dedicated her life to bringing people together through dialogue.

Every year she hosts a multi-cultural Ramadan dinner event, where she invites people who are normally in opposition to one another to share a meal.

This year, she brought Danish jews and muslims together at an event where both Imam Naveed Baig and Rabby Jair Melchior were invited as speakers.

The result: She is now receiving…


The Ramadan Dinner.

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@randahl I’d like to comment that this could imply that Danish Jews should not be attacked because their opposition to Netanyahu. They are not Israeli representatives. Attacks against them or any other Jews anywhere is antisemitism. Period

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@randahl I agree and I didn’t mean they were actually attacked (though it would appear she was). I meant to say that your post might be read as making that connection, not that you meant that to be the case. It’s hard to be clear about everything in just a couple of sentences, but I try to

oakster, to baking
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Made hamantaschen today, two kinds. Poppy seed, because it’s the best. Also made Dulce de lèche with lemon in the pastry. This turned out very well. No prizes for guessing which over the kids liked more. Also, I welcome suggestions about what to do with a lot of extra Dulce de lèche, I made way too much. Happy Purim!

Hamantaschen spread on a baking sheet, all open with a dollop of Dulce de lèche
One perfect, tasty, hamantaschen in the palm of a hand
Pile of hamantaschen, many on top of each other

oakster, to random
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Recently there has been a lot of chatter about the British royal family. My response for this is as always, if it’s not news hastening the death of the monarchy I am not interested

oakster, to random
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This week my daughter won the coveted prize of mensch of the week. This is obviously a recognition of my parenting success

oakster, to Ukraine
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Given the high recent elimination of Russian fighter jets by the likeliest reason (no not F16s) is that the increase in air defense capabilities has reached a point where it can be stretched to the front line. To be more precise it has reached a level where the risk to residential and strategic areas is smaller than the gain from moving the air defense towards the front lines. I also want to say FrankenSams probably have a hand in that

osma, to Ukraine
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I have no doubts whatsoever that Sweden's is the best aircraft type for Ukraine's immediate needs - as good as F-16 in flight and avionics, much more maintainable, designed for dispersed operations by a tiny crew, and able to use the European long range Meteor air-to-air missile. But does still have capacity to take it on, given most of the air force is in one way or another training for the F-16?

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@osma that’s a good question. Whenever questions like this come up I say the same thing, give Ukraine all the information they need to decide and then trust their answer. If they say they can manage it I believe them

oakster, to random
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Easy to make and very lemony. Kids loved it

From: @NextGenCookbook

oakster, to Ukraine
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Another good video from @anderspuck on the most crucial factor for the next year of war in It's not surprising but just the thought process to get there is worth the watch on its own https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJK5NYxGNOQ

oakster, to comics
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With some help and encouragement from me, my girls made a simple comic, their first. Tools: Lego and @inkscape They did try doing the lettering by hand but they learned how difficult that is. So digital it is.

oakster, to Ukraine
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Short thread about a 3 options for support the US could give if the aid doesn't get approved. Without Congress approval the president can't reduce stockpiles of ammo or equipment and send it on but maybe, with some pressure on the military, some items could be declared obsolete and removed from the stocks so they can be 'sold' to Ukraine or Europe and sent on

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Option 2: Deploy air defense on the border with , since there's a shortage of these just take them from Saudi Arabia. By extending an umbrella over part of Ukrainian territory it'll free up scarce resources for Ukraine to bolster other areas to protect cities, infrastructure or possibly the front line. It would be easy to say that the deployment is just there to protect NATO territory

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The most impactful option is just a decision. To allow to use the Western supplied equipment to attack into the territory of Russia. This will help with defense by deterring Russian artillery and S300 strikes on border regions. But most importantly it would allow Ukraine to cross into Russia from the North East and circle Luhansk from the North. Just doing it once and successfully capturing some territory back would force Russia forces to stretch even more and expend resources defense.

franktaber, to random
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The scale of the Uyghur genocide is so vast but so difficult to report on that I think many of us have forgotten entirely about it. The last boost was a reminder.

It has been taking place for over a decade with the government of China systematically locking up and torturing and sterilizing and organ harvesting and killing and using as slave labor millions of people. Most of it out of the eye of worldwide media and with little discussion on social media and seldom a protest anywhere.

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@franktaber Here is an article from this week's Economist about the state of suppression there: What Ramadan is like in Xinjiang https://www.economist.com/china/2024/04/11/what-ramadan-is-like-in-xinjiang

oakster, to food
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Went out for breakfast, was not tempted by the eating challenge. Instead I had chicken soup with kreplach

NeilDrysdale, to random
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I love this story about what happened to the Stone of Destiny after it was removed from Westminster Abbey in 1950. The police launched a massive manhunt searching for the prize artefact, but it was kept in the engineering workshop of Tam Smith, who didn’t bat an eyelid when a senior officer visited him. And he was later buried with a fragment of the Stone! https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/lifestyle/6328416/aberdeen-gp-grandfather-stone-of-destiny-hidden/

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@NeilDrysdale good read. some additional details in this great obituary of Ian Hamilton in The Economist https://www.economist.com/obituary/2022/10/27/ian-hamilton-masterminded-one-of-the-most-daring-heists-of-the-last-century

W1CDN, to hamradio
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Trudging through the W5YI Report archives in @dlarc looking for license stats and found a more general-interest story on on 1987-12-15.

> Another case of overwhelming a transmitted TV signal took place Sunday night, November 22 when a video pirate wearing a "Max Headroom" mask broke into the local feed signals of Chicago TV superstation WGN-TV and non-commercial WTTW-TV.
[text continued in image description]


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@W1CDN @dlarc I remember hearing about this in a good episode from Malicious Life https://malicious.life/episode/episode-78/

gutenberg_org, to science
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American physicist and chemist Katharine Burr Blodgett was born in 1898.

She was the inventor of a technique for making non-reflecting "invisible" glass, a material used in virtually all camera lenses & many other optical devices. She was also responsible for developing an instrument that can measure film thicknesses to within a few angstroms. She did research on methods of removing ice from airplane wings. She is also credited with the development of a new type of smoke screen.

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@gutenberg_org to me she’s familiar from the Langmuir-Blodgett trough, which was not mentioned. Frankly I’m surprised I remembered this stuff from my nanotechnology days

hebrewbyinbal, to Israel
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Do you know what this is, and have you ever had one?

If it's a big 'Ken', write in the comments.

If it's a 'Lo' and you're not familiar, stay tuned for the video all about this iconic Israeli winter treat.

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@hebrewbyinbal it is so much better, and you don’t need to cover it in foil. I also guess you could make it whatever flavor you want

oakster, to baking
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My wife loves Krembo (a kind of tea cake) and I don’t, to put it mildly. But surely it’s better if I make it myself and don’t use the cheapest ingredients? Conclusion: biscuits were great, so was the filling (actually just Italian meringue). The chocolate was a bit of a miss, it was too runny, I think I should have melted the coconut oil before mixing with the chocolate. Oh, and she approved.

Biscuits cooling on a wire tray, white in color with a bit of a brownish edge
Finally chocolate covering in all, and by that I mean mostly covering the tray

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