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Seit seinen Anfangstagen hat penibel darauf geachtet, alle... zu .
Der einfachste Weg das zu erreichen, ist es, Firmen zu kaufen, die eines Tages zur Konkurrenz werden könnten.

Aber das ist nicht käuflich. Das Fediverse ist eine .. , , , , oder..

Man kann ein nicht kaufen.

Aber es gibt einen anderen Weg:
es irrelevant machen.. getan.

RookieNerd, to fediverse

@fediverse Let's face it. When talking about the Fediverse, it is very hard to sell interoperability between different types of instances as a major advantage.


@RookieNerd @fediverse @SamXavia

The specific use case is why I think a reliable, independent review of each is useful.

What differentiates these Lemmy clients:

There are almost as many clients for each of , , , and the rest of the , for a single platform.
Switch platforms, and discover a plethora of other clients.

readbeanicecream, to tech
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There is no reason why in this day and age that municipal, state, provincial, and federal cannot stand up their own instances that they control to provide their citizens relevant information. Whether that be , , , , , or . Why should we have to rely on ( and ) or #x () for publicly funded and public relevant information and communication.

And don't try to say that knowledge is the problem. I bet at least half of their staff runs their own instances as a hobby, anyway.

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werawelt, avatar

@ZDF Hallo ZDF - ich bin froh, dass Ihr hier im Fediverse bei seid. Denn ich verschleudere meine Daten nicht an trackende und kommerzialisierte US-Plattformen. Ich bitte Euch, selbst davon abzulassen, sowas fördern zu wollen. Wie oft bin ich als Gebührenzahler von Euch ausgeschlossen worden, weil ich auf eine trackende US-Plattform sollte, um von mir finanzierte Infos zu bekommen. Bitte setzt das auf Mastodon nicht fort. Alternative:

atomicpoet, to fediverse avatar

Tech Press don’t understand the #Fediverse, so how can they understand its growth?

To hear them talk, most of them believe that #Mastodon and the Fediverse are one and the the same. Some of them go so far as to call the Fediverse the “Mastodon network”.

Which means that they don’t have a clue about what the Fediverse entails, nor how it has grown.

Case in point: between Jan-May 2023, #Misskey and its forks grew by 300,000 accounts. No one in the Tech Press reported this.

Okay, perhaps they didn’t know because the bulk of growth happened in Japan. But still, this is fairly important to know since Misskey is now responsible for generating the bulk of Fediverse content. Even so, Tech Press think the Fediverse is about Mastodon.

And now, #Lemmy and #Kbin are experiencing lots of growth, with both collectively gaining 100,000 users in a week. This is quite a noteworthy event since the #RedditMigration is part and parcel of dissension on #Reddit – a pretty major Big Social platform.

Does the Tech Media report on this? Nope. But again, that’s because they don’t understand the Fediverse nor what it entails.

Then Meta signal that a new project they’re making, #P92 (a.k.a., #Barcelona), will be joining the Fediverse. There’s even screenshots that show this app interacting with remote Fediverse servers.

But instead of reporting about how this will affect the existing Fediverse, press such as the #BBC say this is an altogether different social network than Mastodon.

That’s right! Tech Press don’t even realize P92 will be joining the Fediverse – a social network that already exists!

Is this all ridiculous? Yes.

But this is why we have to be forthright about what the Fediverse is, what it entails, and why it all matters.

We, on the Fediverse, must be our own Press.



@atomicpoet @fediversenews
We need to be able to clearly explain to non tech press and people what the difference is between one fedeiverse platform and another. Unfortunately, I don't think that's going to be done very well until people not already in the come over to the analog of their corporate platform of choice. Or one combines the types elegantly. If that is already done well, I don't know about it.

is easy to explain because it acts so much like Twitter. is like YouTube so again easy. Same for . But the masses haven't had a reason to run from the corporate versions of those last two yet so they and other fedi alts aren't newsworthy to the mainstream yet.

If I understand correctly it's trying to incorporate content from all of the fedi platforms more seamlessly than mastodon does. If that's right and it is done well, that may be how we best explain it... By sharing it working as intended.

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