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European elections live: more countries head to the polls across the continent

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⚡️🇱🇻Ukraine's path to victory should entail the membership in both the European Union and NATO, Latvian President Rinkēvičs says. (More) #Ukraine #Latvia #NATO #Press #News #EU #EuropeanUnion #russiaUkraineWar #10yrInvasionofUkraine
#EUVote #SaveEUfromFarRight

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Latvian authorities have decided to donate cars seized from drunk drivers to #Ukraine.

Around 1,500 cars have been sent to the Ukrainian military so far.

"Each weekend we deliver around 30 to 40 cars from #Latvia to Ukraine," said Reinis #Poznaks, founder of the non-profit #Agendum.

#Russia #EU

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🇨🇦 The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada said that Ukraine has the right to strike the territory of by Canadian weapons.

🇱🇻 will give another 20 million euros to the drone coalition in 2024 to support Ukraine.

🇩🇰 PM of confirmed that there are no restrictions in for attacks by Danish weapons on the territory of Russia.

🕯 Search operations in the Kharkiv construction hypermarket have been completed: 19 dead have been identified, 54 wounded.

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If you are a citizen of a European Union country, you can vote in the EU elections, even if you live outside the EU. You can use any EU country polling facilities (I haven't tested it).

In Australia, Poland is opening polling booths in Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, and Perth on Sunday, June 9th, 7am-9pm.

You need to register by June 4th: (in Polish)

#Poland #Czechia #Slovakia #Lithuania #Estonia #Latvia #Hungary #Romania #EU #Elections #democracy

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"Baltic officials said they could send troops to Ukraine without waiting for NATO if Russia scores a breakthrough: report"

#EU #War #NATO #US #NAFO #News #Putin #Ukraine #Democrats #GOP #Republicans #MAGA #Russia #Pentagon #Estonia #Latvia #Lithuania #Poland

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and allied intelligence officials are tracking an increase in low-level sabotage operations in Europe that they say are part of a Russian campaign to undermine support for ’s war effort.

The covert operations have mostly been arsons or attempted arsons targeting a wide range of sites, including a warehouse in , a paint factory in , homes in and, most oddly, an Ikea store in .

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Dangerous liaisons: New details of Latvian MEP Tatjana Ždanoka’s espionage for Russia

Tatjana Ždanoka, an MEP from Latvia, was one of the delegates sent to Kyiv. But she did not report her findings to other legislators from the European Parliament. Instead, she sent a confidential report to her FSB handler Sergey Beltyukov, stating her view that anti-Yanukovych demonstrators, already two months in, were unlikely to disband in the near future. Three days before the trip to Kyiv, Ždanoka traveled to St. Petersburg and met Beltyukov, who had waited for her at the airport.

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UK man arrested on suspicion of helping intelligence

Uptick reported in Russia-linked espionage cases across Europe in recent months, with suspected spies or saboteurs being arrested in the UK, , , , , , , , & other countries

UK authorities did not clarify the specifics of Phillips’ alleged activities but said that there was unlikely to be a threat to the public

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🇪🇺 New details of Latvian MEP Tatjana Ždanoka’s espionage for

The Insider and Re:Baltica examined 19,000 of Ždanoka's emails, revealing her extensive correspondence with FSB agents and work for the Kremlin — while being an MEP.

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