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This evening in our backyard, the Dwarf Lake Irises of Michigan are in all their miniature glory.

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Tender II/VIII

"Just a matter of shades", aka as zooming out, Lanaudiere, May 2024.


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Habe mich heute mal nach Jahren wieder darin versucht den Mond abzulichten.
Ich wünsche eine gute und erholsame Nacht!

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📸 Walking into Home Depot on Friday. I call it 'Elon Shrugged".

Allen Park, Michigan, iPhone 15

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Caismeachd airson saorsa na h-Alba. Dùn Èideann, 2022.

March for Scottish independence.

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With just a little water and the right spot, it continues to reward us with its stunning blooms even after more than 70 years.

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I have 2 1/2 weeks of travel. Doing a bit of Belgium, & France, then getting Lisa so we can hike in the Dolomites.

The distance is only about an hour more than what it used to take us to go from the outside of Houston to Dallas.

Places in Europe are sooo close together!

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Just started to upload my images of the historic auroral display from May 10-11, 2024.
Captivating, once in a lifetime experience, specially at our latitude.

Prints, Frameable Greeting Cards, Mugs etc:

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First, I want everybody to know that she doesn't usually behave this well around birds. The geese are way, way closer than they seem in the photo. I'm baffled that she didn't try to run after them. She's also surprisingly fine with being in the water now? Her weird position is actually her thinking about sitting down. Like ma'am what?

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riding bikes every day until I can’t for some reason, day 1365

#Cycling #BikeTooter #BikeTO #Photography #PhotoMonday #FotoMontag #Monochrome

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🪻African Iris on a

Pale lavender arms stretch out in the morning light...

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Ein Dorf in der Magdeburger Börde.

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Vet visit today…blood work and chemo check for this lovely boy today. Send boops for luck 🍀

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We went to last Saturday for a short one day trip. Lovely place, great weather and the kids were happier than I’ve seen in a while running and splashing and collecting weird and unspeakable animals from the sand, perfect mixtures of mini Shai-Hulud and Cthulhu.

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Wir starten schon wieder in eine neue Woche. Dazu habe ich natürlich ein neues Foto zum .

Dieses Mal war ich wieder am Berg und konnte eine schöne Lichtsituation einfangen. Mehr dazu direkt im Beitrag.

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