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GenXer graduate student at FIU studying American history with a focus on de jure racism in housing and policing. It's not a cult, it's fascism. No, it can't be both.

Married to an Engineering prof.

#BlackLivesMatter #TransLivesMatter


I hate Trump and every other fascist. I'm voting for Biden.

#SacramentoKings fan way before it was cool.

Warning: If you follow me without interacting I'll likely block you.

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DemocracyMattersALot, to random
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“Mass deportations are going to start, if you don’t like that, then don’t vote for President Trump.”

— Steve Bannon, on his podcast.

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@DemocracyMattersALot just a reminder that the first plan for Jewish people living in the German Nazi autarky was to deport them.

This is literally how the Holocaust started.

StillIRise1963, to random
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I really don't care wtf Kate Middleton is doing. Do you?🙄

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hannu_ikonen, to random
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We just videoed two male humpbacks fucking.

How far up the phylogenetic mammalian tree do we have to go to prove sexual diversity is natural?

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@MichaelBishop @hannu_ikonen oh dolphins fuck.

And I'm sure conservatives love it because they're downright evil and often not consensual.

People who study dolphins say they're a species of assholes.

Pretty sure they're one of the few species known to kill for fun (yes, ecologists think cats are evil too)

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@MichaelBishop @hannu_ikonen what cracks me up is so many (all?) mammalian species are known to have gay sex, some I believe even pairing off for life.

And conservatives are like, oh those two lions are just housemates.

GottaLaff, (edited ) to legal
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Forgot the #WompWomp !

🤭👉🏼 “#Trump offered NY appeals court a bond of only $100 mil to pause the more than $450 million penalty he faces in his civil fraud case, a clear sign that the former president lacks the $ to cover the full amount.

..also asked to pause enforcement of finan penalty & wide range of other punishments the judge levied.” #legal


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@GottaLaff @Penultimate she should turn it into low income housing.

I'm very serious.

raymondpert, to Aviation
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Boeing's safety culture falls despite the company's efforts to fix it, according to experts

> Government and aviation-industry experts say Boeing has made some strides toward improving its safety culture, but employees could still be subject to retaliation for reporting issues

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@raymondpert if only there was a large government entity, properly funded, that could force Boeing to make their planes not fall out of the sky or have doors blow out mid flight.

philip_cardella, to random
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Does anybody know why went down last week?

TonyStark, to random
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I like this article, especially “Lesson 3” on the list of misconceptions, that Donald Trump has “electoral magic.”

Nikki Haley (and no, I don’t support her) just got 39% of the vote in South Carolina against the person who is supposedly in full control of the GOP. He will get the nomination but he is weak. Some of those 39% in the general will not be with him.

2024 election cycle shows how little we have learned from 2016:

@philip_cardella@historians.social avatar

@TonyStark the 39% part is very important and unfortunately Americans don't understand math or history.

We functionally have two incumbents (from a party standpoint) that are "inevitable". Yet, only one candidate has more than a third of his own party showing up to vote against him.

Trump loses without Comey in 2016. With few exceptions Republicans have underperformed expectations every year since and in most states.

He's weak.

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@dougiec3 @TonyStark no question. Absolutely.

What's crucial to remember though is that will benefit ANY GOP candidate. This would include the unlikely scenario where Trump is NOT the nominee and they certain scenarios down ballot that will determine who controls state courts, state houses (or super majority vs majority), school boards and governor's mansions.

StillIRise1963, to random
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If these people aren't defined as traitors and brought to justice, we might as well strike the word from the lexicon.

@philip_cardella@historians.social avatar

@StillIRise1963 I actually understand why the Constitution defined treason so narrowly. It made sense then.

But it really doesn't anymore.

You're right, what these people have done is treason against our country, the laws of our land and done in their larger goal of crimes against humanity.

gutenberg_org, to mathematics
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American mathematician Katherine Johnson died #OTD in 2020.

She calculated & analyzed the flight paths of many spacecraft during her more than three decades with the U.S. space program. Her work helped send astronauts to the Moon. She earned a reputation for mastering complex manual calculations and helped pioneer the use of computers to perform the tasks. The agency noted her "historical role as one of the first African-American women to work as a NASA scientist".

#mathematics #womeninscience

The first NASA report that shows the name of mathematician Katherine Johnson, credited as co-author.

@philip_cardella@historians.social avatar



She's not only one of the first women to work at NASA, she's one of the first people.

She literally created a new math to get from elliptical orbits to parabolic descents. Without her there is no American flag on the Moon.

And she worked with hundreds of other Black women (as well as white women) as NASA's "computers" before IBM brought in NASA's first electric computer.

And THAT IBM computer's entire staff was SUPERVISED by another Black women, Dorothy Vaughan.

TonyStark, to random
@TonyStark@progressivecafe.social avatar

WaPo/George Will: 'Why we need to fire the first Asian-African American woman Vice President and former U.S Senator and California Attorney General because as an old conservative white guy, I’m grasping at straws.'

Holy crap, what a take.

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@jstatepost @TonyStark I can't stand that man and can't respect a paper who employs him.

He literally helped Reagan cheat in the only debate the coward was willing to have with Carter.

I assume Reagan was willing to do the debate BECAUSE George "F." Will told Reagan he'd help him cheat.

The fact that he helped is a known fact. I can't prove Reagan only did it because of Will.

But still. The man has the morals of a Klansman.

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@StillIRise1963 @TonyStark one of my political science profs in the 90s made his opinion clear: if you're serious about politics and foreign policy you've got two subscriptions baseline: Foreign Affairs and The New York Times.

I could barely afford to eat in those days but I got subscriptions to both (and they were EXPENSIVE).

