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I shared my workflow for creating gifs with a retro feel.

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Another version of that portrait.

FYI, my workflow on these: Build the ASCII art in Monodraw, then paste the result into "cool-retro-term" (a CRT terminal emulator), capture the screen using quicktime, then convert it to a gif in gifski.


A drawing of Matthias made out of ASCII art. This looks like it is in an old computer monitor, with bright green text and a black screen. It has a smooth looking scan-line that runs down vertically every so often.

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This gorgeous looking game just dropped on Steam/Itch/GOG today. Shades of but all grown up and entering its mature artist phase.

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A new minor version of Letterpress is out, version 2.1!

  • The app now uses the GNOME 46 runtime, and widgets have been updated accordingly (mainly dialogs look better now).
  • Images can now be pasted from the clipboard
  • The app was translated to Simplified Chinese.

@FineFindus has joined the project, so I'm no longer the only maintainer! 🎉 Thank you so much!

You can get the new release on Flathub:

#Letterpress #GNOMEApps #ASCIIArt

Neblib, to Weather avatar is a neat project to get an forcast, useful just as a low resource web app, shell+curl script, etc. Check out the docs for how to set it up .

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I'm thinking about abandoning my app Calligraphy, which can turn text into ASCII banners in different ASCII fonts. I feel like the app doesn't really provide any practical value, and the codebase has gotten quite complicated nonetheless.

Poll 1/2: Do you use Calligraphy at all?

Please answer honestly so I can tell if the project is worth my time.

IndyJoenz, to linux

Wow. Durdraw was written about in Linux Magazine's April 2024 issue! Thanks to Andy Herbert for taking this photo, and to @degville for writing the article!

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Researchers used to work around content-restrictions on AI chatbots. Using this hack, they were able to get tools like GPT4 and Gemini to share instructions on how to counterfeit money and build bombs.

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”Descent” with woxel size reduced to the minimum and erosion disabled.
Realtime version with URL params.

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The new frontier: ray-traced ASCII graphics.

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Talking about things... Here a program I wrote on September 2015 with my first computer. That Commodore Vic-20 is now 40 years old, has 3.5 Kb of RAM and last time I tried it was still working :-)

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Descent into ASCII


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I just released a new collection of Amiga ! Here's a few examples, but it's 5959 lines long so there's plenty more...




zirias, to KDE

Remember these specific misrenderings using the wrong ? Made actually a good testcase after adding codepage selection to my new "dos2ansi" tool 😜

Screenshot from () running on and using Microsoft's font.

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2024 7DRL Challenge dates announced: March 2~10:

Make a in 7 days!

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The grass in chrome_knight's beast-hunting is chef's kiss

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