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#Blendermarket spring sale is online. Maybe you like some of my #Blender assets and want to save 25% ?

#b3d #blender3d #3d

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The other day where I live I noticed a building made of tabby concrete, a type of concrete with broken oyster shells inside. Its surface was breaking, revealing the oysters incorporated in the matrix of the concrete. I've recreated it in Substance Designer and rendered it with Eevee Next. More details:

A closeup of the concrete showed earlier.
Another angle on the same concrete.

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Work has started on the last of the four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Donatello. Watch this thread for updates.

View the previous 3D Turtles tributes here:

metin, avatar

Whimsical 3D renditions of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

See other posts in this thread for modeling work-in-progress impressions of one of them.

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Almost done with this spacecraft hatch

alice_i_cecile, to bevy avatar

I love it when it feels like your critique is taken to heart. A user asked us for feedback on their mockup for their . I talked about visual hierarchies, having a sense of style and pointed them at some valuable references (Isle of Arrows!) in their target genre. And wow, is the difference striking for only a couple of days! I'm really excited to see what this team makes :D

Full interaction starts here:

A mockup of a tower defense with really clear distinction between the towers, enemies and terrain. Beautiful fog too. Now with bestagons!

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En live sur ​:minyboSoleil:​
On continue une illustration en 3d

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Does anybody has already organized a pipeline to collaborate on a Blender -> Godot project ? I would be interested by feedback/ideas
I am working on one to ease transmission of game assets. Important features will be the possibility to have git repository for both parts, Blender files and Godot project, so I have to manage filepaths not completely in Blender file but partially in a sidecarfile as contributors will each have their relative path.
#b3d #blender #blender3d #godotengine #godot

Two windows of Blender and Godot softwares, with preview of the updating in Godot engine done as soon as we click on "Export to Godot project" button in Blender 3D View.

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Trying out generating external files based on the whole asset hierarchy of a level (this actually spans assets from multiple blend files !) in the .ron format used by #bevy_asset_loader (a fantastic crate for #bevy
Also based on the data in #Blender it is trivial to generate asset files either for a full level or for specific blueprints.

I am still unsure if it makes sense to use external files or if it is better to embed the asset information inside the gltf files' gltf_extras fields

CWernerArt, to blender German avatar

I'm relative new in Python and still struggle with some basic logic. I've searched for an answer already, but the examples/solutions are mostly outdated or too complex for my understading.

Can someone give me an quick up to date example how to check if "any object is selected" and return a True or False then, or "do something" if True.

Thank you a lot!

Something like this:

if anyobjectseleted():
do this
do that

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I interviewed guru Ascalon about NPR shading, geometry nodes, AI, and more... read it here:

jan, avatar

@CWernerArt Oh, sorry about that. Hashtags often do nothing on other platforms, or have the opposite effect (like was banned on X for a while, due to a terrible video of a cat being put in a Blender...). I usually do .

metin, avatar

@jan @CWernerArt On Mastodon, hashtags are important to reach users. Many users follow hashtags, which is a useful Mastodon option.

For Blender, you can use #B3D #Blender #Blender3D

jan, avatar

@metin @CWernerArt Thanks guys. I'll try to remember to use next time!

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Hop hop je fais une illustration 3D en live !

raghukamath, to blender

I was happy to once again collaborate with Pidilite (An Indian multinational company specializing in adhesive and related products) to transform their Rangeela Mascot from 2D to 3D. This version of the mascot was for the moulding dough product. The mascot will be used in packaging and marketing material. This was a fun and refreshing project. Creating the clay dough effect was an amazing experience.

The artwork was created using only these Free Software - , and

Image showing artwork of a mascot for Pidilite moulding dough The mascot is a cheerful clown made of clay
Image showing artwork of a mascot for Pidilite moulding dough The mascot is a cheerful clown made of clay
Screenshot showing the behind scenes of the artwork in Blender
A photograph of the actual moudling dough package made by the company using the artwork

CWernerArt, to blender German avatar

"Blender is NOT free!".
A strong statement by Robert Rioux, also known as 'Blender Bob,' with which I completely agree. Think about it. 🙂 #b3d #blender

pafurijaz, to blender avatar

A new #Blender's add-on for the step motion, like making clay motion step animation inside in #b3d, this is the kind of thing that make blender more valuable for artist. #blender3D

crobocado, to blender avatar

More work done tonight on (potential name, not quite sure), the tools for

  • improved UI & workflow for Assets: the per level/world assets are displayed in the assets tab
  • since blueprints are a logical "unit" (ie reusable hierarchy of components, meshes AND their associated assets), the assets for blueprints & any other future data related to blueprints are under the "blueprints" tab

If you have feedback, remarks, criticism, don't hesitate !

A custom User interface in Blender, showing the list of Blueprints and their associated Assets, for use in the Bevy game engine

YannKervran, to blender French avatar

As I am always struggling to remember how to get the noise I want in my procedural shaders in Blender, I have started to make screen captures of nodes and the corresponding result.

And I was wondering if it would be of some use to others. If so, I can create a repository with the screencaptures and a zip file with all of them. So git peoples will have everything sync with a command, and other people would download a zip.

So anyone interested ?

#b3d #blender #blender3d #procedural #texture

crobocado, to blender avatar

Long time no post, but there are a TON of upcoming changes for my #blender tools for the #bevyengine
I'll post more details in the coming days & weeks until release but here are a few random:

  • merging of the the #gltf_auto_export & bevy_components add-on for a better user ( and dev) experience
  • complete control of the gltf export settings (no more trimmed down version)
  • total rewrite of change detection for auto export , for a much more reliable workflow
  • a TON of bugfixes



panther_modern, to scifi avatar

WIP docking area / acceleration frame #scifi #blender

Rekkert, to StarTrek avatar

Decided to modify my existing USS Yeager corridor set (first image) to create a corridor for the USS Cerberus.

Still in progress, of course, but you can compare the first two images and see the different style I'm going for with this one. Besides adding more details, I've still got to replace the lift with a different style.

USS Cerberus corridor. The floors are carpeted grey and blue, while the walls are mostly different shades of grey. There are blue lights near the bottom of the wall segments.
USS Cerberus corridor. The floors are carpeted grey and blue, while the walls are mostly different shades of grey. There are blue lights near the bottom of the wall segments.

Rekkert, avatar

Recreated the turbolift graphic from the Prometheus, but on the Cerberus colors for the lift. I also modeled the handrails and the remaining corridor panels.

A view down a corridor and into an open lift in the distance
A view down a corridor curving towards the left in front of the camera

DeltaWye, to solidworks avatar

Does anyone here have experience with #dassault #3DExperience #Solidworks for #Makers? It looks affordable - I was wondering how close it was the “regular” solid works software.

I’d like to have really robust 3D part design software, and all kinds of industries use SolidWorks - if it operates the same way. (Like how the old Photoshop Elements contained 90% of Photoshop for a fraction of the price. If you could use Elements you could use regular Photoshop.)

(Guidance/boosts appreciated.)

vintprox, avatar

@DeltaWye No idea if #CADSketcher plugin for #Blender does it as #Solidworks replacement, as I'm not a part maker. Heard warm words about it, though...

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