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Tales from the Terrordrome


Every word uttered by a conservative is deception or manipulation. Every single word. Anyone who protests against their oppression is labelled a “terrorist” while nearly every act of domestic terror ever committed in U.S. history has been by conservatives.

Never, ever trust a conservative. Never.


Well longer term allowing the community to focus all it’s hate on the CEO, rather than the platform (and it’s direction e.g. the API and gold changes) allows for an easy PR fix in future - when spez is replaced all the bad press goes away, but all the changes remain intact and forgotten.

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How to say whatever you want and not get in trouble:

  1. Lie to the public to rile up your base
  2. Conservative news reports on your lie
  3. Wait until you’re in court to say 'lol jk’
  4. Conservative news conviently doesn’t find retracting your statement to be newsworthy
  5. Your base still believes your lie
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All the Adam Curtis documentaries are worth seeing in my opinion. I would try to watch them chronologically, so you can see how his theories develop over time. The must see short list I recommend would be:

The Century of the Self - 2002

The Power of Nightmares - 2004

The Trap: What Happened to Our Dream of Freedom - 2007

It Felt Like a Kiss - 2009

All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace - 2011

HyperNormalisation - 2016

Can’t Get You Out of My Head - 2021

Craig Baldwin directed a great documentary about intellectual property and music production titled Sonic Outlaws - 1995

An oldie, but well worth the watch, is titled The Atomic Cafe - 1982

Stare Into the Lights My Pretties - 2017 is about our new found pastime: screen time

And on that note I will stop for now.

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Ok now this is sad, but it made me burst out laughing. This is an org that allows actual gambling with actual money on actual gambling machines in a sports game rated 3+, while having a cards minigame makes a game 17+ otherwise. These guys want to make sure a person is old enough to… Do what, exactly? It’s titties, isn’t it? They always only go after the titties.

The US government seized

So If you don’t know about the site. It was a site to get free text books and reading material. Essentially a library archive where any person could get access to any book that was put on the internet for free(novels, poems, short stories, textbooks, etc…) However the U.S. gov shut the site down under two U.S. fed laws. U.S....


If you’re looking for a free textbook alternative, check out Library Genesis at It was an absolute lifesaver for me when I was in school.

Pratai, (edited )

Who cares where they go and what they do? I’m seriously asking: why does this matter to you? They’re strangers that have no relevance to anyone.

Let them stay on Reddit and do their thing. You’re here. Do your thing here. But plastering Reddit shit all over the place here is FUCKING ANNOYING.

eniko, (edited ) to random avatar

Was just told of a developer who was falsely accused of using AI art in their game by Valve. And when I brought this up a few weeks ago everyone was like "I'm sure it'll be fine" but it wasn't fucking fine. It's never fucking fine with Valve. Stop giving them the benefit of the doubt because they destroyed the ecosystem with deep discounts a decade ago and you enjoyed the cheap games, for fucks sake. They're super developer hostile, have been for many years now, constantly do anti competitive bullshit and constantly fuck up things even when they do have good intentions

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Years of mindfulness meditation have helped counteract this for me. In fact, I’ve had experiences as an adult that have eclipsed my younger years - strong euphoric ones, often in nature. Sometimes the feeling is so strong it’s almost unbearably joyful and full of wonder. But I do get your point. Certainly I have fewer novel experiences as 40-something than I used to and I have to make a concerted effort to see with fresh eyes.

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if you want to stop reading about it use the block button liberally. I would recommend blocking mags like RedditMigration. That will relieve you of about 95% of the discussion...

SeaFury, to hydroponics

In the depths of winter, my herb garden is mostly dormant. So I treated myself to a small hydronics kit with a grow light to grow some soft herbs like basil and coriander 🌿Bonus, more light in my kitchen. Now I wait.


People talk a lot of insurrection but it’s very easy to sit on your ass and say “fuck the establishment” and feel like you’re doing something. When in fact, the platform is the very opiate that stops people from doing anything worthwhile

OC Unlike previous attempts at trying reddit alternatives (like Voat), kbin and much of the lemmyverse doesn’t seem to be plagued with extreme far right buffoonery.

It’s one thing to have differing views, but I’ve seen enough attempted reddit migrations to be relieved that the popular communities in the fediverse so far haven’t been about crazy racist stuff or other extreme right bullshit....

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Little guys lapping up right wing propaganda sure make it extremely difficult to fight the elite, tho.

They become merely another instrument of the "up" of suppressing the "down" when you're feeling frustrated, helpless, and hopeless all the time.

Instead of deleting your Reddit account, consider using chatgpt to make comments instead

And make sure not to click on any links. If enough people use chatgpt or other LLM's to generate comments that are wordy but clearly just filler, it'll give advertisers pause and tank the value of the site as training data. Reddit's response will probably be to start banning users it thinks are doing this but normal users will...

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