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PhD. Rhetorics of terrorism, media, and AI. Taught at Johns Hopkins, Dartmouth, UC Davis, Clemson.

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While it may be a symptom, Trump is not testing "his gag order" as much as he is running with his underlying root reinforcement to act above the law and get away with it.

"Trump Posted Multiple Attacks on Witness Michael Cohen to His Campaign Page"


"Trump continues to test his gag order"

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Here they go again with the special treatment that has gotten him off the hook his whole life with others expected to pay the price

"Trump lawyers acknowledge civil fraud bond was issued without ‘certificate of qualification’ but say AG’s complaint ‘should be set aside’ anyway"


"Trump lawyers said that James’ questioning of the bond was unnecessary and “sparse,” so she should shoulder the costs of the court fight."

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Last time ever frying in canola oil.

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@Adrenochrome Latkes. Took over half an hour to clean the pan.

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Contempt? What a shocker.

"Judge sets hearing on holding Trump in contempt"


"Judge Merchan has set a hearing on prosecutors' request to hold Trump in contempt for allegedly violating the judge's limited gag order.

The hearing is set for Wednesday, April 24 at 2:15 p.m. ET."

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"The US Government Has a Microsoft Problem"


"Microsoft has stumbled through a series of major cybersecurity failures over the past few years. Experts say the US government’s reliance on its systems means the company continues to get a free pass."

SteveThompson, to random
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"Amazon hired an ex-Trader Joe's employee to access company secrets and replicate products from the grocer: WSJ"


"Amazon repeatedly pressured a former Trader Joe's employee for data in order to find out which items to replicate from the popular grocer, per WSJ."

SteveThompson, to Germany
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"Far Right’s Ties to Russia Sow Rising Alarm in Germany"


"As cases proliferate, opponents fear the Alternative for Germany party is becoming a tool of Russian influence operations to undermine support for Ukraine."

SteveThompson, to random
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GOP all know exactly what they are promoting and supporting.

"Sununu says he supports Trump despite believing he ‘contributed’ to Jan. 6 insurrection"


"New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (R) said he supports former President Trump despite believing he “contributed” to the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol."

Party over country.


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"Mark Cuban says he's proud to pay $288 million in taxes this year, unlike a certain former president"


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"Kinzinger Slams Donald Trump's 'Insane' Reaction to Iran Attack"


"Trump, the presumptive 2024 GOP presidential nominee, claimed during a campaign rally in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania, that such a thing would not have happened if he was in office, blaming it on President Joe Biden."

"This is insane. It did happen!" he wrote. "Iran struck and injured 100 Americans in Iraq and Trump responded with nothing but fear. He's a small man."

#GOP #Trump #Kinzinger #infighting

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"Israel Army Says Hamas Holding Hostages In Gaza's Rafah"


"Hamas is still holding our hostages in Gaza... We also have hostages in Rafah, and we will do everything we can to bring them back home," Israeli military spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said at a briefing."

#Hamas #terrorists #hostages #Israel #Rafah #Gaza #Oct7

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Have only been calling them out for 6 months now.

"How journos help Hamas"


“As I observe the cluelessness of Hamas apologists worldwide, I realize a mea culpa may be due” from the media, confesses former Associated Press chief editor Dan Perry at Newsweek, of the “basic failure to communicate” about “a jihadi outfit.”

“Hamas and its accomplices share none of the values that drive the modern world, from respect for human rights to freedom of speech to the rule of law.”

SteveThompson, to philosophy
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There isn't any. All the US pressure is on Israel.

"Where Is the American Pressure on Hamas?"


"Biden could set a deadline for Hamas to release the hostages—or else the U.S. will double its lethal support to Israel."

Not likely that's; going to happen.

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"Evangelist and wife face new abuse charges as authorities fear there could be more victims"


"A traveling evangelist and his wife were reindicted last month for abuse allegations, and in light of new charges, cops in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, are reaching out to see if there are more victims."

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If you're an American, Hamas hates you and wants you dead. Until then, though, they're happy to have all your protest and your social media support.

SteveThompson, to Germany
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"Germany arrests 4 teens suspected of planning Islamist terror attacks"


"Plans allegedly included Molotov cocktail and knife attacks against synagogues and churches in the name of the Islamic State."

SteveThompson, to random
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There is no evidence of significant voter fraud in US elections. When there is an incident, it's usually them. Real message here is they need watched.

"Voter data expert hired by Trump on Johnson election claims: ‘He should know better’"


"A voter data expert who was hired by the Trump campaign in 2020 to look for voter fraud criticized claims by House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) about election integrity Friday."

#GOP #Trump #SOTH #Johnson #electionintegrity #election

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Cats are finally getting their Hollywood meow-ment, according to the Hollywood Reporter, with moggies taking lead roles in shows like "Ripley," "A Quiet Place: Day One," "The Marvels" and "Argylle." James Hibberd talks to directors Matthew Vaughan and Steven Zaillian about casting troubles and the influence of Taylor Swift, and to animal trainer Jo Vaughan about how she gets our feline friends to do what they're told. Just for fun, tell us which of these you think is the most iconic movie cat. For the sake of this poll, we're not considering animated cats, nor other felines, so sorry Simba, Baby and the Cowardly Lion, you're out of luck.


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That Darn Cat

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The GOP Fascist Party, folks.

Via Scott MacFarlane:

A 71st House Republican has signed on to co-sponsor Rep. Matt 's resolution to formally express sentiment of U.S. House that Donald did not engage in insurrection: Del. James Moylan (R-Guam)

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@GottaLaff It's always party over country with them, even when it's egregious.

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"Man sues Fox News for allegedly falsely identifying him as a neo-Nazi mass shooter"


"Plaintiff sent Fox News a demand for retraction," the lawsuit reads. "Fox completely ignored Plaintiff and never responded."

SteveThompson, to H5N1
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"Bird Flu Is Spreading in Alarming New Ways"


"H5N1 has infected cattle across the US and jumped from a mammal to a human for the first time. Experts fear it may someday evolve to spread among humans."

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Technically, people are behind algorithmic behavior. Fediverse is not immune to this troubling phenomenon, miscommunication or bias, considering manual procedures in place based on decision-making.

"Communicating With Elon Musk’s X Is Like Traversing a Scorched Hellscape"


"Its algorithm booted me with little explanation. Maybe that’s for the best."

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May you sleep like a calico cat on a giraffe print pillow.

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