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Trump & MAGA are threatening jurors now. Law enforcement & the courts in NYC knew this was coming. How have they prepared to protect the jurors?

3 law enforcement agencies are involved: local, state & Feds. There needs to be a coordinated response.
In addition to the criminal case for threats, I think the jurors attacked should be able to sue in Civil Court for defamation. Trump is fundraising off his fake victimhood, but the real victims aren't compensated. https://crooksandliars.com/2023/04/no-gag-order-yet-how-we-profit-trump-s

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My friends say:
"Too much info is already out there abt jurors.
Someone will be visiting a juror or 6.
With a big bag o’ money. And a drill."

I don't think THE MEDIA OR THE court system gets just how dangerous Trump's followers are.
Trump intimidated a jury member in court.
The MAGAts will find them & intimidation them FOR Trump OUTSIDE the court.

MAGA WILL THREATEN liberal jurors, not MAGA jurors. (COMPARE threats to Judge Engoron vs THREATS to Judge Cannon)

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@Archnemysis Yes. I was just on Twitter & saw the comments under the Southpaw post that had this image of the Tweet.
from someone at lawfare, but I've seen info in other X threads.
The commenter's are blaming the media for this, but it should have been done differently, & that is the fault of the Judge & The DA.

The milk has been partially spilled. That info is out there. Now what?

We KNOW that Trump doesn't have to tell his people "Go. Get 'em" just knowing who they are enough for MAGA.

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@PadreWil I just wrote a piece about how the threats via social media need to be taken seriously. I'd like you to remove your violent rhetoric, you can edit on Mastodon.
If you don't want to I'll need to contact your host. LLAP, Spocko https://www.spockosbrain.com/2024/04/01/a-600-increase-in-threats-hey-doj-where-are-the-arrests/

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I tweeted to Lisa Rubin
"I'm worried that the information given about prospective jurors will make them easy for Trump supporters to find them & threaten them. Could you talk about how Law Enforcement prepares for them getting discovered & being threatened? Does it then become jury tampering?"

#TrumpTrial #Threats #JurySelection #JuryTampering

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Monday I want to see arrests of people who've been threatening witnesses, judges, prosecutors & their families on behalf of #Trump.
I want to see mugshots & read indictments for true threats made via voicemail, email, & on ANY social media, TS, Gab, Patriot. Win, X, or Rumble.

This should be done to punish the offenders & to act as a deterrent for other #MAGA people making #threats of #violence.
. #JudgeMarchan #JudgeEngoron #JudgeMcAfee #AGTishJames #AlvinBragg

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I asked Lisa Rubin "Out of 275 pages of transcribed voice mail treats to Judge Engoron's clerk, how many arrests were made? Please include mugshots of those charged & trial dates.
Chris Hayes said it's "Entirely unacceptable" but apparently it is.

What's the status of Tyler Vogel, 26, of Lancaster, NY who "faces a felony charge for allegedly making a terroristic threat against AG James, threatening her with death or injury if she did not drop her case against Trump"?

11-23-2023 clip Chris Hayes talking to Lisa Rubin about the hundreds of threats to Judge Engoron's clerk

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If I was in charge of the New York Dept of Public Safety, on Monday I'd announce arrests of people who've been threatening witnesses, judges, prosecutors & their families.
I'd charge them with witness tampering. obstruction of justice &, if it is done over social media from others states, interstate threats.
I'd provide the media with mug shots of MULTIPLE people who have made threats.
I'd repeat the EVIDENCE of the scale & scope of the threats against the Judges, prosecutors & their families.

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Lotta misinformation flying around. I’m packing, just sharing what I’m seeing in news alerts:

Jerusalem Post: Multiple Israeli defense sources: Iran LIED about shooting ballistic missiles. It has NOT so far.

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@GottaLaff is right. Lotta misinformation flying around.
And look who is spreading it! Alex Jones! He's on the top of Live Spaces on X right now. with 123K followers vs. CBS News 52.K followers.

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Since there are no cameras in court, on Monday I expect Trump will continue to drive his message with the help of RW media--& the MSM.

"is expected to speak to cameras on his way in & out of the courtroom & is also likely to deliver on-camera remarks at his Trump Tower residence after his court appearances." CNN
The legal experts can talk about how he will lose in court because of the law, rules of evidence & legal procedures but it will be "Balanced" by what Trump says OUTSIDE OF court.

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@andytiedye In his most recent lie rant he was saying he was going to sit gagged in the court. Saying he is not allowed to talk. That will be replayed over and over. The experts will have to respond that he is lying. They can point out he can talk about all sorts of things, but not about witness, like Michael Cohen. Then they will be asked, "So why are their no consequences for that?" The answer should be, "There should be.c We'll see what the judge does.

