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European governments may be wary of budget Chinese electric vehicles flooding their markets, but they're also fiercely competing for a share of the manufacturing investment and jobs the new competitors bring. #business #tech #europe #china #electricvehicles #eu #italyspain #byd

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Automaker Suzuki will halt production of cars and trucks in Thailand by the end of next year to focus resources on producing electric and hybrid vehicles elsewhere, the company said Friday. #business #companies #suzuki #cars #trucks #carmakers #electricvehicles #hybrids #thailand

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The admin toughened vehicle mileage standards, part of a strategy to transform the auto market to one led by to fight .

The measure requires to achieve a 65 mpg avg for all car models by 2031.

experts say retiring the is critical to staving off the most deadly & costly effects of .

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Are Tesla’s days of dizzying growth already behind it? @FastCompany reports that shares for the electric car manufacturer are down nearly 30% this year, and have fallen by more than 50% since their 2021 high, wiping out around $600 billion in market value.

Even some of the company’s diehard believers have started to distance themselves by selling off shares in recent months. “I think the story is over, is the best way to say it,” said one. Here’s more.

#Tesla #ElonMusk #Investment #Tech #ElectricVehicles

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Missing the bus: will 24 new multimillion-dollar electric vehicles be left sitting in a Brisbane shed?

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The European Union faces a delicate balancing act as it prepares to rev up taxes on Chinese electric cars to protect European industry, even as it aims to get more Europeans to drive such cars ahead of a ban on the sale of fossil fuel-powered cars.

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From electric vehicles to deciding what to cook for dinner, John Podesta faces climate challenges

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The U.S. and Europe are trying to catch up to China’s lead in industrial policy, a rival skilled in using all the levers of government and banking to dominate global manufacturing.

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In ten years, China has become the world’s largest auto market and sells more electrified vehicles than any other country, with 9.5 million cars delivered last year.

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momentum for is slowing globally, and hybrids and plug-in are proving more competitive than first thought, chart @GoldmanSachs

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#Senate #Democrats opened an investigation on Thurs into #Trump’s meeting w/ #oil & #gas execs last month to determine whether Trump offered a “policies-for-money transaction” [#bribe ] when he asked for $1B for his 2024 campaign so he could retake the White House & delete #POTUS #Biden’s #climate #regulations.

#VoteBlue #BidenHarris2024 #ClimateCrisis #environment #FossilFuels #BigOil #CorporateTaxBreaks

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The investigation is the 2nd congressional inquiry into the April 11 fund-raising dinner…. Trump told ~20 oil & gas execs that they would save far more than $1B in avoided & fees after he repealed regulations….

has vowed to “drill, baby, drill” if he wins…. He has made no secret of his plans to end ’s policies that support & as well as .

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Study finds electric vehicles are significantly more likely to hit pedestrians than traditional cars

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Look out! ahead
“The growing epidemic of distraction was outside the researchers’ purview, but Edwards said it’s likely a contributing factor: ‘I’m sure there would be an effect, because people are too busy looking at their iPhones as they step into the road’” 🙄

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It could be that drivers of expensive #electricvehicles are a lot less courteous
“for every $1000 increase in a car's price, the odds of that driver yielding to a #pedestrian in a crosswalk decrease by 3 percent”

And it could be that a high percent of #EVs are Teslas: “#Tesla Drivers Have the Highest Crash Rate of Any Brand”

#RoadSafety #safestreets #walkability

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Electric Vehicles Are More Likely to Hit Pedestrians Than Gas Cars Are, Study Finds

#british #electricvehicles

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This is a really interesting article from @boulderreportinglab

It's all about bi-directional car charging ports and how they can benefit the city, the power company, and individuals.

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The Seagull’s arrival is expected to intensify the competition among as they transition to the post-combustion-engine era. The vehicle, which has received acclaim for its , , and , is already performing well outside of , particularly in .

Lands In : BYD's Seagull Poised To Disrupt With Sub-$21K Price Tag Even After Tough Tariffs

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Japan aims to win a 30% share of the global market for software-defined vehicles designed to improve performance by upgrading software rather than hardware, the industry and transport ministries said. #business #economy #cars #carmakers #selfdriving #electricvehicles

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Tesla is offering discounts and service improvements to appease European leasing companies frustrated by price cuts, slow repairs, and high costs, which have hurt fleet values and strained customer relationships.

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For anyone who watched The Jetsons and dreamed of a future of flying cars, that future could be up for pre-order as soon as this year, according to Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer Xpeng.

Xpeng AeroHT aims to deliver its flying car to customers in 2026, the company’s president told CNBC, with the vehicle currently going through a certification process with the Chinese aviation regulator. Here’s more.

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