Uraael, to Morrowind

Morrowind is such a big game!

And then you've got the two official expansions, Tribunal and Bloodmoon.

And then you Mod in Tamriel Reborn.

. .Imma be playing this forever, amn't I? 🤯

majorlinux, to tes
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We heard OpenAI doesn't like when people use their logo.

Find out what we did with it on this week's episode of Tech Talk Thursdays!

Tech Talk Thursdays Episode (05/09/2024) - Desk Chair Analysts


TechDesk, to Xbox
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Following the shock closure of a number of Bethesda studios earlier this week, @theverge digs deeper to uncover the reasons behind these decisions, and finds "growing discontent and fear among Xbox employees about what comes next."


stefan, to VideoGames
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WhyNotZoidberg, to fallout
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Oh cute, the specific Tina DeLuca and Dr Penske brown face bug is back

Thank you Todd! I haven't seen this one since 2017...

(For people who don't know, this is a specific case of Brown Face Bug where Tina and Penske has an incurable version of brown face bug).

WhyNotZoidberg, (edited ) to tes
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Okay, so I am annoyed at

The reason? They push the "Free DLC" (aka user created content they decided they like) onto the game ( ) with no option to say no.

I... I am not a fan of user created content at the best of times, it tends to be completely overpowered or in other ways stick out like a sore thumb.

I had to manually go in and delete files from a directory since unlike the proper DLCs or properly installed mods you can't just uncheck it.

chris, to gaming
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:vaultboy: Holy moly, a 14GB NextGen Update 9 years after release! Happy to see so much love for the Fallout series 🙏

If you are a new Vault Dweller coming from the tv show - Fallout 4 is chronologically the last game in the series but has the most accessible and modern gameplay. The games don't have to be played in order and can be played on their own, I'd start with :vaultboy:

chris, to fallout
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Me watching episode 01 of :vaultboy:

emill1984, to fallout Polish
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ponoc grala (nie przeszla - grala) w .y i dzieki temu dodala do postaci Lucy drobne elementy od siebie - i to chyba dziekiu temu ta postac i serial ma taki klimat jakby sie troche ogladalo gameplay

anantoni13, to Amazon

The Fallout franchise is experiencing a significant resurgence, largely fueled by the recent success of its Amazon Studios adaptation. Mirroring the acclaim of HBO’s The Last of Us series, the Fallout TV show has received a strong reception with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 94%. This boost has notably affected Fallout 4, which has seen its highest player count since its initial release in 2016.

On platforms like Steam, Fallout 4 currently ranks fourth in trending games, with recent player counts reaching up to 93,294 concurrent players—a stark increase from the usual numbers around 25,000 in recent years. This surge is anticipated to grow with the upcoming release of a free new-gen upgrade for the game on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

The influence of the TV series extends beyond Fallout 4, impacting other titles in the series as well. Fallout 3 – Game of the Year Edition, the original Fallout, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 76, and even Fallout Shelter are all enjoying increased popularity, featuring prominently in Steam’s trending charts.

Fallout 4 is available now on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, and is included in Xbox Game Pass and PS Plus Extra and Premium, offering fans new and old ample opportunity to explore or revisit the richly detailed world of Fallout.

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  2. GeForce Now Expands Library with Fallout Games Amidst Amazon Prime’s Series Release
  3. ‘Invincible’ Expands from Prime Video Series to AAA Video Game
  4. Free Trial of “Assassin’s Creed Mirage” Offers a Glimpse into Ubisoft’s Renowned Series


thevglibrary, to fallout
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Did you know❓ In 2010, had a 48-page graphic novel released alongside its collectors edition!

It tells the story of some of the characters and events that lead up to the game.

Check it out here: https://www.thevideogamelibrary.org/book/fallout-new-vegas-all-roads


thegamerstavern, to fallout
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Not me buying and waiting after watching the series.


karlpybara, to gaming
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Damn I just encountered my first major-ish Fallout 4 bug…I reassigned some provisioners around but my supply line map is not updating; it shows the new supply lines AND the old ones, so now Imit’s really fucking hard to know which one is the current one😰Anyone knows a fix for that? It’s not game breaking but it is pretty annoying😥

lmstudios, to fallout
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Nuka shop's open! I Stream, You Stream, We All Stream for My Stream! https://twitch.tv/taylorwwilsonw #f76 #fallout #fallout76 #bethesda #twitch #livestream #LateNight

Велике оновлення для Fallout 4 вийде у 2024 році (tayemnakimnata.com) Ukrainian

Новини про оновлення Fallout 4 для PS5, Windows PC і Xbox Series X від Bethesda. Чи буде у грі підтримка 60 fps та роздільної здатності 4K. Огляд гри українською.

karlpybara, to gaming
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Just started playing Fallout 4, got to the building Sanctuary settlement part, and I already feel like I'm going to be obsessed with this game😭

lmstudios, to fallout
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Nuka shop's open! Things are finally back to normal in Appalachia! https://twitch.tv/taylorwwilsonw

lonelyautomata, to tes
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Holy shit, this is pathetic. (Microsofthesda?) is selling the mininuke edition of Anthology again, but this time it comes with download codes instead of discs.


angelus_04, to Twitch
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Will be going live on at 1:30 AM CST will be checking out The Terminator : Future Shock from Bethesda I'm a so please boost this post and raids are greatly appreciated.


skywind, (edited ) to PCGaming
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You gave over $2400 to charity, and we kept our side of the bargain! Our latest Skywind livestream features candid answers, brand new creatures, and a living god.


thephoeron, to Starfield
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Was reading through the revised EULA for the new update just now, and honest to god it says “you should take breaks from gameplay every 10 to 15 minutes” and “you should not play the game under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or while taking prescription medication…” (paraphrased)

I actually snorted. And then quit the game. I don’t normally snort-laugh, or take EULAs all that seriously. But that’s just how ridiculous this updated EULA is.

Talk about alienating your audience, and

skywind, to PCGaming
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We’ve taken a deep dive into game asset creation with the first Skywind Concept-to-Asset episode! This time, we’re looking at the Iron Armor.


itnewsbot, to IndianaJones
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Indiana Jones and the Great Circle is a new first-person Nazi-whipping journey - Enlarge / CGI Harrison Ford just can't believe he's getting roped into ... - https://arstechnica.com/?p=1997200

cliffwade, to IndianaJones
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Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer: Indiana Jones and the Great Circle.

This Indiana Jones game from Todd Howard(Starfield) and Bethesda looks absolutely amazing!


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