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Object side snapping

Implemented a special component that allows the sides of objects to snap to others with the same component. Bevy's gizmo was very helpful in visualizing the math.



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I love it when it feels like your critique is taken to heart. A #bevy user asked us for feedback on their #blender mockup for their #indiegame. I talked about visual hierarchies, having a sense of style and pointed them at some valuable references (Isle of Arrows!) in their target genre. And wow, is the difference striking for only a couple of days! I'm really excited to see what this team makes :D

Full interaction starts here:

A mockup of a tower defense with really clear distinction between the towers, enemies and terrain. Beautiful fog too. Now with bestagons!

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I've made the bevy iteration of my card prototype source available:

It can be played in browser at:

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Trying out generating external files based on the whole asset hierarchy of a level (this actually spans assets from multiple blend files !) in the .ron format used by #bevy_asset_loader (a fantastic crate for #bevy
Also based on the data in #Blender it is trivial to generate asset files either for a full level or for specific blueprints.

I am still unsure if it makes sense to use external files or if it is better to embed the asset information inside the gltf files' gltf_extras fields

alice_i_cecile, to random avatar

Today's (full-time, paid!) #opesource work for @bevy is tackling work in the release milestone. We're nearly due for our next train release (look, the train is North American: you can't expect reliability) so I'm going to be going through the milestone, culling, reviewing and fixing issues.

At this stage, I'm only going to leave critical bugs and nearly complete high-impact work in the milestone. Other PRs can and will be merged if they're in there before the release candidate ships.


alice_i_cecile, avatar

@bevy Alright, I've done a full pass now! I don't know where the 4 remaining items went: they may have been issues that were closed as I merged PRs 😅

We've gone from 42 items in the milestone down to a much more manageable 22, now with beautiful color coded labels on everything ;) If you'd like to help out with the #bevy 0.14 release, tackle one of those items: reviewing, implementing, testing and designing are all welcome. Now, it's time for lunch <3

alice_i_cecile, to random avatar

Productive half-day of work today at @bevy despite a doctor's appointment!

The Bevy release process, which generates the huge, detailed, beautiful blog posts that y'all love to read, has been a huge bugbear for years at this point. There's always a couple of grueling weeks of writing, editing, triaging, reviewing, merging and testing involved. Not good!

We've already set up a new release candidate process to reduce the stress on the tech side for both contributors and users, but...

alice_i_cecile, avatar

@bevy ... the actual process of writing the #bevy release notes (and migration guide) is fussy, highly centralized and draining. Never have I wanted to just give up working on the project as much as during release prep!

So I put together a working group today to improve the process, and get this release out the door. Formation, design doc, revisions, blessing and the first steps to implementation in a single day! Awesome stuff. This is something we've wanted for ages.

outfly, to space avatar

v0.9 just took off!

✅ Implemented various challenging Achievements
✅ Implemented game menu
✅ Implemented game over screen
✅ Beautiful new planetary/lunar textures by Björn Jónsson,

crobocado, to blender avatar

More work done tonight on #blenvy (potential name, not quite sure), the #blender tools for #Bevy

  • improved UI & workflow for Assets: the per level/world assets are displayed in the assets tab
  • since blueprints are a logical "unit" (ie reusable hierarchy of components, meshes AND their associated assets), the assets for blueprints & any other future data related to blueprints are under the "blueprints" tab

If you have feedback, remarks, criticism, don't hesitate !

A custom User interface in Blender, showing the list of Blueprints and their associated Assets, for use in the Bevy game engine

bd103, to bevy avatar

I recently assembled a #prusa 3D printer and thought it would be fun to print the #bevy #gamedev logo! I think it turned out fantastic, using galaxy black and pearl white PLA filament.

Shatur, to bevy avatar

🧬 Bevy Replicon 0.25.0 is out!

It's a networking crate for the Bevy game engine that we use for @projectharmonia.

Here are some highlights:

  • Group-based replication rules, similar to queries.
  • Deserialization and writing now defined separately.
  • Writing now based on markers for more flexibility.
  • Deserialization in-place now can be customized.


Also check out 📦 for a bundle-like API for replication groups.

MevLyshkin, to gamedev avatar

Finally, some progress on my card game! I was able to finally reach a point when it is more feature complete than previous iteration written a few years ago with different framework (quicksilver, it's dead now) 😅


outfly, to fallout avatar

Fresh out the oven, version 0.8.5 of the open source space game #OutFly!

