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I've finally risen to a level of respective irrelevance.

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NBC Welker MTP, Mike Turner, third time's, a Charm?

  1. Kirby is awesome.
  2. Mike Turner, "we must escalate the escalation of Republican narratives, misinformation & lies?"
  3. GQP favorite Pee-wee secret word, "Redline".
  4. And for the record; 'Welker', Syria strike, targeted “a disguised IRGC Quds Forces military building, where Iranian intelligence officials & leaders of Islamic Jihad met.
  5. FFS, Peggy Noonan? Was Lara tRUMP or Ronna McDaniel busy?



theusasingers, to random
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Under Trump, America alienated our international allies, emboldened our enemies, & embraced bloodthirsty dictators.

The global chaos in which we are embroiled was enflamed by his nefarious alliances with Putin & Netanyahu.

Donald Trump is a clear & present danger to Democracy.

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Too bad the Infauxtainment MSM is so superficially engaged in the global chaos directly created by their sole focus & lust for the tRUMP shiteshow spectacle.

serge, to Israel
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This is such an important article. I hope people read it.

There is a ceasefire proposal in front of Hamas, one drafted by Arab nations, and Hamas is rejecting it. It would rather see the war continue and the Gazans hurt or killed, rather than provide a reprieve.

Maybe that's because Hamas leadership isn't in Gaza. They live elsewhere, in other countries far away from the fighting, and yet on the ground, Hamas runs Gaza.

What Israel should or should not do, or how it should conduct the war is absolutely a question on the table, but fundamentally a ceasefire must be two ways, a ceasefire from both sides, and if Hamas does not accept one for the sake of the Palestinian people, then it's they should should be attacked by the media.

Gaza must be freed from Hamas so the people there can live full lives, and for the possibility of peace.


#Israel #Hamas #Gaza #ceasefire

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This needs to be repeated. Hey Keffiyeh Cosplay Jihadi clowns, "It's Hamas stupid!" It's the Terrorism stupid!" "It's Iran Stupid!"

There will be a U.S. response, & it will be Biden again organizing an international coordination of advanced nations isolating these Terrorist Rogue Countries. Iran, once again screwing the pooch & the Iranian people whom are getting sick of Islamic Fundamentalism.

wdlindsy, to random
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Andrew Whitehead on how the worldview he was taught growing up in white evangelical Indiana was about "saving" the country by forcing the country to be like "us":

"Much of what I had been taught of how to be Christian in America was predicated on the intertwining of a particular expression of Christianity with American identity, and the accompanying desire to see this fusion elevated throughout our society to 'save' our country."



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Fundamentalist Evilgelical Charismatic Hypochristian American Taliban.

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Are we sick of all the Keffiyeh donned hipster hamas cosplayers, Islamist Anarchists, AKA, Jihadist Intersectionalist Intifada-ists clowns 🤡 yet?




mondoweiss, to Palestine
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During the massacre at al-Shifa Hospital, the Israeli army shot patients in their beds and doctors who refused to abandon the sick, separated people into groups with differently-colored bracelets, and executed hundreds of civil government employees.


@palestine @israel

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@mondoweiss @palestine @israel

"As noted by David Bernstein in a 2015 profile for The Washington Post, Mondoweiss is “one-stop shopping for anti-Israel news. Anything bad that goes on in Israel will be publicized and exaggerated at Mondoweiss.” In addition, Bernstein deems Mondoweiss to be a “hate site” due to its inability to “preserve a fine line between hostility to Jews and hostility to Israel.”




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@Mogleg @angiebaby @mondoweiss @palestine @israel

My dictionary definition of Genocide Apartheid Occupation Blockade differs greatly from the pop culture SJP JVP BDS chanting Keffiyeh collegiate clowns screeching Global Jihad & Intifada.

I guess now it's acceptable to just assign your own definitions to suit your confirmation biases.

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@mondoweiss @palestine @israel

Thanks for stimulating my interest in David Bernstein.

Intersectionalism and atomic structure. No longer can we examine mere molecules, we're being compelled to examine everything from a sub atomic structure of protons & neutrons. Have we have reached a Critical Mass of Babel & Gobbledygook?




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therightarticle, to random
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“Manchester University SUSPENDS a student - for the heinous crime of PROTESTING Israel links” https://www.thecanary.co/uk/news/2024/04/11/manchester-university-protest-israel/

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rbreich, to random
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Funny how wealthy Americans will readily accuse Biden of “buying votes” with student debt forgiveness but had no issue with Trump signing massive tax cuts for themselves. Hello?

