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Having a great time with the dynamic lighting in , which we've never used before. The heroes fighting at night, in a swamp, with the threat of a black, shadowy dragon nearby. Worse, wraith-like humanoid forms are approaching them.

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The battle, from the GM perspective, with the various overlapping darkvisions and normal light effects.

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Same battlefield ... but with a fireball temporarily illuminating the swamp.

This is very cool. I'd like to figure out how I can make the darkvision effect that I (as the DM) see show up as black-and-white. As is, it's hard for me to tell what's regular vision (from torches, fiery wings, etc.) and darkvision.

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Time for more . The Heroes are continuing their trek through the foul Hool Wastes in search of an angel who fell to Oerth.

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RPG tip from the archive: Give characters a clear reason to explore dangerous locations or don't be surprised if they simply give it a miss.

#dnd #ttrpg

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Lazy RPG Prep and the Lazy RPG Talk Show: Sly Flourish Twitch Stream

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RPG tip: Use the opportunity at your game to step away from real life and enjoy tales of high fantasy with your friends.

#dnd #ttrpg

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Can you drown in a pool of healing potion?

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Do characters in your #DnD world drink coffee?

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RPG tip: Clarify choices.

#dnd #ttrpg

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I miss when armour design came to me so easily 😭Feeling kinda off this week so just chipping away at character sheets so I can just scribble

Have a WIP Senris, my Oath of the Crown Changeling Paladin. It counts as pride art since they're genderfluid, pan, and ace, right? 👀

#dnd #dndart

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Legend of Vox Machina Season 3 Opening Credits:

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Nighthaven – Shadowdark Gloaming Session 31 Lazy GM Prep: SlyFlourish YouTube Video

#dnd #ttrpg

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If you've never played outdoors I strongly recommend it.

Today's weather out here in the Seattle area is getting me hyped for patio D&D on Sunday.

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RPG tip: Spend time building and planning your big boss encounters.

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I shall do this as well - #FollowFriday is as... follows:

@tieflingdiotima - for #Tiefling facts and good vibes

@ZebraFeatherAH - for art and indie #comics that slap

@trisz - for art and a really unique style

@Rooki - for being an amazing lad

@reisutheowl - for even more amazing #art and #ttrpg based commissions

@RufuScott - for #dnd stuff and helping him regrow his following (recent server move)

@MondayMoon - for cool #vtuber stuff

@imperor - my little #lemmy community

Ya'll are great

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SKALD: Against the Black Priory

is just the game I've been looking for, awesome retro graphics, fantastic old school soundtrack with DnD like gameplay. Features an incredibly rich story and turn based combat. For only £13 it's an absolute steal. The only downside is it's not Linux native, but runs perfectly under wine.

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#WotC DE hat keine #DnD-Website mehr. Alle Links werden auf umgeleitet, die Seiten wurden aber nicht übertragen. Man landet auf der 404-Fehler-Seite. Anzeige ist raus

Update 8.6.: Die Seite ist wieder erreichbar

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Nighthaven – Shadowdark Gloaming Session 31 Lazy GM Prep: Sly Flourish Podcast

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thinking about Keep on the Borderlands again. for such a basic adventure (pun absolutely intended) there is a lot of interesting stuff to think about.

like this: how many really bad guys are there in the module where you can say "yes, this person is bad"?


I would maintain there are exactly three bad guys, and maybe it's just one of them and the other two are under duress or being manipulated by magic.

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A write-along/TTRPG Playthrough stream!

By popular request, we are designing our own dungeon for "Troves"--the Roguelite D&D-style solo TTRPG!

Help us design it LIVE right NOW:


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Pride started as a riot. What would make the people of your world go on a rampage?

#WorldBuilding #AmWriting #writing #pride #PrideMonth #ttrpg #dnd #rpg #authodons

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