I cancelled my NYT subscription and WaPo subscription this year. Still have FA AND Rolling Stone, because they're actually serious journalism outfits.

StillIRise1963, to random
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So, does the FBI not know the difference between an informant and a spy.

@philip_cardella@historians.social avatar

@StillIRise1963 I don't know what's going on and I do know not to trust the FBI.

But the impression I've gotten is there's a possibility with this one that the FBI let this guy yammer to monitor what the Kremlin was trying to do (and potentially feed him counterintelligence), the GOP found out about it and aired it as if the FBI actually trusted him.

Maybe the agents were just trying to burn Biden. I wouldn't put it past them. Neither would I put this scenario past the GOP.

RustyBertrand, to random
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@philip_cardella@historians.social avatar

@RustyBertrand omg. No. Just no.

Block. And block to the person who reposted this fascist adjacent nonsense.

How do you not understand that voting ALWAYS requires compromise. That's LITERALLY what democracy is.

If YOU got all you wanted THAT wouldn't be a democracy.

MJ, to random
@MJ@progressivecafe.social avatar

“And this brings me to the second reason I’m wholly unconcerned about Biden’s age: I find Vice President Kamala Harris to be ready and capable of stepping in should Biden falter. If anything, I find the obsession about Biden’s age to be little more than veiled attacks on Harris—attacks that wouldn’t be happening if Harris were a different gender and race.” -Elie Mystal


It’s Time to Get Over Biden’s Age:

@philip_cardella@historians.social avatar

@DeborahForPlus @MJ absolutely

GottaLaff, (edited ) to random
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⚠️ Via @atrupar:

the loud part is getting louder

Republican Accountability:

Jack Posobiec at CPAC: “Welcome to the end of democracy. We are here to overthrow it completely. We didn’t get all the way there on Jan. 6, but we will endeavor to get rid of it.”



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@GottaLaff @dannotdaniel yup. I talk about freaking interwar fascisms all the time but the start of the fascist regimes in Europe were mocked at first, then slowly derided then there was a full scale global war as well as multiple genocides.

They're clowns the way Pennywise the Dancing Clown is a clown.

philip_cardella, to Florida
@philip_cardella@historians.social avatar

Ok, it has been a LONG time since I published in but the history of the valor of the Massachusetts 54th in Olustee, this week in Florida history in 1864 got me writing again. If only temporarily.

Want learn more about how the soldiers in the movie Glory saved the lives of a white battalion in Florida? Check this out: https://www.thisweekinflorida.org/black-civil-war-history-in-florida/

Please boost.

GottaLaff, to random
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That's some platform, GOP Fascist Party: "NO SEX FOR PLEASURE!" Should garner a whole lotta votes.


Via Adam Jentleson:

Highly influential heritage foundation, which would help staff & direct a future Trump admin, literally said that a key conserv policy goal is “ending recreational sex.” they said it, not me. IMO we should take them both seriously & literally

(Heritage quote in next toot)

@philip_cardella@historians.social avatar

@mogul @GottaLaff doing the duty for the party.

They really did just watch 1984 and decide that it's a utopia guide.

@philip_cardella@historians.social avatar

@PandaChronicle @GottaLaff @thepoliticalcat the thing about birth control is what they're going to take down with it: the right to privacy.

The key finding in Griswold v Connecticut was that it was none of the government's damn business rather than our right to birth control. It's our right to privacy.

StillIRise1963, to random
@StillIRise1963@mastodon.world avatar

What does the word "TRAITOR" mean in this shithole nation.🙄

@philip_cardella@historians.social avatar

@StillIRise1963 something extremely narrowly defined in an overreaction to what it meant before under a king.

Under a king it meant he didn't like your hat so off with your head. It meant whatever the king said it meant.

So the founders overreacted and made it too narrow, in my opinion.

Fwiw, Washington was known to have traitors, like deserters, in his ranks executed by their own friends by firing squad at point blank range. 🤷‍♂️ Also too far. Lol.

But he'd hate Trump so much.

philip_cardella, to random
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Can I just say how awful a platform is for groups? (I'm talking organizations, volunteers etc not necessarily friends)

The constant stream of noise obscures any important information that might be in it.

As ONE way of communicating maybe, I guess. But as THE platform? Foh.

An announcement I'm not looking for but might need gets buried in twenty responses before I see it and makes it hard to follow.

Yes, I know there's a way to clarify but my groups rarely do.

@philip_cardella@historians.social avatar

@paninid yeah. I hear that. I've gotten rid of everything but WA. People in my world swear by it.

Honestly, it's just three groups. But they're really important and pretty large 50+ people. So they get out of hand constantly.

Le sigh.

@philip_cardella@historians.social avatar

@billyjoebowers that's why I hate it.

If I don't constantly keep up with it I fall hopelessly behind, feel stupid and then just ignore it.

Nevermind that it claims to be secure but only so long as some dictator doesn't want to see what you're posting.

TonyStark, to random
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“The fantasy that Democrats will simply swap out Biden is based on the notion that voters don’t control the party, that there’s some secret cabal that pulls the strings. But as Biden noted earlier this month, upon winning the 2024 South Carolina primary with more than 95% of the vote: “In 2020, it was the voters of South Carolina who proved the pundits wrong, breathed new life into our campaign, and set us on the path to winning the presidency.” Yes, voters picked Biden.”

@philip_cardella@historians.social avatar

@TonyStark @nomdeb American history is a series of examples of Black people taking one step forward and white people freaking out and using violence to push Black people back.

Sometimes the Black people even get a year or two to stand on the new ground they fought for before the white people freak out, turn to violence to try to push Black people back.

An excellent example of this is Beergate.

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