AI afterlife, robot romance, and slow-burn slashers: the best of Sundance 2024 (

AI is the buzzword of the moment, and nowhere seems to be safe — even film festivals. This year’s edition of Sundance was a prime example. Multiple documentaries about the past and present of artificial intelligence made an appearance, and at least one film — the dark comedy Little Death — utilized generative AI as an...

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17 Indie Films You Must See in 2024
Time travel, Sasquatches, Kristen Stewart in a mullet—here are our favorite movies from this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

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    @AlSweigart You might want to check the "Union" by and that just premiered at the festival. It follows a group of employees that try to mobilize the workforce to unionize

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    Thread with very mini reviews of the I watched from .

    The thread is now complete, though I did not even attempt to summarize all the shorts.

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    I paid for a Sundance online membership last year. None of the films could be watched outside of the USA.

    I didn’t pay for a Sundance membership this year 😊

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    "Former senator says new film shows ‘how close’ we came to losing democracy on Jan. 6"

    "Former Alabama Sen. Doug Jones (D) said that the new film 'War Game' shows 'how close' the U.S. came to losing democracy on Jan. 6, 2021."

    “And there are forces still out there that are making plans for the future doing the exact same thing or a variation of that,” Jones said.

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    Saoirse Ronan in the Variety Studio at Sundance.

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    Headlines suggest we might see a film in which Saoirse Ronan is back in the awards season chatter. Where she belongs.

    Her new film , The Outrun, premiered at Sundance. I haven’t read the reviews but I did see the positive headlines.

    For Your Viewing Pleasure: The Sundance Indigenous Program’s Must Watch List (

    Over the course of Native American Heritage Month, we have highlighted some of the Sundance Institute–supported Indigenous artists, including conversations with Jana Schmieding and Alex Lazarowich. For our final post in this year’s series, we wanted to highlight the legacy of Indigenous artists at Sundance, as well as...

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    Look what arrived in the mail!

    The hardcover of my latest book, The Lost Supper.

    Now to take this showboat on the rowboat! I’ve got booked, , … and . Who else wants to hear about the revival of lost and ancient foods?

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