mirlo, to cooperatives
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What obligation do have to operate at the same scale as or even outperform their venture capital funded corporate counterparts? If a does not succeed in having a similar reach as major corporations with comparable features, should it be considered "low quality" or are there other standards of success worth considering?

wjmaggos, (edited )
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@axwax @mirlo

does the streaming but they are designed around users hosting their own music, much more so than musicians. it's just very confusing design imo.

the payments need to be addressed by something like a new open protocol ala the @w3c.

mobileatom, to fediverse
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Explore our latest article: Intrigued by the Fediverse - Traverse our Accounts to Map your Journey. https://symfonystation.mobileatom.net/Fediverse-Accounts

Posted into SYMFONY FOR THE DEVIL @symfony

symfonystation, (edited ) to fediverse
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mobileatom, to fediverse
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Explore our latest article: Intrigued by the Fediverse - Traverse our Accounts to Map your Journey. https://symfonystation.mobileatom.net/Fediverse-Accounts

unutao, to videos French
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Appel à la communauté :

Connaissez-vous des chaînes éducatives, de dessins-animés, de documentaires animaliers, de chansons pour des enfants de moins de 6 ans sur ou sur ?

Merci d'avance aux personnes qui repartagerons ma question pour lui permettre de collecter davantage de réponses. :)


rmdes, to mastodon
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trying to understand why I seem to have lost embed/opengraph integration to different social media platforms and even embed on #mastodon #funkwhale


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I may be wrong but this used to display the name of the artist, track name and on an actual play button

PlasticParagraph, (edited ) to random
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Part 01:

This noob is testing the interconnectivity of the :

The word out there on the Fediverse make it seem as if all the different tools (Mastdn/P-tube/Lemmy/etc.) can interact with one another. But this is not the case, as some work both ways, whilst others only one way, or at all.

So made accounts & been testing for past few weeks:

dragfyre, to fediverse
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growing pains: The smallish and instances I use have gotten big enough that handling all of the data is starting to cause issues, slowdowns and whatnot. The reality of distributed/federated computing coming home to roost?

ueckueck, to fediverse German
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Ückück und das Fediverse - meine neue Kolumne bei @gnulinux

Ein neues Projekt steht an und ich freue mich sehr. Ab diesem Monat werde ich regelmäßig für GNU/Linux.ch über das Fediverse schreiben, mal spezielle Projekte vorstellen, mal von Veranstaltungen berichten, mal einen Blick auf die Meta-Ebene vagen - es gibt jedenfalls genug zu berichten, dass ich eine Weile beschäftigt bin :D

Mehr dazu erfahrt ihr in diesem Ankündigungs-Artikel der Redaktion:

Die Kolumne wird ab dem 6. Mai 2024 an jedem 1. Montag im Monat erscheinen.

hello, to fediverse
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Do you want to help support musicians, like the ones you hear on @radiofreefedi? We are looking to increase our coverage, starting with more Mixtapes. But, we need your help!

We are looking for volunteers interested in helping us make more Mixtapes, with the ultimate goal of releasing a new one every Friday. Don't worry - we'll be using a round robin so that different people take turns.

If you'd like to help out with this, send us a message!

@wjmaggos@liberal.city avatar

@hello @quillmatiq

I feel weird about @radiofreefedi. I'm not sure how to articulate it except that it's kinda centralized and it's not primarily #ccmusic afaik. imo the energy should be going towards people building apps like #funkwhale, letting everyone share/support the work however they want and highlighting all the curators running streams/podcasts about music. grow the whole infrastructure and community.

wjmaggos, (edited )
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@deadsuperhero @friendsofccmusic

I'm annoyingly obsessed with what #funkwhale could be. like the fedi and as you said, I feel like it was designed for a different audience/goal. we almost need a different server and app designed for musicians. but one that would be compatible with FW.

give artists a way to build their site ala WordPress, but also connect to everyone else to provide a decentralized Spotify. and get all musicians on the fedi.

I'd rather not dissipate resources tho.


wjmaggos, to fediverse
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I think this is what a musician's page looks like on . Can you see it?

It's so confusing. Same with trying to manage what you listen to on the app. But it also feels like so much great work has been done.


snoopy, (edited ) to fediverse

Un SSO pour le fédiverse ?

Je me demandais s'il n'existe pas une app qui gèrerait nos comptes du #Fediverse

Actuellement ya plein de logiciels comme #Iceshrimp #Lemmy #Mastodon #Pixelfeed #Mbin #Funkwhale #Peertube ect...

Et pour avoir accès à toute les fonctionalités, on a souvent recours au multicompte.

Pourquoi ne pas avoir une seule appli qui crée un compte maitre sur notre ordi et syncronise tes posts, tes abonnements, tes filtres ? Si l'instance tombe en raison de son budget, problème technique on conserverait nos données et on pourrait migrer facilement.

Cette meme appli pourrait gérer les alias. Et également cross-signer notre identité sur les appareils utilisés ?

Qu'en pensez-vous ? Ya des projets en ce sens ? Quel en serait le risque ou les limites ?

Pour moi l'oblectif est de faciliter la sauvegarde et l'exportation des données.

StefanMuenz, to Podcasts German
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Für alle, die und das mögen:
https://podcastindex.org/ ist eine OpenSource-Aggregationsplattform für Podcasts.
Einfach dort mal die Suche benutzen und nach etwas suchen, das euch interessiert. Hier beispielsweise mal die Treffer für eine Suche nach "Klimakrise":
Wenn ihr nun einen der gefundenen Podcasts öffnet, sieht die URL im Browser so aus (Beispiel):
Und nun kommt das Fediverse ins Spiel. Nehmt einfach die Nummer am Ende der URL und baut daraus folgende Fediverse-Adresse (hier mit unserem Beispiel):
Sucht nach der Adresse in eurer bevorzugten Fediverse-App und ihr solltet dann einen entsprechenden Account finden. Dem könnt ihr folgen, und schon bekommt ihr alle Beiträge dieses Podcasts in eure Timeline.
Und ja, ich weiß dass es gibt. Das hier ist halt ein etwas anderer Ansatz, der aber mit seiner Fediverse-Integration und seinem großen Umfang an bestehenden Podcasts sehr spannend ist. Es gibt sogar eine Mastodon-Instanz https://podcastindex.social/

kuketzblog, to fediverse German
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Was meinst du @imke, müssen wir mal wieder ans Schaubild ran oder passt das noch so? Was meint ?

sergio_101, to mastodon
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Thinking about how to handle the audio of my radio show on my new #Mastodon instance.

The show runs every saturday on FM radio, but in the end, i have a pile of audio files to host. They come out weekly, so it's pretty much a podcast.

Should create in instance of #funkwhale or #CastoPod?


sergio_101, to fediverse
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Thinking out loud here.

I'll be setting up #Funkwhale on the machine I am running my #Mastodon instance.

It would be really cool if I could host my files on #S3 somewhere, rather than on the machine itself.

Will have to read up on it.

sergio_101, to RaspberryPi
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I have a 5 coming in this week. I am going to be setting up an instance of on there.

I will have lots of room left.

I am gonna look at any other interesting apps to run.

@sergio_101@mastodon.social avatar


Looks like I am setting up an instance of #Funkwhale for sure.

@sergio_101@mastodon.social avatar


yes! absolutely making a #funkwhale instance.

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