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Right now Marcy Wheeler, @emptywheel is talking about , , Walt , TFG's hairspray & his upcoming trials & machinations to derail them.
Plus the latest on filings vs .
Finally, the civil war era laws to hurt women in AZ.
Listen live at http://nicolesandler.com, or https://youtu.be/0llHlfsd-Us @nicolesandler http://emptywheel.net

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Look at this retro robot!

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I'm seeing "I am totally a real person Democrat American but things are really terrible and it's Biden's fault" with single digit followers, no picture, and new account.

Mastodon hits the big time.

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@billyjoebowers I got a "sea lion" the other day. Some who "Just wanted to have a rational conversation"

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Here is a photo of Jonathan Stone

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Back when being a multimillionaire playboy was cool.

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What happened to the investigation of Jared Kushner's corrupt managing of supplies during crisis?
In April 28, 2020 I wrote:
Who Makes Life-Or-Death Supply Decisions For Your State? Jared Kushner?https://crooksandliars.com/2020/04/who-makes-life-or-death-supply-decisions
Then @nicolesandler talked to John Nichols 1-24-2022 during his book tour for "Coronavirus Criminals and Pandemic Profiteers: Accountability for Those Who Caused the Crisis" It's cued up to Project Airbridge

John Nichols during his book tour for "Coronavirus Criminals and Pandemic Profiteers: Accountability for Those Who Caused the Crisis" ON Project Airbridge More at the NICOLE Sandler show 1-24-2022 https://www.youtube.com/live/9GGR_D4usfQ?si=qmIwbHATjq_dsJt1&t=3741

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Allen Weisselberg handcuffed in court before being sent to Rikers Island for 5 months.

WE NEED to see more photos of convicted criminals being handcuffed & sent to prison.
The entire country needs to see more of these. #JusticeMatters #uspol
#Trump #Weisselberg #RikersIsland #PerpWalk #Handcuffed


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3 years ago today I got vaccinated. J&J vaccine.
Thank you science and scientists. Thank you people who distributed it. Thank you taxpayers who paid for it.
You all turned a possible death sentence into something that can be managed.

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We can't stop MBS's blood money & payback to Jared, but we CAN bust him & his cronies for screwing up the supply chain & profiteering during the pandemic.
2 years ago John Nichols explained Jared's disastrous Project Airbridge in his book Pandemic Profiteers. I asked him about it during his book tour. He said that the Corona Virus Crisis Task Force, headed by Clyburn, could investigate him. Now would be a good time to find out the status of any investigation https://twitter.com/spockosbrain/status/1513944789200236548/video/1.

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4 years ago was making life-or-death supply decisions for states. Congress didn't know where critical pandemic supplies were going, what the criteria were for sending them or what got sent to which states.
John Nichols wrote about it in his book Pandemic Profiteers.

I wrote about the failures of Congressional oversight of Jared & his hedge fund cronies on April 28, 2020.


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Intelligence and kindness are the most valued traits in romantic partners, study finds
“The main takeaway of this study is that intelligence & kindness are the most desired traits of a partner, even in comparison to beauty, money or health...This is true for both men and women and across the sexual orientation spectrum – although heterosexual men do place a premium on their partner’s physical attractiveness.”
Self reported study, but still good to see.

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Trump and Republicans get the blame for this. This ruling would have been unconstitutional under Roe, but Trump is proud that he stacked SCOTUS with anti-abortion justices who overturned it. There are many effects of losing those protections, and this is one of them.

As always, don’t listen to what they say, watch what they do.

Arizona abortion law: State Supreme Court upholds near-total ban:

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Yep. Biden pointed that out. Here is his Tweet this morning.
"Trump did this."
Photo of Trump next to text:
"Arizona Supreme Court rules a near total abortion ban from 1864 is enforceable "

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You are welcome. You will note that I didn't embed the link from that place either. It's good to see when Biden calls out Trump. I also don't post Trump's lies from TS unmodified, because that spreads his message.

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So I just went for my physical, and it's wrapping up, I'm waiting for my dr. to come back. Suddenly, he comes in all excited, grabs my arm says, come here! We go out to the patio outside his office, he hands me the Special Eclipse 3-D Glasses Thingies, and says, put these on, it'll be black til you look up!

And it was, til I looked up and saw my very first eclipse.

Yes, I have a very cool dr. who I've gone to for decades.

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I made sure to credit the joke writer too. He had a lot of dark jokes that I liked.


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