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Our first month on #Twitch has been a fun one, even outside of our own streams - enjoy this clip-compilation we made to prove it! 🎬

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JshBet8, to Twitch
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I pressed the wrong button!! 🖱️


On the gaming front, has been such an unexpected delight. 🎉

However, I'm the worst teammate ever. I am that bumbling person that is the liability. 😭

iammannyj, to Xbox
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Lokeye, to Discord French
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Une personne de mon Discord nous a avertit de ceci. Vérifiez ce paramètre dans Discord et désactivez-le.

DemocracySpot, to InitialD
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✂️ Somewhere, in the woods of probably Wisconsin, goes camping. Only its two of him—"Expert Camper vs First Time Camper!"

Get your laugh on, I did.

▶️ Clip + bloopers play within the post (2:42).


eclectech, to InitialD
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A chat on here yesterday reminded me of the 1980's film The Apple which is... well... something.

I made a few gifs from it a few years back & thought I'd lost them, but my digital hoarding habit is victorious.

Going to do a wee thread of them, as they make me giggle so much they will surely entertain someone else as well.

I don't usually just grab clips from other media, but it's quite an obscure film & I'd not seen any others circling about so...

Close up of a mans face. He is bearded, with eye make-up and a symbol on his forehead. He wears a slightly shiny grey suit and bow tie, with white shirt. He looks coquettishly at the camera.

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If you grew up thinking the future would involve wearing a lot of silver lame fabric, this is the film for you.

A video clip in a hospital surgical theatre. Everyone is doing a kick dance. They wear silver lame surgical outfits.

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Mrfunkedude, (edited ) to Life
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A short video about how I think everyone should volunteer at least once in their lives.


Krysalia, to Minecraft French
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Oh, trop bien, on peut modifier ses clips twitch pour en faire des shorts :D

ici : "..... adieu le nénuphar" 🤣


ricardoharvin, to random
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Climate change is an immediate threat to the majority of the world's population.

We need a local, regional, state, national, and international "moon shot" type of concentration of effort using available resources while developing and advancing new science and technologies to counteract the damage humans have caused.

Without this type of all-out, universal cooperation, human civilization, and perhaps humanity itself, are in imminent danger of extinction.

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This of "old" and other includes a section related to and how it may affect the rate of spin for .

Yes, the 's rate of spin may be affected by change. Potentially catastrophic, but may be mitigated (as well as exacerbated or caused by) variations in the 's .

The segment starts at around 29:34 into the


EposVox, to Twitch
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Mrfunkedude, to ai
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Why I don’t fear A.I.

A short explanation of what A.I. is and isn't and why I don't fear it.


Mrfunkedude, (edited ) to DadBin
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Mrfunkedude, (edited ) to Dog
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Mrfunkedude, (edited ) to random
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Why Kick.com can’t last.

I may be wrong about this, but it seems fairly obvious to me.


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