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Samsung Scummy Repair Contract Forces Shops to Destroy YOUR Phone! iFixit Drops Samsung Partnership!

Samsung forces repair shops to sign a TERRIBLE contract, that requires technicians to destroy your phone if they find non-Samsung parts in your device! iFixit is dropping their partnership with Samsung.

Why isn’t this bigger news?

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AI-Weekly for Tuesday, May 28, 2024 - Issue 114

The Week's News in Artificial Intelligence
A Mind Vault Solutions, Ltd. Publication

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Good news for folks who enjoy AI embarrassing itself with nonsensical answers!

"Well, according to an interview at The Verge with Google CEO Sundar Pichai published earlier this week, just before criticism of the outputs really took off, these "hallucinations" are an "inherent feature" of AI large language models (LLM), which is what drives AI Overviews, and this feature "is still an unsolved problem.""

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A new @ThisWeekinLinux has dropped! (264) 😎🐧▶️

@MichaelTunnell talks about Ubuntu going Wayland for NVIDIA, Firefox’s Future, GNOME 5 Year Strat & more Linux news on Your Source for #Linux GNews!

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We want a future of repairable gadgets and less ewaste.
5-7 years of software support doesn't mean anything if we can't keep the hardware running well for 7 years.
Glad to see iFixit didn't go quiet on this one.

I've been trying to highlight Samsung's scummy business practices for a couple years now, but when they can't even make a support contract work with iFixit, it's a REAL bad look.

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"Hello, everyone! If you are seeing this email then you have been targeted by a fake antivirus company known as ‘Waredot’"

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Heck yes! Affinity Creative Suite is going to support ARM PCs!
My favorite photo editing software! It was slow on my older Windows ARM tablet. This is a welcome upgrade!

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Good idea. You wouldn't want someone looking at and sharing private information on your screen.

"It’s all designed to prevent you from sharing screenshots with competitors, relatives, and journalists using Microsoft Edge for Business."

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Watching this laptop buying guide by @SomeGadgetGuy after the recent announcement of Microsoft's Surface running on the new ARM chips from Qualcomm

Like him, I too am interested in all the new Laptops not only by Microsoft but the many OEMs (HP. Dell, Asus, Acer etc) that will hit the market in a short time, not for the AI features but for our usual day-to-day computing on devices that are now on a different architecture that will have long-lasting battery, run silently, and have plenty of performance for our tasks.

Also, looking into the chips themselves and what specs they're paired with the system RAM depending upon core counts, and performances

SomeGadgetGuy, avatar

@RealGene @mountdiscovery
At launch it will be a massive pain and totally broken, but if we see SOME traction in the business space, it'll improve fast. Lenovo is already putting some pressure on there.

Just last week, Qualcomm announced better kernel support for Linux, and they've published an experimental debian build.

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AI-Weekly for Tuesday, May 21, 2024 - Issue 113

The Week's News in Artificial Intelligence
A Mind Vault Solutions, Ltd. Publication

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Checking out all the announcements today from Dell, HP, Microsoft, Samsung, Acer, Asus, and Lenovo! I did a live recording of my reactions.
Windows on ARM is getting REALLY exciting! Here are some things to look out for while shopping a new "AI" laptop!

stefan, to ai avatar

"Microsoft Paint is getting new image generation powers with a new tool called Cocreator. [...] Cocreator can generate images based on text prompts as well as your own doodles in the Paint app."

The way tech companies push "AI", I don't know. I was hoping this is just another tech hype that I can wait out, like with Bitcoin and Metaverse, but there just seems no end in sight this time.

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Give a share and come join the chat! We've got Tech News to talk about!

Microsoft is about to kick off BUILD, and showing new Windows on ARM PCs! AZ is suing Amazon over unfair business practices! iFixit digs even deeper into how much wireless charging sucks. And maybe the Dead Internet theory is true?

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A new @ThisWeekinLinux has dropped! (263) 😎🐧▶️

@MichaelTunnell talks about Linux 6.9, Red Hat AI, Telegram vs Signal, Manjaro 24 & more Linux news on Your Source for #Linux GNews!

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OnePlus 12 WiFi Mystery! Why is my phone connecting to an Network?

CONTROVERSY! It's a little concerning. My phone keeps trying to connect to a mystery network, listed as an ISP WiFi that (to my knowledge) doesn't do business here in California. Has anyone else seen something like this? What's going on?

reillypascal, to ai avatar

"This whole AI cycle was fueled by fantasies, and when people stop falling for them the bubble starts to deflate. In The Guardian, John Naughton recently laid out the five stages of financial bubbles, noting AI is between stages three and four: euphoria and profit-taking."

#AI #AIHype #AIBubble #Tech #TechNews

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"I quit all social media about three years ago because of the hostility, disinformation, brain rot, and advertising."

"They say they haven’t settled on a business model yet, but it could involve ads based on people’s declared interests."

Hm. Good luck!

SomeGadgetGuy, to tech avatar

Well. I did not have "Arizona Sues Amazon over Anti-Competitive Business Practices" on my Thursday Tech Politics Bingo card, but here we are 👀

#tech #technology #business #news #politics #technews #amazon #arizona #businessnews #law #regulation #geek

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Wireless charging sucks!
(Sucks more power that is.)
My buddy Ricky and I did a one-off experiment comparing wireless charging to FAST cabled charging. You can watch part one here

I was pleasantly surprised that Qi charging had improved and kept case temperatures better in check, but we still saw elevated temperatures for roughly two hours on a full charge.

Now, iFixit delivers even more data on wireless charging, and it's not great. You're trading a lot of waste and heat for some mediocre "convenience"...

(ht @lupus_blackfur for the heads up!)

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I am totally floored by the bold, drunk on LLM idea that Slack by Saleforce has right now: They want to compromise the privacy of customer data to train their implementation of an LLM.

This is beyond cursed because Salesforce has the audacity to make this scheme an opt-out instead of op-in to maximize the data accumulation.

I hope the uproar this will generate makes Slack step the hell back!

SomeGadgetGuy, to tech avatar

After dealing with pre-installed malware on this mini-PC, I'm FINALLY done reviewing the hardware!
"Besides the malware" does an Intel Core i9 make sense in a system like this?

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stefan, avatar

@botwiki Okay, so now we have some data.

"The study from Reuters Institute and Oxford University (via BBC), which surveyed over 12,000 people across six countries, seemingly reveals how little that AI hype has percolated down to real-world use, for now."


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