pierre_dv, to France
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I am looking for candidates for 54-months (!) Lead resarch technician position, working on my project, developing haplotagging methods, managing data and helping with field work. More information here :

Exciting opportunity to work in Paris, in the middle of the Jardin des Plantes, with a great (and humble) supervisor.

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pierre_dv, to France
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I am looking for candidates for 2-years position, working on my project, developing a new statistical method to infer the distribution of the effect sizes of QTL. More information here :

Exciting opportunity to work in Paris, in the middle of the Jardin des Plantes, with a great (and humble) supervisor.

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albertcardona, to Neuroscience
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"In this report, we summarize the results obtained over the past decade."

Which funding agency, which institution could sport such time ranges? of course.

"A split-GAL4 driver line resource for Drosophila CNS cell types", Meissner et al. 2024


mattotcha, to Canada
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mattotcha, to random
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mattotcha, to Anthropology
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AnnaAnthro, to random
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Canadian #DNA lab knew its paternity tests identified the wrong dads, but it kept selling them


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Wow, what this company did to these families is so terrible! And the story reflects so horribly on everyone involved in genetics, prenatal testing, private labs, etc.

I'm grateful for people like the ex-employees who were willing to speak up, and also for CBC for doing this kind of investigation.

#DNA #genetics #genomics #science #biotech

sflorg, to climate
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The first-ever dataset bridging information about the poplar to -level processes has been released. The project aims to inform research regarding how natural systems function, their vulnerability to a changing , and ultimately how plants might be for better performance as sources of and natural carbon storage.


minouette, to history
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Happy birthday to Canadian geneticist Irene Ayako Uchida (1917-2013)! She is shown surrounded by chromosones, with anomalies (pink arrows) due to radiation exposure, based on 1 of her research papers. A strand of DNA is hidden in the image (her watchband).⁠

Uchida didn’t set out to be a scientist. She was studying English literature at UBC, before she was interned with other Canadians of Japanese heritage during WWII. 🧵1/

#printmaking #sciart #genetics #DNA #histsci #MastoArt #WomenInSTEM

sflorg, to evolution
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The #sunflower family tree revealed that flower symmetry #evolved multiple times independently, a process called convergent #evolution, among the members of this large #plant family, according to a new analysis.
#Biology #Genetics #sflorg

sflorg, to science
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The discovery of rare variants in the and are some of the first obesity-related genes identified for which the increased risk of is not observed until adulthood.


AnnaAnthro, (edited ) to random
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Would You Eat This Purple #Tomato? Snapdragon genes give it its colour- Gastro Obscura #gmo #genetics


ScienceDesk, to random
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Genetic analysis has shed light on a long-standing mystery surrounding the fates of President George Washington’s younger brother Samuel and his kin. Two of Samuel’s descendants and their mother were recently identified from skeletal remains found in unmarked burials dating back to the 1880s, CNN Reports:

NatureMC, to Health
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is a problem even inside our bodies! "The team also found evidence to support the "disappearing " hypothesis, which proposes that modern are less diverse than those of our ancestors. This is cause for concern, as loss can impact human .
A research thriller not only for ! https://phys.org/news/2024-03-genetic-secrets-year-teeth-illuminate.html

Eka_FOOF_A, to evolution
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We lost our tails, and gained a possible birth defect. The complexities of our genetics.
#Genetics #tails #evolution #science #TBXT

laminda, to science
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When the ancestor of all terrestrial vertebrates crawled from the sea onto land, she had a tail. Our primate ancestors had tails. In fact, many primates still do. So where did our tails go?

In my latest for @CNN I spoke with the scientists who recently identified the genetic crossroads where hominoids—humans and great apes—took one route, and our tails took another.


#science #SciComm #genetics #DNA #evolution

sflorg, to science
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A research team led by the University of California, Irvine has discovered the key role that the and play in driving mutations by modifying the in , offering potential new targets for intervention strategies.


AnnaAnthro, to Anthropology
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Population genomics of post-glacial western #Eurasia | Nature

“Our analyses revealed a ‘great divide’ genomic boundary extending from the Black Sea to the #Baltic.

Large-scale ancestry shifts occurred in the west as farming was introduced, including near-total replacement of hunter-gatherers in many areas, whereas no substantial ancestry shifts happened east of the zone during the same period. “

#anthropology #archeology #genetics


AnnaAnthro, to Anthropology
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Elevated genetic risk for multiple sclerosis emerged in steppe pastoralist populations | Nature

“Here, by using a large ancient genome dataset from the period to the Bronze Age2, along with new and post-Medieval genomes, we show that the genetic risk for rose among pastoralists from the Pontic steppe and was brought into Europe by the Yamnaya-related migration approximately 5,000 years ago. “


mattotcha, to random
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mattotcha, to Dogs
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thejapantimes, to worldnews
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Scientists have identified what might be the genetic mechanism behind humankind's tailless condition — a mutation in a gene instrumental in embryonic development. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2024/03/03/world/science-health/people-with-tails/ #worldnews #sciencehealth #humans #monkeys #apes #genetics #dna

amyfou, to evolution
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Super interesting news about (relatively recent) human evolution and our long lost Denisovian friends.

among other things, today I learned that you can get 'free dna' out of the lose stuff around possible habitation sites (?!)



ianRobinson, to science
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How Life Works by Philip Ball is a superb book

Audiobook: https://www.audible.co.uk/pd/B0C7WPQCP3

#Book #Science #Biology #Genetics

jake4480, to science
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Scientists think they know why humans don't have tails-- jumping genes and mutations. A wild read https://www.livescience.com/health/genetics/we-finally-know-why-humans-dont-have-tails

#science #evolution #biology #genetics #mutation #mutations #history

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