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Food fights not new to India. Medieval texts show mud-slinging among Jains, Buddhists, Hindus

In the medieval period, meat was being eaten by most, irrespective of religion. And yet religious leaders were criticising others for doing so. Anirudh Kanisetty writes. (Article from May 2022)

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is still seen as a bit odd’: so why is ’s appetite for beef on the wane? - "Argentinians are among the biggest consumers of beef in the world. But soaring inflation and a growing plant-based eating movement are changing diets in the home of the asado" good

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KFC welcome in Ayodhya but no meat on the menu

While other chains like Domino's and Pizza Hut are also running in the city, they have done away with non-vegetarian items.

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Just a reminder, if you care about reducing lives lost a diet that includes meat responsibility in the right proportions will result in significantly less lives lost than eating a salad.

Compared to mountain-raised beef eating beef will result in significantly FEWER lives lost than a salad. One salad probably cost quite a few insects and mice their lives to make. A mountain-raised cow is wild grazed, so the land isnt suitable for crops, and no animals other than the cow dies. So one cow makes 3000 meals, thats a much better deal than the multiple deaths per plate you expect from a salad.

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Hospital Holidays to Shutting Down Meat Shops, a List of Govt Action Surrounding Ram Temple Event

The Modi-led Union and BJP governments in states have taken on the responsibility of generating a brouhaha with official sanction over what is perceptibly a function for a section of a single religion.

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Netflix removes film after VHP threat, co-producer apologises for hurting religious sentiments

The Zee Studios-produced film received backlash from Hindutva groups who alleged that some scenes project deity Ram as a meat eater.

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“Our recent study reveals that shifting from current diets to healthier, more plant-based ones could prevent up to 236,000 premature deaths around the world and boost global GDP -- simply by improving air quality.

Healthier diets, cleaner air

According to the World Health Organization, there were 4 million premature deaths linked to outdoor air pollution in 2019. Agriculture is responsible for roughly one-fifth of these deaths”

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Cc @GottaLaff

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MP: Newly Sworn-in CM Places Curbs on Loudspeakers at Religious Places, Sale of Meat

Known for his communal rhetoric and aggressive Hindutva, Mohan Yadav took oath as chief minister on Wednesday in the presence of Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, and Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

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Court Orders FIR Against MLA Bal Mukundacharya in Assault Case: Accused of Spitting and Kicking Dalit's Chest

Mukundacharya had won the Hawa Mahal seat by defeating Congress candidate RR Tiwari by a thin margin of 974 votes. He went around his constituency shutting down shops selling non-vegetarian food a day after being elected and later apologised for his actions after people complained about him to the National Human Rights Commission.

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    > Hitler was a vegetarian

    Common misconception, often lobbed as vegans;

    "Hitler's diet was primarily vegetarian throughout the latter part of his life; however, he didn't adopt a vegetarian diet for moral reasons, but because he suffered from gastric problems."

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    59% General Category students agree with or are neutral to casteist remarks: 2019-20 IIT-Delhi survey

    One of the disturbing findings of the survey shows that one in two “general category” respondents admitted to making casteist comments intentionally or unintentionally. Of them, nearly 15% admitted to having intentionally passed casteist comments.

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    After Bombay, ‘Pure Veg’ section and mess in IIT-Hyderabad

    A survey, prompted by the Director and some students of IIT Hyderabad, was sent to students in July this year to see if there were enough takers for a vegetarian-only space. Soon after, a section was set up in the new mess of the institute.

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    This is an intriguing finding and requires more study including studies with noncaucasion people.

    may be in the genes, study finds

    Researchers have identified genes linked to vegetarianism. This may help explain why some people who are motivated to give up meat for ethical, environmental or health reasons, don't always adhere.

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    Months after controversy, IIT-Bombay sets aside space for those eating vegetarian food

    The institute’s mess council has declared that six tables at a common canteen for hostels 12, 13, and 14 will kept aside for such students.

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    ‘Devoted teacher, ISKCON disciple’ — IIT Mandi head in news for linking meat-eating to landslides

    Colleagues of Laxmidhar Behera, in news for controversial remarks, admit he was always orthodox in beliefs. He relates every scientific conversation to spirituality, allege students.

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    Over a decade and I still haven't died of protein deficiency...

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    ‘Landslides, cloudbursts in Himachal because people eat meat': IIT Mandi director

    Director of the IIT Mandi, Laxmidhar Behera was slammed for his speech on social media after it went viral.

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    hi peeps do you eat well? recently I didn't have time to upload stuff here, so have my recent food pic:

    misoa (thin rice noodle) with tomato egg drop soup 🍜


    @anianimalsmoe you're right tho, Chinese vegetarian food often incorporate lot of meat substitute like seitan and other frozen plant-based meats, I rarely eat those cause too many fat and MSG, unless I wanna make hotpot 😅

    Indonesian salads are good, and I think we can skip the carbs, it's often involving peanut sauce, tofu and beansprouts. try googling recipe for: ketoprak, gado-gado, rujak buah (this is just sliced fruits and sweet potato with dipping sauce). asinan Bogor doesn't use peanut sauce but soupy vinegar (I doubt this one is healthy but delish lol).

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    "Industrial meat is a major source of the emissions causing global warming. Eating it regularly, [] argues, is unsustainable. Yet for many in the United States, meat has long represented security and prosperity; in the 1920s, Republicans promised voters 'a chicken for every pot'."

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    Row over ‘separate place’ for vegetarian students at IIT Bombay hostel mess

    It also added that stringent action will be taken in case such an instance is repeated.

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    Sudha Murty says she carries food from India while travelling abroad: ‘I’m pure vegetarian, what if same spoon is used for non veg?’

    Sudha Murty says whenever she travels out of the country, she carries ready-to-eat food from India and even a cooking bag with a pressure cooker.

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    If you're in the UK, is now out in paperback!

    An incendiary page-turner, Regenesis argues farming is destroying the planet and explores lower-impact solutions.


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    : Fix Your , Save the

    "But even if there were 10 times as many in the world, that would not be enough to save the planet or end factory . Persuading the majority of the world’s affluent people to at least halve their of products would achieve much more"

    "We can do something significant for the planet every time we eat"


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