1pseudodeplus, to random French
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Mon astuce pour ne pas travailler ? Poster des photos de fleurs sur Masto et taper la papote. #Boulot

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@1pseudodeplus Alors que moi, c'est formation à Solvabilité 2. #HELP

greub, to Help French
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Alors bon, la #généalogie c'est sympa et tout, mais là j'attaque du level expert. Je connais le nom de la personne (Frédérique Auguste Goltdammer), sa date de naissance (4/7/1840) et le nom des parents (Daniel Louis Goltdammer et Leopoldine Klemm). Et là c'est la trace de son acte de baptême à Ischl en Autriche. Et malgré tout ça, je bite que dalle. Quelqu'un saurait décrypter tout ça ? Un germanisant de préférence ? #AuSecours #Help #Helfen sie mich bitte? #Genealogie

niavy, to Help French
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Des conseils pour améliorer le fonctionnement d'un laptop ASUS (pas le mien 😆) "dans son jus", qui met plusieurs dizaines de secondes à afficher Defender, et plusieurs dizaines de secondes supplémentaires pour "juste" afficher les PARAMÈTRES ?
Vendu sous Windows 7, il est mtnt, semble-t-il, passé sous W10 mais AFFREUSEMENT LEEEEEENT

Étape 1 : debloat/amélioration/tweaks logiciels (je dois encore vérifier si c'est un HDD ou SSD, je penche pour SSD vu le bruit).
Des réfs/conseils ?

@Ju_@mamot.fr avatar

Si il y a un peu de budget achète un SSD et une licence Windows 10 et réinstalle
Tu vas gagner un temps fou
Et si il y a encore un peu de budget, achète un peu de RAM supplémentaire

Et le cas échéant, lors de l'installation crée un utilisateur sans droits administrateurs pour l'utilisation quotidienne

#Help #Windows

proedie, to Help
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I need some with a . It doesn’t power on and I have neither the equipment nor the knowledge to find the problem and fix it.

I'd like to fix it myself though to gain the knowledge. Does anyone have tips for me on how I can best get started with this?

Thanks for boosting. 🫶

andresbravo2003, to KindActions
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Did you know? that you can Donate to help me continue my journey just to save Andres & Andrea Bravo Sim! It can be found here:

Chatrickbateman, to trans
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Please consider helping out this girl. I created this account with the sole purpose of spreading her fundraiser.


I only know her through conversation, she never mentioned this gofundme to me, I happened across it through a Twitter link on her profile. It hasn't had any support until today when I shared through lemmy. Thank you all.

#trans #donate #LGBT #mutualaid #mtf #queer #fundraiser #fundraising #help #money #support #mentalhealth #assist #lgbtqia #mastodon

Pepijn, to Korean
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Most of us make a moral and practical distinction between illegal and "illegal" activities. The latter being common activities objectively against some agreed upon law, but considered acceptable by most of society, and in most situations.

Examples being driving 71 in a 70km/hr zone, no-trace wildcamping deep in a forest, and taking one flower seed from a natural reserve.

Does the English language have a good single word descriptor for "illegal" activities?

#language #question #help

Nichtsdestotrotz, to Help German
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Gesucht: Netter Mensch aus dem Raum #Mainz , der einen Haufen Bücher abholen könnte (Kleinanzeigen) um sie mir dann per Post zu schicken? Es scheint an einer Sprachbarriere zwischen mir und dem Verkäufer zu scheitern und das wäre wirklich sehr schade, da die Bücher dann wohl im Altpapier landen würden :blobcat_not_like_googly: Ich weiß, sehr unwahrscheinlich, aber worth a try.
Der Person meine unendliche Dankbarkeit bis zum Lebensende sicher! (Benzinkosten natürlich auch) 1/2

lizkecso, to Help
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Looking for crazy/most absurd shower curtains as a gift for someone. Please share your best shower curtains with me asap

#shower #help #design

Wen, to running
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Helpful signs

My partner is notoriously ‘cack handed' when she gets to a gate - if there is a wrong way to push/pull/open/close she always manages to explore that route getting to it mid run. Luckily there are people out there who are determined to help with a little bit of warning.

