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How #GenX are you? Part 60

Powdered drinks edition.

Select all that apply.

#HowGenXAreYou #1970s #1980s #1990s
#Poll #Polls

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OK, I've figured out how to settle the Gen X vs Millennial cut off:

What was the first boy band you clearly remember while they were popular?

If it's Backstreet, NSYNC, etc, you're clearly a millennial.

If it's New Kids on the Block or earlier, you're Gen X.

Pretty sure this is as objective as it's possibly going to get and better criteria than Pew going back and forth between 80 and 84.

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The 'Last Gen X playground' has been found, and people can't contain their nostalgia

#childhood #genx

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this week is
: five songs about love, being loved, being in love, loving someone. edition 😉

"Crazy For You" - Madonna

"Anything For You" - Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine

"Alone" - Heart

"The Things We Do For Love" - 10cc

"You Decorated My Life" - Kenny Rogers

and because I can't count:

"This Kiss" - Faith Hill

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There's one thing I'm getting more and more angry abut wrt and their approach to live, work, and business:

Being raised in the 70s and 80s, I do know how things involving service and technology (yes, this includes mechanical things, too) used to work when run properly. Being now in my late forties, I'm both able and willing to pay decent prices and fees. Not being a retired , I neither have time nor patience to have each and everything fixed again and again


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Sure, boomers make the larger group of consumers and clients and they might be fine with shitty service and constant replies “ooops, I forgot”, “ooops, it's not turned on”, “ooops, it did work yesterday”, “ooops, nobody uses it like we wrote in the instructions, we did not test them.”

I'm not.

But maybe fancy happy does not need the money from the 40 and 50y olds as target group, And just having fun breaking things pays their rent?

Greatings from annoyed

2/n; n=2

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Here's what really scares me about "Recall" (the Windows 11 total surveillance feature):

Awhile back Apple introduced client-side image scanning to iCloud. There was a huge backlash and they rolled it back. But now that it's been demonstrated "possible" once, EU states are trying to legislate requiring it.

There's a huge backlash to "Recall". Maybe it will be changed or cancelled. But now that it's "possible", how long until governments start trying to legislate every OS have this feature?

Bluedepth, avatar

@mcc Being my response is very straightforward. Screw it. No technology. I lived for years without any of this blinkenboxen bullshit in my life, I can do it again. As a generation GenX really responds poorly to being made to do anything. We might not outright scream, but we are very good at subtle vandalization too. Find that magic DLL that makes it work, and blow it away and live with the consequences. :)

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Deidre Hall was on the show Hacks. As a #GenX guy I had to say "Oh cool! Electra Woman!!"

No one knew what I was talking about. I feel so alone in this world sometimes 😏

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How #GenX are you? Part 59

Select all that apply.

#HowGenXAreYou #1970s #1980s #1990s
#Poll #Polls

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Many & men are Republicans & some are anti-vaxxers, but a few women boomers are largely responsible for spreading :

A small group of committed “supersharers,” predominately older R women, were responsible for the vast majority of the in the period looked at. They promoted & shared links to vaccine hesitancy & politics-flavored fake news. 2,107 reg. US voters accounted for spreading 80% of it during the 2020 election.

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My next #LEGO set arrived. I've been enjoying X-Men '97. I read much of the comics the original series drew on. It's been fun watching this season that's after I stopped reading the comics. #GenX

wjmaggos, to random avatar

34? In a row? #Trump #Clerks #GenX

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#Retirement #GenX #News #401K

Generation X has been the alpha tester for the 401(k) retirement system, and the gloomy results are rolling in.

Nearly half of Gen Xers say their retirement savings are behind schedule.

"Many Gen Xers got a late start transitioning to 401(k) plans and struggled to catch up," Chris Ceder, a senior retirement strategist with Goldman Sachs Asset Management, told Yahoo Finance.

That’s significant as the oldest in this cohort will turn 60 next year.

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Some of you fellow #GenX folks forgot that this is still important to practice:

Question all authority.

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Got on bus this morning and the driver charged me the under 19 years old student fare 😂 winning today already!

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The compelling trend of watching Gen X dance like nobody's watching


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How are you? Part 58

Low brow comedy edition.

Select all that apply.

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The Golden Age of K-Mart

Before the days of "Super Kmarts" and "Big Ks," there was just Kmart.

The first Kmart was opened in 1962, and by the mid-1970s, we were all shopping there.

Revisit the days of Blue Light Specials, Kmart Cafeterias, and random wood-veneered merchandise scattered in aisles throughout the store.

Stick around for the musical montage featuring two unforgettable K-mart jingles complete with in-store announcements

#GenX flashback

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Gen X advice for Gen Z: Woman shares the things she wishes 'somebody told me in my twenties'

#genx #smith

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Back in my day (class of 96), you kinda had to choose. Most kids liked them all but was your favorite band Nirvana, Soundgarden or Pearl Jam? I wouldn't have said it then but Nirvana wanted you to think they were cool. Edgy. Soundgarden just wanted to make good music. Pearl Jam was about community and purpose. Fuck Ticketmaster.

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Gen X feels left in the dark with menopause due to a lack of research and support


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Watching with my daughter. The 90s were the peak of our civilization.

edit: I get that the kung-fu bullet time scenes are fun but before they go back in to save Morpheus, I thought we were supposed to care about the other people living their lives (even as cops, not agents).

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Don't know why after a day of meetings I'm thinking about this now but did anybody else have WordPerfect on their Atari ST in 1991? 💪 🤓 :mycomputer: :atari:

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Just in case you needed a refresher...


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  1. Yummy South Indian Lunch with 4 types of veg, juicy fried chicken drumstick and shrimp curry. Hey, it's Monday and I needed the fortification for teaching.
  2. Listening to The Cure all day because the weather requires it.
  3. Finally catching fish on . I'd all but given up because fishing is so impossible on the iphone.


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