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I think at this point a shorter list would be the data it doesn't collect.


I can't even come up with one item in that list


I was gonna joke about it not having your Mother’s Maiden name, but honestly it probably does.

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"Other Data Types" would cover that.

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Ah yes, it needs my political or religious beliefs for fraud prevention.

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Obviously! Otherwise how do they deem you worthy/unworthy of a random ban?

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    This is /s, right?


    People are actually suggesting that. Shills maybe?

    fearout, (edited )
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    I think a lot of those are just people who want to be able to talk to their non-techy friends within the fediverse, but who also either haven’t yet realized the full scale of Threads’ privacy overreach, or they don’t give a shit/think it’s irrelevant since they don’t plan to use threads themselves.


    Correct. I don't care because I already use Facebook messenger and Instagram which do exactly the same things. However if there's another good option of interacting with threads users without using the app that would be nice

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    Credit score · Optional
    App functionality, Fraud prevention, security, and compliance, Account management

    What function could Meta possibly need for this? Why would Instagram/Threads (Same policy it looks like) need your Credit Score? WTF?

    I'd only touch this if the team behind Instander made an app for Threads and I'd still use fake info.

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    It's almost comically bad


    Who is this brain dead to accept this agreement ACTUALLY THIS IS INSANE

    fearout avatar

    Someone who doesn't read it for starters

    0x4E4F, avatar

    You know… the Next, Next, Next, Finish guys.

    Serously though, most people don’t even read them.

    VulcanSphere avatar

    Most people who don't bother to read app permissions information

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    One of my coworkers asked me yesterday if I was going to try Threads, and I pointed out how it was illegal in the EU because of all the data it gathers. I’m good.


    Are you going to tell your coworker about mastadon if they don’t already know of it?

    stopthatgirl7 avatar

    They know, but aren’t interested. They know I use Mastodon, which is why they asked if I was interested in Threads.

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    I was gonna say, it looks like the only thing they don't own when you say yes is your image and likeness, but they've probably already extracted that from your IG account too.

    LOL. LMAO, even.


    This looks like pretty much everything possible to collect. Is there anything they left on the table so to speak or is this just a data grab at everything iOS / Android allows to be collected?

    0x4E4F, avatar
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    A lot of it duplicates across categories, but I left everything in so that you can assess each category for yourself.

    0x4E4F, avatar

    On top of all that Other data 🤣, like what, when my granma had her first period, lol 🤣.

    fearout avatar

    Yeah. Seems like Apple doesn't have enough categories for all the shit they collect.

    0x4E4F, avatar

    Apple: We swear, we’ll do you right by next version 😨.

    Zuk: You better 🐍…

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    My favorites are “Sensitive info - sensitive info” and “Other data - other data types”.


    How did 30+ million people fell for this? 😲


    George Carlin said “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.”

    • Ohh, shiny new toy!
    • I don’t have anything to hide.
    • They don’t know about it
    • They know about it but don’t realize how bad it is
    • Peer pressure

    They simply don't care. They don't see the problem with it, and no matter how you explain it, privacy is just never a priority for these people.


    Give it to all the influencers and celebrities.

    Wander, avatar

    How tf would a phone even have a way to provide that data to an app? Anyone know how exactly this works?

    Aatube avatar

    Apple and Android already have them, unless you didn't fill it in.

    Wander, avatar

    I don’t think my phone ever asked me about health data or religion. That’s why I find this so confusing.

    fishos avatar

    Health data would be sourced from your fitness apps mostly. Many phones already have one built in(Fit with Google). Sleep trackers as well. Religion would be found on dating apps.

    Not saying they specifically will use those to get your info, but you said you never told you phone those things, so I'm just suggesting some ways you actually did.

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    I don't think people realize how much data they leak daily.

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