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Ulrich_the_Elder, to random
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The FACT that working from home proved to actually be more profitable but is still regarded by management as a detriment, should highlight that this is not about money it is about CONTROL!!!! Same with abortion, it is always about control...

FrankFrank, (edited )
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In my previous life, when I worked for a transnational Power Generation manufacturer, we cycled between being autonomous shop floor assets, to, we're all family, to, do what you are told you're lucky to have a job.

As each new supervisor (genius) arrived, they new less about my skill set, & I adapted to the "tote that barge lift that bale" management. It was fun dealing with panicky new guys wondering who had the requisite skills to save production fails.

"I know nothing"

realTuckFrumper, to random
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@GreenFire @DemocracyMattersALot @realTuckFrumper

He's trying to cling to that overcoward tRUMP sycophant niche. He's in the Jr. zone.

IveyJanette, to random
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FrankFrank, (edited )
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When the ultra left trip and fall off the ultra right flat earth.

When you turn the Ultra Right corner, you arrive in the Ultra Left Zone. Both revel in irrational Conspiracy. They literally occupy the same space, which according to Science, is impossible.

The Bernie Bros still cry about Bernie loosing to Hillary. He did loose to Hillary, no matter how much they stamp their feet and hold their breath.

Ultra Right & Left stuck together in Absolutism Absurdity.

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Very true. Bernie appeals to the; "we must break up the establishment", crowd.

I have to admit, Radical change sounds very enticing, but will you create 10 other problems while addressing 1 or 2?

Get rid of; banks, pharma, petroleum, sounds wonderful, but what will replace it, and what do we do till the Goldilocks Solution is found?

I like Bernie, but how can any Democrat be effective when you have a duplicitous recalcitrant corrupt Republican majority, or mutinous minority

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We have to get 2024 right; a second term for the Biden Administration, and huge Democratic Majorities in the U.S. House & Senate.

Let's make the Supreme Court a Bakers Dozen, (13) and Impeach the Insurrectionist Justice, & accounting of the debt payoff for the I love Beer Guy.

Also legal consequences for the Republicans directly involved in January 6, '21 Coup.


FrankFrank, (edited ) to random
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We're probably all familiar with the phrase, "Selling ice cubes to the Eskimos."

MSM, has done one better, "Selling the Sun to the Consumer-ables. In this stage of Climate Change, what's more natural than loading up your BizJet to view the Sun?

MSM claims, humanity shared a common unity during the minutes of Eclipse. I say Malarkey. Humanity shared the Path of FOMO Conformity. MSM - world class hype.

Here's to a PBR Total Eclipse, yay. Scientific, sure, life changing, not so much.

janetate, to random
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Third Party of Babel.

MathijsvdSande, to random
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Now happening: students and staff of Radboud University are doing a banner drop to demand action against the genocide in Gaza. Protesters demand that the university:

  • condemns the genocide
  • cuts ties with Israeli universities and companies
  • supports Palestinian students and universities.
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Hate Netanyahu, hate Israel, hate Zionism, but Israel and all the advanced Democratic Nations do not share the same values as Gazan & Palestinian Islamist terrorists. Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic Jihadi, Hezbollah, & Iran have vowed to obliterate the Jews & Israel, fact.

Hamas has achieved the destruction of Gaza. The plan for the past 17 years to destroy Israel has Blownback on the very people they claim to represent.


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Has there ever been another war where the murderous terrorists hid their soldiers & armament under the civilian population's homes, hospitals & infrastructure?

I'm guessing never.

rbreich, to random
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When stupidity is trying to outdo stupidity.

inthehands, to random
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In college, I took a class called The Letters of Paul. I took it for two very good reasons:

  1. I was (and am) named Paul.
  2. The prof, Cal Roetzel, was (and is) cool.

I didn’t figure it was an especially practical course. It was for fun, for the challenge, for the cultural knowledge, for the pleasure of doing it.



FrankFrank, (edited )
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The point of our "Betsy DeVos Modern Education" is to create fundamentalist evilgelical worker Bees.

We support a system that is teaching for testing, shunning problem solving thinking people for culled STEM drones.

The end result is Engineers lead by Elongated Ego Muskovite's.


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