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@gray17 May all your door plugs stay plugged.

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I mostly recharged this weekend. I opted to work at home today. No meetings afforded me to catch up on a few tasks and chores, too. It was sublime.

Son arrived home covered in clay from the baseball diamond at school. Under protest he stripped to underwear and was sent to shower. Clothes and shoes are being de-clayed.

Now he’s finishing schoolwork not completed this PM. He did pick up on the “it’s not time to talk back” vibe. So yay.

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Autistic burnout + untreated ADHD =

impulse control issues + inability to force yourself to do anything + drained by no ability to function

Lots of walking pass a mess unable to make yourself clean it, then blame yourself for it.

Distracted, can't focus enough to do fun things and/or take care of yourself.

Forgetting everything. So burned out you can't remember important things + made worse by ADHD.



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@ashleyspencer And then you seek help from a therapist who tells you you’re perfectly functional or too old to need help. Or try breathing exercises. 🙄

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I wonder if this will cure Apple of its habit of right-sizing batteries to hit a marketing target, and actually get competitive.

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Today. Was. Just. Too. Much.

Endless work meetings. Slack. Interruptions. HOA Committee Texts. School meetings. School district meetings. Music lesson.

At some point at about 3pm I just had enough. And when this happens I tend to leave chats. Cancel or ignore messages or meetings.

I have to for my sanity. I have learned that if I push on I truly burn out and am not useful for anyone.

Why does our society encourage this???


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#PBS #NOVA Secrets in Your Data

I was elated to see #PrivacyBadger, #uBlockOrigin, and #Disconnect featured! I’ve long been a devoted user of all of them.

#privacy #EFF

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Oh! And I quite by accident discovered that the #ComputerHistoryMuseum hosted a livestream panel of several folks who appeared in the film! ❤️

#PBS #NOVA #SecretsInYourData #PrivacyBadger #uBlockOrigin #Disconnect #privacy #EFF #CHM

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At last! I finally found the clue that has made my #Yanaha #YAS209 soundbar happy with my #AppleTV. Seems that the latest firmware 5.31 caused a default for power management to change. Disable the function to auto power off and it behaves properly with the Apple TV and Bluetooth devices. Crazy!

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We did manage to get a couple of pics from Saturday evening in Red Bluff, CA. The show lasted but maybe 30-40 minutes. Not nearly as long as Friday. But it was still exciting.

Aurora borealis from Red Bluff, CA on Saturday May 11.
Aurora borealis from Red Bluff, CA on Saturday May 11.

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Yes “Treering,” I’m sure you think it’s important to remind us to order yearbooks for a school my son hasn’t been at for two years. But I literally loathe the principal, who kept ignoring my son’s , so much I’ll just block you, laugh, and vent some.

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My current world order, where my morning and overnight schedule has largely shifted to accommodate a crazy early start to get kiddo ready for alternate school pickup, has resulted in my not being up as late at night as I used to be.

What I’ve realized is this seriously impacts my productivity. I’m way more productive at quiet times in mg day, and now my working time is constrained to when others are around. This sucks.


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I’m very glad this alternate placement has worked for my son, and is serving to help him prepare to transition back to regular school site. But to say I’m eager for the transition to occur is an understatement. I will be very glad to be back in a position where I can be more productive again and try and focus on more self-care.

It’s easy to forget the changes we make to help our kids sometimes hurt us.

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There was a while when all the and magic made me hopeful that spell check was improving. But lately it’s utter crap. If you can’t do that or Siri properly then what is all that neutral goodness for…?

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How often do you check your non-personal email (work, school, etc.)? We promise we won't tell your managers/bosses/etc. 😉 📪

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@thunderbird I use unified folders. They are all checked all the time.

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Wait… so is trying to make the new of the US? What could possibly go wrong…?

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@kristoff I keep hearing that but if it’s one thing techbros like it’s more. More data. More revenue. More banning of apps doing the same thing they are. More power.

Given the opportunity they totally want a super-app. They just want it, and all those users’ data and dollars, to be theirs.

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I have to admit I generally enjoy slack. But in any community there are going to be assholes. One thing I dislike about Slack is the inability to or people. Yes some of them utterly deserve it, and I don’t think I should have to tolerate their virtriol in the normal course of my day.

So instead I must manually stop myself from reading their words and absorbing their attitude. Because if I speak out about then I’m the jerk.

So exhausting. Be better, .

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Waiting while my son has his piano lesson. Enjoying some jazz piano. But the child trying to sing needs a little less jazz in their vocals. My ears actually hurt. And that’s from behind a closed door. Yikes. Do these teachers get hazard pay?

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This is the second time we’ve seen this and I still do a double-take. You belong on tracks!! Calling for … Are there people stuck in there…?

BART train sitting on trailer. Question is whether it’s heading out or arriving?

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Sleep deprivation is real, even for someone who generally only needs 5 hours an evening. Forgive my downer sentiments this morning. This should have been a day I just stayed in bed a few hours after school pickup.

That said, my teeth feel shiny and sparkly. And I’m glad we had our panel dry t today. Feedback completely altered it from super detail scheduled class to utterly open and lots of a personal journey and discussion. Mysbe the Rey will become educational clips!

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In case you're not following our blog (gasp!), our Rust developers have the technical details on how we're using the language to bring in native Exchange support in the latest post.

So if you're a fan of all things Rust and email protocols, and you want to know what we've done so far and what's coming next, give it a read - and come to our office hours all about Rust and Exchange tomorrow at 16:00 UTC!

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@thunderbird My biggest curiosity isn’t as much about Rust as whether the Graph API is going to be universally supported this round. That’s bigger measure of overall Exchange compatibility these days, especially for O365.

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Both excited and stressed about an this week. Kind of an irony alert given I’m excited to participate but also stressed at all the preparation. So much focus on getting it “right.”

I have to admit I prefer a format that just lets participants speak on a subject freehand and take questions after. Too much stresses me out.

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