Hypx, to TeslaMotors
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Rivian is a non-viable business. It is a late-comer to the greenwashing fad that is the modern BEV. A vehicle type that has no business beyond golf carts and neighborhood EVs. As a result, it is showing signs of major distress, and will eventually shut down, alongside every other BEV company.


#EV #BEV #rivian

drahardja, to Toyota
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Very interesting to hear what NA CEO Ted Ogawa has to say about investment in the US.

Essentially, Toyota is ignoring EPA guidelines about BEV mix and focusing entirely on customer demand, and they will not make BEVs in numbers higher than expected demand lest they waste their resources.

Toyota’s now-well-known reticence in jumping into the BEV bandwagon, preferring to sell instead, may prove to be the better bet. The EPA is likely to reduce their mandate for 50% BEV new car sales by 2030. If they do, then Toyota’s strategy would have been proven right.

(Article is paywalled, but video is viewable)

“Toyota's Ted Ogawa: Better to buy credits than ‘waste' EV investment”


JohnMFlores, to motorcycles
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In 1903, George A. Wyman rode his motorcycle from San Francisco to New York and became the first person to cross the country on a motor vehicle - car or motorcycle. In the summer of 2016, I followed his route on a Zero DSR electric motorcycle. I'm posting my story on Substack. Here's the latest entry, from Sacramento, California, to Reno, Nevada: https://followingwyman.substack.com/p/05-up-and-over-the-sierra-nevada

edwiebe, to climate
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"Overall, lithium-sulfur cells are the most environmentally friendly EV battery."


Hypx, (edited ) to TeslaMotors
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Reminder that Tesla "investors" are often criminal-level pump & dump scam artists. The company is effectively a giant Ponzi scam that happens to have a shitty car company attached to it.

Someday, it will all come crashing down, and afterwards people will realize that BEVs, as they are being pushed by Tesla, are just some big greenwashing fad in service of a scam.


Hypx, to TeslaMotors
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Toyota Says EV Targets Unrealistic, Prefers Buying Credits Over EV Development

"Wasted investment is worse than the credit purchase," said Toyota USA CEO Ted Ogawa


Hypx, to TeslaMotors
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Fisker will be gone soon. BEVs are a fad, and a crappy startup making crappy, overpriced BEVs isn't going to survive.


raymondpert, (edited ) to TeslaMotors
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Not just Chinese, ALL big carmakers record & sell more data than most smartphone brands

> The White House has officially launched an inquiry into cars produced in China and other unspecified “countries of concern.” In a recent statement, the White House expressed worries about connected vehicles gathering vast amounts of sensitive data on both drivers and passengers. https://www.firstpost.com/tech/not-just-chinese-all-big-carmaker-record-sell-more-data-than-most-smartphone-brands-13744078.html #EV #ekectricvehicles #US #China #privacy @mackaj

universalhub, to boston
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GreenFire, to TeslaMotors
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This is ecoterrorism!

Vandals are cutting cables on EV chargers around the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Officials say about 83 chargers have been damaged since the city started installing public charging spots.

“It’s frustrating on so many levels for everyone. It’s problematic because people can’t charge their cars. It is not a victimless crime,” said Lisa Hiebert, a spokeswoman with St. Paul’s Public Works Department.


agx, to linuxphones

I kept unlocking the 📱 a lot to check a cars charging status. Using 's launcher-box lockscreen-plugin and the LauncherEntry DBus protocol we can simplify that and have the information easily accessible:

Charging status of an EV displayed on Phosh's lockscreen.

Rjdlandscapes, to TeslaMotors
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Only 8 models of made double digit sales in for February

DemocracySpot, to photography
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GreenFire, to climate
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There is good news!

Germany just made their goal to be carbon-negative by 2060!

The EU installed a record 16 GW of wind in 2023, which will rise to 29 GW/year from 2024-2030! EU will add 200GW by 2030.

Wind generated 19% of EU's 2023 electricity; 56% in Denmark; 36% in Ireland; 31% in Germany: 29% in UK; & 27% in Spain.

South Fork Wind just became the U.S.’s first complete utility-scale offshore wind farm this week too!

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You wouldn't know it from the mainstream media, the internal combustion engine vehicle sales peaked 7 years ago and are in steady decline. Yet it's the EV industry we should have bad vibes about according to the powers that be.

Knowing this should help make it clear why there are such a coordinated and well-funded campaigns trying to get Democrats out of power in the USA, farmers' protests, and promoting authoritarianism overall all around the globe.

raymondpert, to China
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Biden administration to investigate national security risks posed by Chinese-made ‘smart cars’

> Citing potential national security risks, the Biden administration says it will investigate Chinese-made “smart cars” that can gather sensitive information about Americans driving them.

ianRobinson, to TeslaMotors
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There is a new two car BP Pulse electric charging station at the Texaco petrol station beside Dundonald Omniplex Cinema.

richardknott, to TeslaMotors
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American Test Of $11,500 BYD Seagull: 'This Doesn't Come Across Cheap'


Hypx, to TeslaMotors
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Reminder that the difference between BEVs and PHEVs in terms of emissions is much smaller than the BEV promoters have claimed. In fact, it is arguable that small PHEVs are the greenest cars you can buy today. In reality, BEVs are only one type of green car, not the only kind. And the obsession with only BEVs is just a fad. Even a cult at times.


drahardja, to TeslaMotors
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So can actually maintain working chargers! They just have to be bribed to do it.

“For any of these companies to reap the financial rewards of the Inflation Reduction Act for charging, they need to increase their charging station uptime to 97 percent.”

“Here’s what it’s like to charge an EV at Electrify America’s new station”


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So it looks like my Bolt needs the entire battery replaced. I’ve put probably 160K miles on the previous EV I’ve owned, never needed a battery replacement before. This car only has 20K miles on it, so this is quite a shock (no pun intended).

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's new the 5 entry level model will have 40kwh but no DC fast charging

Is this acceptable for 25k euro in 2024/25 ??

raymondpert, to China
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Chinese carmaker BYD launches low-cost Dolphin Mini EV in Mexico

> Chinese electric carmaker BYD will begin selling its Dolphin Mini electric vehicle (EV) in Mexico at a starting price of 358,800 pesos ($20,990), executives said on Wednesday.

melissabeartrix, to random
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Hugz & xXx

Science Weekly: How green are electric cars?

Episode webpage: https://www.theguardian.com/science/series/science

Media file: https://flex.acast.com/audio.guim.co.uk/2024/02/26-78240-gnl.sci20240226.eb.electric_cars.mp3

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@melissabeartrix It's important to remember that fossil fuel companies have gazillions to lose from the transition to and a similar amount to spend on influencing public opinion against them.

That the guy interviewed is touted as a top internet debunker of EVs makes me immediately suspicious. Who's paying him?

If you want to know about EVs, ask the people that drive them. (I'm available to answer questions.)

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