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Evening sun dropping into the Atlantic behind Crab Island, Doolin, County Clare, Ireland. Walking tours

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such was the day #sunset

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I drove a lot this weekend. Soccer, fishing, soccer, and soccer…

I also gave my daughter driving lessons - although I myself didn’t drive, I felt like I drove a car for five hours non stop 🙃

Still, nice to see the sunset while watching my kid to play soccer 😊

#Driving #Soccer #YouthSports #FlyFishing #Sunset

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Mit anderen Menschen in den Bergen hoch über den Tälern solche Momente zu teilen ist einfach einmalig. Der Sonnenuntergang ließ mich die Stille genießen ☺️ 😍

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Sunset Glow
By Maureen Greenwood ©

#art #nature #ocean #landscape #sunset

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The old bridge over a railway track near Erskine Street, Aberdeen, Scotland. Spring gets beautiful here.

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Starry Sunrise on the Attersee
By Sarah Hornsby ©

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The sky is on fire by Håkon Kjøllmoen, Norway


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Castleton church at sunset. Lovely quiet walk through the village with lots of birdsong #derbyshire #sunset

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Formentera, Spain. September 2016, iPhone 5s.

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Today was perfect.
The weather was perfect.
Our garden was perfect.
Summer's pal was almost perfect.
Even dinner was perfect.
Summer was perfect, and the sunset was perfect.
Summer and I basked in the gorgeousness that was our view while we did a happy grandma dance on our deck.
A splash of color for you, our Mastodon friends.

Bella, to nature

Are you also expecting Mary Poppins and Bert to show up? 😉
(Yep, another #sunset, different location though ☺️)
#tree #nature

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Sunset, a wonderful time of day, it can be so magical to watch.
The sky doesn't always 'pop', but when it does it's worth getting a shot or two.

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The desert just became a scene from Dune this evening. Eerie sunset with a dust storm covering the sun.

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