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BenjaminHCCarr, to Cybersecurity
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's 'egregious negligence' led to infection
'I'm blown away by the fact that they weren't using MFA'
The practices that led up to the stunning Change Healthcare ransomware infection indicate "egregious negligence" on the part of parent company UnitedHealth, according to Tom Kellermann, SVP of cyber strategy at Contrast Security.

BenjaminHCCarr, to random
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Can Actually Count Out Loud, Amazing New Study Shows
A team of scientists has shown that crows can 'count' out loud – producing a specific and deliberate number of caws in response to visual and auditory cues. While other animals such as honeybees have shown an ability to understand numbers, this specific manifestation of numeric literacy has not yet been observed in any other non-human species.

BenjaminHCCarr, to Battlemaps
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'Boiling not warming': Marine life suffers as Thai temperatures hit record
The once vibrant and colourful , about five metres (16 feet) underwater, have turned white in a phenomenon known as , a sign that their health was deteriorating, due to higher water temperatures, scientists say.

BenjaminHCCarr, to DigitalNomadHub
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#ReturnToOffice (#RTO) mandate is backfiring on a key federal agency
In offices where routine #telework has been curtailed, a staggering 81% of respondents admitted they were actively seeking alternative #employment opportunities. This dissatisfaction stands in contrast to offices where some level of telework is maintained, where only 42% of respondents expressed a desire to leave their current positions.
https://thehill.com/opinion/technology/4663587-return-to-office-mandate-is-backfiring-on-a-key-federal-agency/ #WFH

BenjaminHCCarr, to random
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A Fight About in the Is Finally Over. Now It’s Time for Healthy
now admits the virus and other spread “through the air.” This plain language may help improve research and action to fight https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/a-fight-about-viruses-in-the-air-is-finally-over-now-its-time-for-healthy/

BenjaminHCCarr, to renewableenergy
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The One Thing That’s Holding Back the
One recent study found that if everyone in got a heat pump, it’d slash emissions in building sector by 36 to 64%, and cut overall national by 5-9%. (Because they’re fully electric, run on a grid increasingly loaded with .)
It’s not the technology itself. It’s that we don’t yet have enough trained workers to install heat pumps for full-tilt .

BenjaminHCCarr, to Dogs
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found in every in study
say discovery may be linked to decades-long decline in counts in men around the world
Scientists tested 23 human and 47 from . They found microplastic in every sample. The human testicles had been preserved and so their sperm count could not be measured. However, the sperm count in the dogs' testes could be assessed and was lower in samples with higher contamination with PVC

BenjaminHCCarr, to China
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A fully-electric 10,000 ton has begun service equipped with over 50,000 kWh in batteries
(Group) Company, or has launched the with a length of 119.8 meters, width of 23.6 meters, depth of 9 meters, a design draft of 5.5 meters, and a maximum speed of 19.4 km/h (12 mph). The vessel has commenced weekly service between and .

BenjaminHCCarr, to Battlemaps
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Watch the world's first artificial energy island being built
will be an electricity grid at connecting to mainland and also serve as a hub for future interconnectors with and . Belgian transmission system operator is project’s developer. Princess Elisabeth Island is part Zone, a future 3.5GW offshore in the , around 45 km (28mi) off the Belgian coast

BenjaminHCCarr, to China
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Launches World's Largest Electric , Slashing 8,600 Pounds of Emissions per 100 Nautical Miles
China's state-owned launches the , the world's largest fully electric container ship.
According to Cosco, the vessel can reduce by 2,918 tons per year, which is equivalent to taking 2,035 cars off the road or planting 160,000 trees.

BenjaminHCCarr, to privacy
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Will Give Your to Without a , Senators Say
Eight manufacturers reportedly told Congress they’d comply with a request for driver data without a court order. https://www.thedrive.com/news/automakers-will-give-your-location-to-police-without-a-warrant-senators-say

BenjaminHCCarr, to conspiracy
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The saved millions of lives – it should not be demonised
As the AZ jab is withdrawn, fear-mongering about its very rare side effects will only fuel vaccine scepticism. https://www.newstatesman.com/spotlight/healthcare/public-health/2024/05/astrazeneca-covid-vaccine-jab-withdrawn-scepticism-coronavirus-pandemic

There is no as to why it’s being withdrawn- it’s just outdated now and we have better, newer vaccines that are more effective for the current versions and strains in circulation.

BenjaminHCCarr, to asia
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continues to scorch large parts of
Large swathes of Asia are sweltering through a that has topped temperature records from to the and forced millions of children to stay home from school. Experts say has made more frequent, longer and more intense, while the phenomenon is also driving this year's exceptionally warm weather.