_bydbach_, to Help
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Hey, #XML crowd! I've got a mark-up puzzle to solve that my trainer can't answer.

How to I tag Germany or Italy in a historical context that predates their existence as a codified state? So, for Germany any time before 1871. Do I ignore historical reality and just go ahead and code it with [gw]?

#DigitalHumanities #help

NEWS: Chairman Bernie Sanders Releases Long COVID Moonshot Legislative Proposal | The U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions (www.help.senate.gov)

WASHINGTON, April 9 – Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Chair of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee, today released a draft legislative proposal to address the Long COVID crisis that is negatively impacting the health of some 22 million Americans....

julie, to Help French
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Je suis à la recherche de 2/3 personnes qui auraient des panneaux photovoltaïques chez eux. En autoconso ou en injection, ou les deux.
C'est ton cas ?
Merci d'avance !

etherbloom, to Help
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Does someone in #Karlsruhe a spare AC that I could borrow asap?

My circulatory system does not take the sudden spike in heat too well? #help #HelpRequest #ac #entropia #BegPost

mukmuk, to firefox French
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Euh depuis quand on peut plus limiter l'historique de Firefox à 3 mois en arrière ? 🤔 :boost_requested:

welcomattic, to Symfony French
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My dear friend Ryan, the voice of SymfonyCasts, has incurable brain cancer. He and his family need your help to get through this incredibly difficult time.


To make a donation => https://gofund.me/f8e28d5f

AlexGarner, to random

@siracusa After seeing your ATP Insider desktop video, I bought front and centre because I find myself command-tab-ing to ensure I get all the windows I need. Now I've been using it for a few hours, I can't believe that not only doesn't MacOS work like this out-of-the-box , but it used to and they REMOVED THE FUNCTIONALITY! I really wonder what the hell most people are actually doing with windowing operating systems. Thanks for making this.

@siracusa@mastodon.social avatar

@AlexGarner Glad to hear it! More info and some tips here: https://hypercritical.co/front-and-center/#help

JasonPerseus, to fediverse
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Dear :

How does RSS work?

How do I use it on my iPhone? Do I need an app? Is it already on it somewhere?

I’ve have zero experience but it sounds useful.

debacle, to Help
@debacle@framapiaf.org avatar

Which does allow (not only viewing, but also keyboard and mouse), between at least Windows and (either X11 or Wayland, doesn't matter)?

Think "", but . Something, something maybe?


Olcia95, to Help Polish
@Olcia95@wspanialy.eu avatar

Ice Cubes bardzo mi się zacinał na Macbooku. (Na telefonie wszystko super działa)
Czy jest coś innego godnego polecenia? jabłko ludzie :D

RunestoneGrove, to streaming
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Hi! I'm a prospective PNGtuber and I'm desperately trying to find a better social media site than Twitter. I'm brand new here. How are folk liking this place?

RosePuckey, to Help
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I need a recipe really urgently for a bullet proof mushroom curry. It's about all I can throw together but am looking for something you would serve to Indian Royalty?

#MushroomCurry #Recipe #RecipeHelp #Help

gribiremi, to Help French
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Salut les mécanos, je cherche des idées pour un vélo dont le client a cassé son boîtier de pédalier. La cuvette gauche est cassée en deux, avec un morceau resté vissé au fond, je ne trouve pas de solution pour l'extraire.
Je pense qu'utiliser un taraud risquerait de casser l'outil...

Natanox, to archlinux
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Anyone got an idea what could cause irregular lag on an machine on a wired network?
We already ruled out cable, NIC and such stuff and system usage is fine, same with iotop and journalctl. We really are out of ideas.
VoIP tools lag behind (some sentences are send directly, some are only received by participants after up to 3 seconds) as well as games which act like lag spikes but without the latency going ham. Wireshark reports basically no dropped packages. .

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