✅ New flashlight
✅ Redesigned HUD, with #Fallout-4-like bars for health/power/O2, and #car-dashboard-like warning lights
✅ New, well-balanced cruising vehicle
✅ Implemented power drain
✅ Much improved texture for #Jupiter

Btw, see how the hat of the #pizza chef doesn't cast a shadow? Because it ain't real! Just an #AR illusion, which you can toggle with <TAB> :)

#space #game #rust #bevy #gamedev

gak, to bevy avatar

Hitting some floating point accuracy limitations. Cool effect!

alice_i_cecile, to bevy avatar

No #bevymergetrain today: I just arrived in Delft for #rustnl2024 after an overnight flight 😅 Ping the maintainers if there's something blocking your #bevy work though!

alice_i_cecile, to gamedev avatar

Hi! Do you do in ( or not) and have cool gameplay footage to show off?

I've gotten a request from the organizers for clips to roll between talks! This seems like a fun idea, so I'm putting out a call for short, appealing gameplay clips with some form of credits on them. Get them to me (maybe post them as a reply?) within the next 24-48 hours and I'll get them to the organizers.

bd103, to opensource avatar

I'm happy to announce that I'll be participating in the Contributor's Guide working group alongside the wonderful TrialDragon, NthTensor, and more! We'll be writing a new section to the Bevy website covering all you need to know to contribute to the engine!

If you're a newcomer or an experienced contributor and would like to see a specific topic covered, please make sure to let us know! The goal is to consolidate all internal documentation into one singular source. :D

cart, to bevy avatar

I've started building a "chess like" in . I have many ideas in the space, but I've started by building out core concepts so I can experiment. Initially this was just for fun, but I've started using it as a proving ground for some of the Bevy UX improvements I'm working on:

alice_i_cecile, to opensource avatar

@bevy now has working groups! These are bottom-up initiatives that provide a space for #opensource contributors to collaborate and plan complex but scoped initiatives. To make one, you need 1) at least two other enthusiastic collaborators 2) the blessing of project leadership for the direction of your work.

Make a proposal, write-up a design doc (however you want), run it by the experts in the space and you're off to the races! I'm really keen to see these play out. We have five to start...

alice_i_cecile, avatar

@bevy If you've ever wanted to get started with #opensource, #rustlang, #gamedev or #bevy in particular, helping a working group is an incredible place to start. These are active, welcoming communities doing leadership-blessed work with a clear idea of tasks across all skill levels :)

Thanks so much to everyone who's made my first week as a professional open source maintainer such a dream. I can't wait to see what y'all cook up!

onelikeandidie, to rust avatar

Wonder how I and a friend made a foddian game in around 72 hours? Check out my new blog post going over most of the issues I found while making it. 🐟👋

alice_i_cecile, to opensource avatar

I just started my first day as a professional #opensource #rustlang #gamedev (well, engine dev) for @bevy.

Super exciting to have the bandwidth to start putting my plans into motion. I decided that I want to do a daily status update in engine-dev, and let folks track my current areas of focus using a GitHub project board.

Today was focused on laying out my priorities and tasks, then diving straight into the thorniest project management challenges we have (see below).

alice_i_cecile, avatar

@bevy The first #bevy challenge I want to focus on is improving the contributor experience. Bevy has a huge PR backlog (557 PRs), which is largely driven by difficulty getting enough (and timely enough) reviews.

IMO there are three primary root causes here:

  1. Some domains (hi assets, reflection and audio) simply don't have enough experts.
  2. The PR backlog is very painful to navigate and its really tricky to find PRs to review.
  3. Building consensus and momentum is too hard.
alice_i_cecile, avatar

@bevy I don't expect this to be the end of the project management work and improvements, but I'm feeling really pleased at the way the #bevy community has come together to openly discuss these challenges and potential solutions.

Huge thanks to everyone who participated today on Discord: It was fun to have a little working group of our own to plan this all out!

I want to hear from others too: please join the conversation here, on Discord and in the PRs I made!

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A new version of the open source space game is out! :)

✅ New settlement in a hollowed-out asteroid - can you find it?
✅ New map markers for planets/moons
✅ Added remaining 7 planets with realistic textures
✅ Planet/moon positions are now based on the player's real time
✅ New speedometer

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bd103, to bevy avatar

Do you find yourself frustrated with how limiting bevy_audio can be? Check out @solarliner's new crate, bevy_kira_components, which experiments replacing our current system with Rodio with Kira!

alice_i_cecile, to bevy avatar

Hi! It's time for another :) Every week on Monday (pending illness and vacation), I go through 's PR backlog to evaluate and hopefully merge any PR with two community approvals!

This week, there's 6 PRs ready: let's take a look!

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