BenjaminHCCarr, to Plants
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Forget the fad – study shows dined on
Our ancestors ate more than meat.
Analysis of bones and teeth found in a cave in Morocco that was inhabited about 15,000 years ago revealed the “unequivocally” had a plant-based aspect. Acorns, pine nuts and wild pulses made up a “significant” part of diet of the prehistoric community.

BenjaminHCCarr, to random
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BenjaminHCCarr, to TeslaMotors
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The Last-Mile Dream Is Hitting a Snag
and are finding it harder to electrify their fleets than expected.
Current prices for EV step vans could be why UPS and FedEx have managed to rollout merely 1,000 EVs each. When you contrast the number of to those of UPS's global fleet of 150,000, the EVs make up a minuscule percentage of currently in service.

BenjaminHCCarr, to climate
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Hawaii’s Observatory captured ominous signals about planet’s health
"Atmospheric levels of planet-warming aren't just on their way to yet another record high this year," reports WashPost.
"They're rising faster than ever, according to the latest in a 66-year-long series of observations."
This year "is more than 50% above preindustrial levels and the highest in at least 4.3 million years" -

BenjaminHCCarr, to GPS
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Knocks Out ' Systems During Peak Planting Season
The accuracy of some critical GPS navigation systems used in modern have been "extremely compromised," a dealership told customers Saturday. https://www.404media.co/solar-storm-knocks-out-tractor-gps-systems-during-peak-planting-season/

BenjaminHCCarr, to microsoft
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Grist reports on "an internal, employee-led effort to raise ethical concerns about 's work helping and producers boost their profits by providing them with cloud computing resources and AI software tools." There's been some disappointments — but also some successes, with an internal group growing 10,000 employees
Inside the worker-led effort to get the world's most valuable company to stop helping the industry drill. https://grist.org/accountability/microsoft-employees-spent-years-fighting-the-tech-giants-oil-ties-now-theyre-speaking-out/

BenjaminHCCarr, to random
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#Nestle #baby foods loaded with unhealthy #sugars—but only in poorer countries
In high-income countries, Nestlé brand #babyfoods have no added sugars them, in line with recommendations from major health organizations around the world and consumer pressure. But in low- and middle-income countries, Nestlé adds #sugar to those same baby products, sometimes at high levels, which could lead children to prefer sugary diets and unhealthy eating habits https://arstechnica.com/science/2024/04/nestle-baby-foods-loaded-with-unhealthy-sugars-but-only-in-poorer-countries/
Hook them young...

BenjaminHCCarr, to ocean
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The deep that captured a 'living fossil'
The youngest known is 66 million years old, leading to the assumption that these animals were long extinct. Then, in 1938, a with iridescent blue-green scales and four limb-like fins, was caught in a trawl net off the coast of South Africa. This was dubbed a

BenjaminHCCarr, to random
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No one has seen the data behind #Tyson’s “climate friendly beef”
Tyson—one of “big four” #meatpackers—applied to #USDA, seeking a “climate friendly” label for its Brazen Beef. #BrazenBeef claims a “10% #greenhousegas reduction.”
“There are lots of misleading claims on food, but it’s hard to imagine a claim that’s more misleading than ‘climate friendly’ beef,” said #EWG
Millions of taxpayer dollars flow to #livestock companies raising "low carbon" #beef. https://arstechnica.com/science/2024/05/no-one-has-seen-the-data-behind-tysons-climate-friendly-beef-claim/

BenjaminHCCarr, to climate
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: World's suffer from record-breaking year of heat
50 days have smashed existing highs for the time of year by the largest margin in the satellite era. Planet-warming gases are mostly to blame, but the natural weather event has also helped warm the seas. Recent months have brought no respite, with the sea surface () reaching a new global average daily high of 21.09C in Feb and March this year, according to Copernicus data.

BenjaminHCCarr, to random
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rising: A visual guide to ’s rare dual appearance
The cicadas are coming. This year is unique, because there are two that are arriving at the same time in the midwestern and southeastern . Usually it’s just one at a time. CNN has a visual guide for where the cicadas will be and why they’re here now. Basically, one brood emerges every 13 years and the other every 17, and there’s overlap.

BenjaminHCCarr, to climate
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: average world to diminish by nearly a fifth by 2050
Cost of environmental damage will be six times higher than price of limiting to 2C, study finds
Average incomes will fall by almost a fifth within the next 26 years as a result of , according to a study that predicts the costs of damage will be six times higher than the price of limiting global heating to 2C.

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