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È una settimana in cui le bandiere palestinesi sventolano in luoghi simbolici della metropoli.
Dopo la sede dell'UE in corso Magenta oggi è la volta del Duomo.
Di fronte al pavido e comodo balbettare della classe dirigente ci pensano le persone comuni dal basso a prendere posizione in modo fragoroso. Da segnalare gli applausi di molti presenti in piazza.


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Almost no facilities remain to treat the wounded in Gaza's southernmost city, as doctors fear a repeat of Israel's attacks on hospitals across the Strip.

#Rafah #Gaza #Israel #WarCrimes

‘We're all at risk of being targeted’: Doctors evacuate Rafah's last hospitals

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أنس الشريف Anas Al-Sharif on X:

Google translate:
"Aerial photography of the comprehensive destruction in residential neighborhoods, UNRWA shelter centers and the central market in Jabalia camp after the withdrawal of the Israeli occupation forces"

Horrific destruction!

#Palestine #Gaza #Rafah #Israel

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أنس الشريف Anas Al-Sharif on X:

Google translate:
The last hospital in the city of Rafah was closed, after being threatened by the occupation forces.


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As 'All eyes on Rafah' floods Instagram, Gazan families seek help on WhatsApp

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'Biden, we are your red line': The upcoming national march on DC for Palestine on June 8

#biden #rafah

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Palestinians flee amid renewed Israeli strikes.


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The American field hospital in coast was evacuated after the Israeli army warned them.

Video available on telegram:

@palestine @israel

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Israel’s war on Gaza live: More than 1 million forced to flee Rafah | Israel-Palestine conflict News | Al Jazeera

  • Truce proposal ‘accurately reflects’ plan made with Israel: US
  • Two Palestinians killed in Nablus raid: Health Ministry
  • Flood of sewage forces displaced Palestinians out of tents
  • Far-right Israeli minister vows to stand against ‘dangerous’ truce plan


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"Confronted by the growing chorus of international outrage, the Israelis followed their normal practice of “deny, lie, and obfuscate.”"
"When none of these efforts succeeded in dampening international rage, the Israelis decided to do what they rarely do: “apologize.”...And what a backhanded apology it was...“For us it’s a tragedy; for Hamas it’s a strategy.” They said.

Biden was satisfied with their apology and the bombing continues...

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"Everything I loved has gone" by Osama Abu Jaser

This is beyond any politics. Use your imagination. Put yourself in his situation. It's so terrifying that my brain wouldn't even allow me to go there. Nothing justifies it. This is crime against humanity. My heart is broken. #gaza #rafah @palestine

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Children die of malnutrition as operation shifts threat of famine in - "Arrival of Israeli troops in the southern border town has choked aid supplies, as hunger deepens in southern Gaza" exactly as people warned...

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#codepink #Israel blocking trash removal in #Gaza #Rafah #Palestine

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From May 7 to May 20, not a single WFP truck crossed from the southern corridors of Egypt into Rafah or into the central areas.


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Director Matthew Hollingworth of the World Food Programme () describes the situation in southern Gaza’s as dire, stating, "The sounds and smells of everyday life are horrific and apocalyptic."

He further explains that residents endure constant bombing, drones, and the presence of tanks in central Rafah, just kilometers away from where Palestinians have sought refuge.

During a virtual briefing with reporters, Hollingworth recounts the desperation of many Palestinians he spoke with, questioning whether to leave, attempt to cross the border into Egypt, or return to Gaza City. They express uncertainty about accessing aid in their time of need.

@palestine @israel

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