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Was on Twitter as ricardoharvin then as notsarahpackard after being banned before that got banned, too.

#Politics #Tech #Movies #Emotions #NSFW #Herpes (you too, probably). Living on Tequesta/Seminole lands

6 #Pfizer, 1 #Novavax #COVID vaxxed/boosted (so far), still masking. No conservatives, centrists, libertarians, etc.

I'm trying to be kind, but my love-filled soul is also filled with rage. #WokeAF, imperfectly so.

Avi: Cute selfie Header: Sombrero galaxy

No hay banda.

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shippychaos, to random
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@shippychaos I think you might really enjoy Leopard Skin, if you have the Peacock service.

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@shippychaos Yes, I just finished it last night and it's a good show that builds to some hot scenes towards the end.

Also, there's Clementine, which has a totally different vibe and isn't quite as solid (or hot), but it's an interesting movie worth watching, imo.

rootcompute, to science
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@rootcompute So, you believe that stars are NOT comprised of atoms? 🤔

aardrian, to random
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Easter dinner with the family, as I have just finished walking through my scone recipe…

Mom: “What are cookies?”
Me: “Uh… baked treats often high in sugar with various textures?”
80-year-old Aunt: “Drugs. She means drugs.”
Mom: “No, when I try to pay something and it asks me if I want cookies.”
Me: “Ohhhhh… in your browser.”
Mom: “Whatever. Why does it want me to choose cookies?”

I suppose it was better than changing printer toner as far as holiday tech support goes.

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@aardrian My mom mid-90's when she saw the chocolate chip cover of my O'Reilly book, basically 😂

ricardoharvin, to Canada
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Wow! 200,000 to 300,000 years ago #Orcas now living and hunting in and relatively near the #PacificNorthwest of the #US and southwest #Canada coast diverged into different #species, #DNA analysis now reveals.


ricardoharvin, to Dogs
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Reposting with full Alt Text.

vs. "domestication" 😹

From: @glassdelusion

ricardoharvin, to random
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white fragility™️

ricardoharvin, to Amazon
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If you're on , please consider getting items from this for the at the no-kill where I'm , Animal Rescue Foundation, if you're able, and please boost this for reach, thanks!

: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/dl/invite/dqYFXUQ?ref_=wl_share

suswatibasu, (edited ) to ai
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Is there such thing as 'Fairly Trained' AI large language model? Apparently, there is and it's even backed by the @AuthorsGuild

"Generative AI can exist without exploiting copyrighted work without permission."


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@suswatibasu Great news!

BigAngBlack, to blackmastodon
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Iwájú review – Disney steps into a bold and brilliant future | Television | The Guardian


> This delightful coming-of-age adventure set in a futuristic #Lagos is unashamedly optimistic, wonderfully voice acted and full of beautiful landscapes – even if it is hard to follow


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@BigAngBlack @blackmastodon @BlackMastodon I was "meh" on this after reading the description on #DisneyPlus but after seeing an extended trailer on #YouTube a couple of hours ago, I'm all in.

eclectech, to random
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Hill I'm Willing To Die On, part 372

You don't WIN something at an auction. You BUY something at an auction for a price that is more than anyone else is willing to pay for it, and that's a really weird definition of winning.

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@eclectech In a society where acquisition and consumption are the ultimate goals...

ricardoharvin, to Horror
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is the most disturbing I've ever seen, including , which traumatized 10 year old me back in 1968 (the gas station and basement scenes, especially).

Although I understand and probably agree with the interpretation in this video (I'll need to rewatch it to be sure), for me the "It" in It Follows struck me as , at least in part, because I was deep in depression when it was released, and this is how it felt.

: https://youtu.be/xLCwUt08ipk?si=R_eVDc37vyjuSd2Z

ricardoharvin, to A24
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Yes, I watched the for the upcoming , "" where the is destroyed by a shoulder-fired (I think).

The celebration I join in my dream is on the steps of the memorial where I and others spontaneously gather and start making speeches in between unbridled "hootin' and hollerin'" in raucous joy.

I hope this is a good omen; it's the first positive thought I've had about the .

From: @ricardoharvin

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This is the one, and yes, this could very easily be a , as-is:


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@LukefromDC Black women during slavery already lived the forced births, by rape and otherwise, similar to The Handmaid's Tale, so that scenario is already banked in history.

A second all-out shooting civil war here in the U.S. will be a new phenomenon.

stux, to Cat
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@stux 🐦‍⬛😇😂

ricardoharvin, to Marriage
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and on the same day: An occasional alignment in commemoration, if not celebration, of .

Or something like that.

Anyway, Happy Divorce to all who observe 🎉😂


noellemitchell, (edited ) to bluesky
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Poll time!

Now that Bluesky is open to everyone will you be using it?

Feel free to boost so more people see it 😁

#poll #bluesky #fediverse #mastodon #SocialMedia

ricardoharvin, (edited )
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@noellemitchell Nope. I'm not off one Jack Dorsey co-founded platform just to join another.
That's just self-punishing, toxic, codependent behavior.

rebeccawatson, to random
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hey just fyi I gave up my Spotify subscription in 2020 after the 1st Rogan deal and I’m fine. I mean I don’t know which artist like totally defined my 2023 or whatever but that’s about it

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@rebeccawatson Image description in lieu of missing alt text:

Screenshot of a Wall Street Journal article with a photo of Joe Rogan in front of a UFC backdrop, holding a UFC microphone close to his closed mouth.

The caption and information reads:

Joe Rogan Gets New
Spotify Deal Worth Up to $250 Million

2 days ago

WSJ Wall Street Journal

#Alt4You #AltForYou

aires, to windows
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Do you, or have you ever, used a graphical user interface? If you use , , or any version of with a window manager or desktop environment, you can thank Dr. Clarence "Skip" Ellis.

Dr. Ellis worked at Xerox PARC, the research organization that developed the modern GUI. Icons, windows, the mouse, Ethernet-based networking, laser printing - all of these (and more) came out of PARC. Dr. Ellis led the team that created Officetalk, the first program to use icons and the Internet. He got his start at 15 years old showing a local tech company how to reuse punch cards, which was a game-changer back in 1958.

Oh, and he was also the first black man to earn a PhD in Computer Science.



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jnv, to news French
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Would be nice for the Mastodon news section to have a pay wall label on stories.

Would save us a click.

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@jnv I use the following notation suggested by someone I follow:

#link - freely accessible
#reg - requires email or other registration
#pay - requires paid subscription
#gift - free article provided by someone who's paid for a subscription

Hopefully this (or similar) can be adopted as a standard across the Fediverse.

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Will " against itself"?

"...real democracy [is] more than a popularity contest...None of the democracies...fulfill all these conditions perfectly, but the more those institutions are eroded, the less power belongs to the people, and the closer a state moves to ."

"...when threats to democracy are internal...there is an inherent complacency that people have about it."

Be well-informed. Be as active as you can.

, don't disengage.

: https://youtu.be/8dMPcHd3rQ8?si=xnZBo4I5GP82PEPg

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So what happens when #Neuralink folds and the #implant is bricked?

I've posted articles on other #biological implants whose companies have folded leaving the recipients with no support or access to maintenance or repair because they're closed, proprietary systems and intellectual property, and are sometimes left in worse condition than before receiving the devices.

I believe I'd rather suffer or die than trust anything involving Musk.

ricardoharvin, to random
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If I'm going to "dress to kill", that means I'm putting on a full crime scene investigation or hazmat suit, not wearing fancy clothes.

happygeek, to technology
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@happygeek "The answer would appear to be a surprisingly long ten days months."

I miss when publications had editors.

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