Time flies like an arrow, but fruit flies like bananas.

Tech Project Therapist (moderately retired)
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My friend Adam and I wrote a contrarian how-to book, Risk Up Front, distilling decades of our experience running projects and project teams (link in profile).

#theater toots, bad #puns, #language hacks.
Boosts ≠ endorsement. Toots ≠ truths.

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BradRubenstein, to random

I just posted a toot that contains a link to itself.

I hope that doesn't break the universe...

coffeegeek, to random avatar

A lot of our feature rich content on CoffeeGeek is getting edits, reviews, and in some cases, re-writes for our 2024 redesign (which should be live by the end of this month!).

This includes about half of our How Tos. We're also adding four new things to all our How Tos:

  • original publication date
  • latest update date
  • what revisions have been done and how many versions have been published, and
  • a graphical list of the gear and coffee used in the how to.

Here's how the Cafe au Lait How To looks on the new website. Second shot is the introduction section with new content, including revisions, and the gear we use in the How To.

I'm always curious if people like this kind of granular info.

I know I like to know what revisions a guide or how to (or review) has had. And I'm often curious about the gear used in other how tos I read online (like photography guides, cooking how tos, etc).

Introduction pane in CoffeeGeek's new review templates, includes a revisions section and gear used.


Definitely at the end.

At most, a "Rereading this? See what's changed." line at the top that links to the endmatter section.



It's sort of a passive-aggressive invitation to return. 🤣


Tattooed_mummy, to random avatar

I have 3 Mastodon accounts, each one ends up blocking different people, is there a way to merge all the block lists and block everyone on all the accounts? ( Not block EVERYONE but you know what I mean, everyone I block anywhere)


It's so hacky I'm hesitant to say, but, in profile settings, you can export your block lists of each of your accounts to csv files, and import them one by one to a single account with the merge option enabled. That creates the merged blocklist, that can be exported and imported to other accounts.


BradRubenstein, to random

Consider: When we read, we naturally assess whether propositions are "useful" before we assess whether they are "true".

ct_bergstrom, to random avatar

Everyone you know is stupider than you imagine.


Everyone you know loves you more than you imagine.


ChrisMayLA6, to climate avatar

One mechanism for forcing the world to deal with the projected impact(s) of may be the increasing cost of insurance for those areas most likely to be at the forefront of effects (damage).

As the costs of future climate-caused effects are no longer able to be treated as uncosted future externalities, we may see a stronger 'business case' for addressing the .

As so often, its only when a clear cost is allocated that some people finally will wake up!


The lede line on this article is amazing :

As billion-dollar climate disasters become more frequent, too many people are left traumatized by the devastating shortcomings of the insurance industry.

We collectively (ish) create an uninsurable risk, unable/unwilling to use the tools at hand to mitigate it, then frame it as "the devastating shortcomings of the insurance industry."

Maybe instead of carbon offsets for polluters, we need regulation to require them to obtain climate catastrophe bond offsets. Seems to be a clearer market signal.


thomasfuchs, to random avatar

Having programmed computers for almost 40 years now the best advice I have for programmers is: what you’re doing is primarily a social job, not a technical one.


Natch, from the POV of a social scientist (as opposed to a computer scientist), the communications skills of a well functioning programming team are its technical skills.


BradRubenstein, (edited ) to random

Picasso 1904
Picasso 1937

threatresearch, to random




(I know how to get color gradients in CSS, and I have no idea how you do it in ink. 🤯 )

@0xabad1dea @threatresearch


I know about cocoa nibs. I have to learn (googles furiously) about this other kind... @0xabad1dea

BradRubenstein, (edited ) to random

Ah, Google LLM, why you play with me so...

(merci @coxn for sending me down that rat hole)


coxn, to random

A reminder before you share that wonderful pic of an owl that it’s worth your time to make sure it was ethically sourced


They look like they're married, I think. In my head, their voices are clearly Bob Newhart and Suzanne Pleshette.



Submissions reopen on April 24, 2024.


tdotfish, to random

Y’all I am ready for the Big Athletic Event


That reminds me, I too need to put my safety glasses on before the balls start flying.


BradRubenstein, to random

Good, good, good, good vibrations...

lowqualityfacts, to random avatar

We made a comic about fun facts.


Fun fact: The size of the U.S. incarcerated population is over 3 times the total population of Greenland and Iceland combined.



patrickcmiller, to random

I Stopped Using Passwords. It's Great—and a Total Mess

BradRubenstein, to random

outrage is a drug


the dose makes the poison

BradRubenstein, to random

Is anyone else nervous about WhatsApp being forced by the EU to federate with other messaging apps like Signal?

What if a Signal user wants to have nothing to do with Meta? Is this just a gateway to get WhatsApp spam onto Signal user devices?

(h/t @zackwhittaker and This Week in Security).

rhaidiz, to random

Seems reasonable

Cannot assign value of type 'SwiftUI.Binding' to type 'SwiftUI.Binding'


@rhaidiz is that an I or an l?

BradRubenstein, to random

The impacts of the AMOC's collapse could be catastrophic. Some parts of Europe might see temperatures plunge by up to 30 degrees Celsius over a century, the study finds, leading to a completely different climate over the course of just a decade or two.

spiegelmama, to random

At the big age of 52, I am realizing that I will always be a bad photographer not because of my equipment or skill, but because I can't get my eyes to work correctly. Oh well. It would be nice if The Lady Catherine had a portraiteur worthy of her, but the world will have to miss out on 5-15% of her beauty.


That's why we do portraiture in oil on canvas with astigmatism.


Bard, to random avatar

I guess the thing that has always flummoxed me about social media discourse in general is that other people seem to go looking for posts and content to disagree with?

Like, am I doing something wrong? Because all I do on social media is surround myself with things and people that I like, so when I go on the websites I use I can feel amused and happy, and not go looking for arguments to start. Why do other people not do this?

Sure, I'm in a bit of a bubble. But it's a happy bubble that doesn't fill me with useless hatred.


outrage is a drug


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