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The way to save news is through radical experimentation, decoupling from tech platform interests, and creating more supportive, inclusive cultures that are more open-minded and inclusive. #longread #journalism #news #innovation

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Reclaiming Journalism: Dream Defenders And NewsOne Announce Partnership For Media Justice

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Today is , a day to feature work from newsrooms that have an active presence in the . If you like what you see in the thread below, follow the profiles and boost their stories. If you're a journo or newsroom that we don't know about (or there's someone that should be on our radar), please comment below.


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Northwestern U journalism prof Steven Thrasher was on this morning and they referenced this article.

It's bittersweet. These protest camps are beautiful and inspiring, but attempts -- by college admins, politicians, police, and journalists to extinguish and discredit them is disgusting.

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Looking for more news in your feed? 🗞️ 📺 Consider following these Magazines (topical collections) found on @Flipboard

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ICC finally ordered Israel to immediately halt it's violent military operations in Gaza.
What do you think will Israel listen?
The top United Nations court have ordered Israel to halt military operations in Rafah, a landmark ruling likely to increase mounting international pressure on Israel more than seven months into the Gaza war.


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Indian journalists are on the frontline in the fight against election deepfakes in India!

Indian journalists are on the frontline in the fight against election deepfakes.


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Peru's new bill classifies LGBTQ people as mentally ill! This is the new of society.
Transgender model Carmen Carrera is speaking out against Peru's new bill that officially classifies transgender, nonbinary, and intersex people as "mentally ill"


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Indian journalists are on the frontline in the fight against election deepfakes in India!

The rise of widely accessible generative AI tools over the past two years has led to a proliferation of political deepfakes.


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Apple News Plus: Promising, or just another example of promises, promises? New at Media Nation.

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Blogs are modern-day

Some people with a bias for institutional authority and deference to elite power condescend to the idea of blogs or citizen . My hypothesis: part of the reason is the word ‘blog’ sounds funny and people feel self-conscious saying it out loud. exceptionalism is the ability to memory-hole first-principles, history, and the meaning of words better than the rest than the rest of the world.

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CNHI, the Alabama-based newspaper chain that owns four daily newspapers north of Boston, is selling 10 papers and a printing plant in the South. Does CNHI intend to keep its Mass. holdings even while selling off papers in its backyard?,249966?vgo_ee=bc4w2UEgNYg0b4hjY3Wcvh4zNkX%2B2G%2BAyqyXYODHrqs3uPExwTyhI%2BCr6%2BU%3D%3Ad%2B2hdz8bhtLCQoaHQzkt5IMI%2BKqd0iML

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"In late 2023, Alexandra, a 66-year-old retired woman in D.C., was defrosting a piece of human feces that she purchased over the internet."

For Slate, Luke Winkie writes about the black market of #poop:

#Longreads #Journalism #Feces #Health #AlternativeMedicine

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I wrote up some thoughts about the things newsrooms need to do right now in order to survive the massive search engine and audience squeeze they're experiencing. TLDR: so much of it comes down to creating an open-minded culture of experimentation.

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Good initiative taken by the people to preserve Palestinian culture before it gets completely eroded.

A cozy family-run Palestinian restaurant in Saint Gilles which aims at educating about Gaza’s culture through food.


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20 passengers are under extreme care unit in the hospital due to the extreme turbulence!

Passengers on a Singapore Airlines flight that hit extreme turbulence over Asia suffered skull, brain and spinal injuries.


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New at Media Nation: GBH cuts claim three local TV shows, including its only Black-oriented program. #journalism #boston

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A church of Scotland was receiving donation money from slavery and even refused to apologise for such sinful offence. Ironic isn't it?

The Free Church of Scotland has been accused of “shameful” behaviour after it refused to apologise for receiving money from slavery worth millions of pounds today.


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Why do women still face criticism and trolling over the way they dress, walk and look. People give their unwanted opinion upon their life decisions. When will they let women live on their own terms without being constantly judged?

The famous Indian actress, Deepika Padukone recently became the target of intense online trolling after revealing her baby bump when she came to cast her vote in Mumbai.


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After years of Meta steadily walking away from news on its platforms, the company’s new AI tool is now using the work of those outlets for its new chatbot, Meta AI, which scans news outlets and summarizes their latest stories and headlines for anyone who asks.

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@michellemanafy Anything to avoid paying for news that other people write, and other people have to pay for.

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Do you have any idea how much this country would change if, say voter turnout in November increased five percent from 2020? About 67% of eligible voters cast ballots then - and that was considered huge. Check out this piece from 2020.

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"There is really no such thing as a big-city newspaper columnist anymore, but Breslin was big—he would literally call reporters on the phone to tell them, 'I’m big.'"

For The Point, Ross Barkan writes about journalist Jimmy Breslin:

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