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Look at my pretty new fabric from Etsy! Any ideas for patterns? Would need to be on the smaller end as they’re 9.5” squares


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👉 This is the Patchwork Sewing Machine Cover, that I shared in yesterday’s Playing with Embroidery Stitches 2 video.

For those interested in the pattern, you’ll find it here:

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Dear @fiberarts, how hard is it for a total beginner to do a clean geometric shape (a nonagon in my case)? I only have some cross stitch experience. Finished piece should be 4-5cm in size.

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🐕‍🦺🐕‍🦺🐕‍🦺 Don't miss the wonderful tale <heh heh> of Wally, the rescued Tibetan mastiff, especially part 2/3rd way through when she removes Wally's pelt. Incredible!!

I wonder if it's the same for sheep, alpacas, llamas, goats, etc. What a great dog!


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Yesterday I started knitting again after years of not knitting a single stitch. I forgot how much I love it. 😁🧶

All the stitches came back to me as soon as I picked the needles up again. I didn't have to look up how to do any of it, I guess it must be muscle memory. 👀 :knitting: :ablobcatknitsweats:

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Yesterday I was very creative at our demonstration table in the museum: my first collage that isn't just paper & paint. There was no audience (people probably used the rare sunshine for outdoor events), but we had fun! Now some small embroidery in gold to finish it. Should I make more collages with textile parts? 🤔 @embroidery @fibrearts @fiberarts

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Working on the Ferry Building - just added the waves 🌊

Can I see your current ?


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I've been asked to prepare workshops about taking a project from idea to design for embroidery.

What sort of questions would you want me to answer?

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Stitch26, to crossstitch avatar
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Ma première broderie et une méduse

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Look the little cable car :blobfoxaww:

#crossstitch @crossstitch #sfba #sanfrancisco #embroidery

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Finally finished the Samples AND correcting the pattern for ! Whoo hoo!! 😃

Free Digital-Only Version is here:

Paid Printable Version is here:

Both copies come with a free Digital-Only version of .


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Making progress! How many landmarks do you see? :blobfoxfloof_w_:


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Looking for a fun, quick #crossstitch for #pride this year? I found a great use for skull flowers :blobfoxhyper:

All profits this month to Point of Pride supporting #trans folks through their transition.

#embroidery @crossstitch #fedigiftshop #needlework

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Forgive the hoop marks but I’m really thrilled with how this #sanfrancisco skyline #crossstitch is coming out!

#sfba @crossstitch #embroidery #wip

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This is incredible - Tracey Clement, a lecturer at , used to visualise the devastating in Australia.

Her work is rage expressed in thread, each stitch a jibe at the people who continue to vacillate in the face of a climate emergency.


Stitch26, to random avatar this was finished while it was still MY Friday, so I'm posting it today. #PraiseHim #PrayerCloth is cross stitched on the front panel. Outlines that would normally be #Backstitch are #CrossQuilted to make the project double-sided. I should be able to finish the second copy tonight. After that, I'll be correcting errors and posting the proofed pattern to Ko-Fi. If anyone is interested, let me know and I'll tell you when free digital & paid printable versions are available.


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Sometimes – the backside of embroidery makes an interesting pattern! 🪡😊👏

Happy weekend stitching! 🥰💖

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The great 2024 has turned up this. It’s a washable colouring in map thingy. I’m very tempted to turn it into a small quilt. Maybe with flags around the outside as a border? Could maybe colour in the critters with embroidery? 🤔

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CurlyParakeet, avatar

And another dapper penguin

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