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I'm not sure if it's right to ask you / (s) this question here on Mastodon. But the dev of Text Pieces, a little tool that I use daily, has apparently gotten fed up with GTK4 and libadwaita and has no motivation to continue his work on the app. Maybe someone out there might be interested in taking over or at least helping out? See:

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As a modern #developer it's my job to spend hours sifting through long lists of icons to find one that is vaguely related to what I want.

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'It stays in the body indefinitely'. A co-developer of the Novichok nerve agent on whether the poison could have killed Alexey Navalny

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Hell yeah. The first time pulled new source code, detected an update, and built all on its own.

Screenshot of the About Mercury dialogue box showing version 123.0.1 installed.

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Hot Take:
The "I'm new to Github guy" is an absolute asshole but is actually completely right, all the developers coping right now that Github is a dev platform are wrong. If you only release your app on Github it's no longer just a development platform it's also distribution one

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@BrodieOnLinux I'm not a #developer but I advice #foss developers to publish their code in #gitlab instead of #github on which the latter is owned by #microsoft 😈 :blobcatcoffee:

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Branching, Refined

A Git client for simultaneous branches on top of your existing workflow.

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Android 15 Developer Preview 1 is out for the Pixel 6 and up

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Nginx Core Developer Quits Project, Says He No Longer Sees Nginx as 'Free and Open Source Project For the Public Good'

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I just made my first fork, commit and pull request. Am I a developer now?

It was to Mastodon so I can put "open source contributor" in all my profiles and CV now, right? Recruiters love that, I hear.

Full disclosure, it wasn't exactly a complicated change 😅

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👋🏼 Hey guys! It's my first post on Mastodon! Looking forward to exploring the community here.

Who are some great people to follow in the #ios #swift #apple #developer space?

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How well do you know ? Very good talk by Scott Chacon:

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What did you mean by this ?!?!

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▶ Abandoned LA Skyscraper COVERED with INSANE Amount of Graffiti

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Now with Penpot 2.0 release, you'll be able to swap all your components in a blink of an eye.

Penpot's components will enable you to design at scale - available soon! Stay tuned.

More info:


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Since our son Emil was born last summer I did not have much time for personal creative practice, but during the Christmas holidays I had some fun getting into a virtual game console called TIC-80 thanks to #lovebytetcc.

So I did my first 256 byte demoscene production for the
@lovebyteparty new-talent competition.

#DemoScene #genartclub #CreativeCoding #rendering #tic80 #developer

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If you missed @diacritica 's talk at @fosdem about Penpot 2.0, don't worry, because here we bring it to you!

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junior developer vs machine learning. via

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@nixCraft yeah ... An can simulate various complex processes, such as natural phenomena, chemical reactions or economic systems in a few seconds ... a junior would need a few hundred coffee cisterns and a few billion years for a similar accuracy :)

The era of the Juniors has passed, it would be preferable to learn to ask the questions correctly and to know very well the basics of the theory in the targeted field, otherwise they will queue for

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