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Elon Musk's deposition, Boeing's bad news, NASA's glitchy probe, when to exercise: The week's most popular

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Tesla slashes price for monthly Full Self-Driving subscription

#tesla #thewashingtonpost

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This smacks of desperation. The take rate on the FSD free trials must be abysmal.

“Tesla slashes Full Self-Driving monthly subscription to $99”

#tesla #cars #ev

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'It's 103 degrees': Tesla owner issues warning after accidentally locking herself in with no AC, no way out

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Jalopnik: Tesla Model 3 Traps TikToker Inside 115-Degree Car During A Software Update

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Tesla Software Update Traps TikToker Inside 115-Degree Car


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Charging to unlock features already physically present is the of vehicles. Applying the subscription model is doubly so at least. :blobfoxdisgust:

I'm looking at you, , , and . :blobfoxangry:

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"I feel very confident predicting autonomous robotaxis for Tesla next year," Musk said in 2019. #tesla

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Remember yesterday when I posted about #ElonMusk predicting that #AI would surpass human intelligence by next year and then sarcastically indicated his track record on making predictions and promises? Seems I wasn't the only one who noticed LOLZ. #capitalism #idiocracy #tesla

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk is visiting India. Here's what you need to know


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First interior-image of the upcoming #Tesla Robotaxi leaked online!

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The Cybertruck is a dud. The Semi still isn’t in mass production. The new Roadster is 5 years behind schedule. And the $25,000 model is dead.

Tesla was the EV leader. Now it’s fallen behind because it chased Musk’s pet projects and hyped up fantasies.

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Tesla is a loser's car, introduced by a lunatic with a fantasy story

Now people are starting to realize that and the overpriced low-budget car will see its end 🤷🏻‍♀️

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There is so much going on this week that I don't know how to start. A few highlights:

Elon exposed 2 of his alt accounts, with so much cringe you cannot look for more than a sec.

Picked a fight with Brazil for -kind of- same shit he has gladly done for his dictator friends (censor critics is fine, but when it come to right wing extremists it is freeee speech)

Again fucked up with twitter's code opening it to a sea of opportunity for scammers and hackers.

#ElonMusk #Twitter #Tesla

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"Anything but : U.S. shoppers want more options - "

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Unbekannt sind die schon lange nicht und im Internet sind sie sehr präsent und der NoSVP sehr nahe.

»Rechtsextremismus - Wie gefährlich ist die rechtsextreme Organisation «Junge Tat»?
Ein heute veröffentlichter Diskriminierungsbericht bezeichnet die «Junge Tat» als dominierende Organisation in der rechtsextremen Szene in der Schweiz.«


#rechtsextremismus #schweiz #JungeTat #politik #svp #nosvp #diskriminierung #radio #antifa #afa #winterthur #yt

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🧵 …spanndes mit dem Paris Marx in der @woz und weshalb das sich nach umwendet:

»: "Und plötzlich waren die Techmilliardäre die ‹Bad Guys›"
@parismarx produziert den Podcast «Tech won’t save us», der sich mit der US-- auseinandersetzt. Marx zufolge ist die Radikalisierung des -Chefs bezeichnend für den Rechtsschwenk der Branche, und auch der Aufstieg 's spiele dabei eine Rolle.«


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Someone took apart a Tesla Cybertruck and found a big battery pack that looks only half full

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Tesla's big sales drop might not be the last one


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"But a few months in, his supervisor started calling him 'boy.' Keys heard white coworkers use the N-word and call people 'monkey.' There was a swastika drawn with a black marker near where he clocked in to work every day."

For The Nation, Bryce Covert reports on Tesla's racist and sexist work environment:
@brycecovert @thenation

#Longreads #Journalism #Reporting #Tesla #Racism #Discrimination #Work #Labor #Fremont

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EV maker Lucid found a way to boost sales while Tesla and others struggled

#tesla #time

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Blatant racism and overt sexual harassment, that’s the way.

“The Toxic Culture at Tesla”

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