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I have no hole into which you can pigeon me. I'm unique. Just like everyone else.

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My feed went from small to stressful and anxiety inducing. Created a mute list for specific words to be hidden from my feed like they don't exist. My autistic senses are very overloaded.

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I apologize if I'm contributing to your stress.

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Thank you. I know I'm toxic for a certain type of mind. I truly don't want to cause you any harm. Far as I can tell, you are one of the good people. You are solid. That's probably rarer than you think.

Stay safe.

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Man, I feel awful. My ears are always ringing these days, from moderately loud to gonging to the point I'm functionally deaf. I wake up in night sweats, and have a racing heart any time I lay down. Lying prone feels like sprinting to me. My throat is so swollen I need to use muscles to keep it open, and my face and other parts are swole up to serious puffiness. Plus, my skin is covered with lesions where I picked pellets of yuck out.

I need a doctor.

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Random. Just a cool animal. I knew people who would catch and eat them; they'll take off a finger if you don't know how to handle one.


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I’m so hyper I’m trying not to rapid fire post on my business social media lol. There’s been some posting and deleting so the networks don’t think I’m spam haha.

It’s weird having energy. So rare lately.

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Do you recommend the steam deck?

I buy a cheap laptop and xbox paddle.

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Fell 6.31 miles without a parachute and survived.


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Any other autistic kin struggle with speech and articulation when they were little?

I'm recording an instructional voice-over today and my mom just told me I used to have a lisp when I was little. That's news to me!

I definitely notice sludgy articulation around L and S sound as an adult. Outside of voice over recording, I could not care less about my articulation. But it is interesting!


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@dyani @actuallyautistic

I learned my language through my eyes, mostly from Stephen King starting in 2nd grade. If you've ever tried to write dialog you know it uses a different part of the brain than speaking. I have to do the same translation, but inverted, when I speak.

Until my late teens, I spoke like an English professor. I had to consciously cultivate an ability with slang.

I got that shit nailed down by now.

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"With any luck it’ll be like the NFT implosion and they all suddenly drop AI and act like none of this ever happened."

*Interesting remark. Is this like the opposite of a Singularity, somehow

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@swope @bruces

When I wrote it, it took over and turned human society into a bunch of pornographers and kittycat ranchers.

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Just saw an interesting post by someone missing the simplicity of their childhood. I know that most people wear rose coloured glasses when they’re feeling nostalgic, but I wonder how many autistic people read such posts & think, “No way!”?

I had lots of fun & interesting times during my childhood & adolescence, but there was also so much complexity, confusion & distress. Learning to mask made it easier. I could at least pretend to understand what was going on & therefore attract less negative attention.

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@Susan60 @chevalier26 @actuallyautistic

What do you mean? Life is anything but an endurance slog? Where? Whose life?


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In other news, I finally got my first ever communication from my mother. She admitted she takes direction from the state; they tell her what she is and isn't allowed to tell me. She also let me know that, with the additional information she knows about my situation, she'd kill herself. I suggested she come visit, we can make it a twofer.

They hit me twice today. My ears have been gonging to the point I'm functionally deaf, and my vision is all blurred.

Fun fun.

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#lawfedi @actuallyautistic #democrats

Does anyone know any civil rights lawyers? It looks like I need to sue the government. They'd have to cooperate--they can make me sound completely crazy if they want--but any doctor could tell what they're doing to me. That's why the clinics literally close in front of me and reopen after I leave. I caught them doing that once by going to a distant bathroom and returning.

Boosts appreciated. It'll be a giant payout.

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I guess I'm back. It looks like it didn't work. Even without anybody to interact with, they still spiked my panic-rage today and took another couple months off my life.

I emailed a couple lawyers. Most of my email simply disappears; my contact with the outside world is heavily censored. Maybe I'll be allowed to sue the state. The republicans aren't running the show any more.

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I'm looking for the title of a movie. Any help is appreciated.

It wasn't in English (Spanish?) and was a vignette film with six(?) storytellers' takes on a machine that generates any possible image, such as the pages of an unwritten play by Shakespeare, and the resulting apocalypse.

I'm 99% sure I saw it on netflix about two years ago.

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Not linking directly because I don't want to shit on projects I believe are genuinely trying to make the web better, but every time I see a post about "the small web" or a more "humane" web or whatever that includes phrases like this about content: "created without the motivation of financial gain" I sigh so deeply lol

I am begging ethical web enthusiasts to understand what an extreme privilege it is to spend time working on something without worrying about money

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Well put. I'll expand it a bit.

Capitalism is a natural outgrowth of a modern economy. It's feudalism by another name.

Feudalism, like communism, is both a political and economic structure. Democracy is political but not economic. Socialism is economic but not political.

The solution to capitalism is to use democratic governance to institute enough socialistic practices to turn the capitalists back into citizens instead of monarchs.

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Does this resonate with anyone?

I'm distractable and indecisive and hardly ever get a damn thing done. However, if I decide something's important, I single focus on it and persevere far past the point a normal person would have given up.

Once I decide something's important, I'm infinitely brave. Even if my rational mind knows it's not worth dying over, I will risk my life over stupid shit simply because I never checked my head and changed course when it was appropriate.

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I'm a hyperlexical AuDHD with cPTSD and EDS. Whew! A generation ago I just would have been Asperger's.

I'm an autodidactic polymath.

I'm some kind of online oracle, but don't know how or why. I'm probably one of those fucked-up CIA experiments from the 70s. They make movies about me.

I was raised atheist. The Matrix is religious power, albeit run by secular agency, and I was born outside it. I'm stuck in the desert of the real.

My anthem:

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Tell me the story of the last time you committed an act of kindness in 500 characters or less.

There’s nothing wrong with bragging about creating kindness. There’s nothing honorable about not sharing the joy of creating kindness.

We need to uplift and encourage people who create kindness in their daily lives.

So tell us your story. It doesn’t have to be something big. It can be something as simple as helping someone carry a bag of groceries.

How did you create kindness this week?

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@Mrfunkedude I saw a homeless guy begging from my window, so I brought him out some leftovers I'd had earlier that day.

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I try.

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@actuallyautistic @dwcon @terrypratchett

Hello all! I read a piece indicating there's an audience for political rants, and I do have a distinct take on that stuff. In my first post, I talk about the way the spook agencies shape the narrative by controlling the entertainment. Richard Pryor and Bill Hicks got induced cancer, Eddie Murphy had to stop being smart in public, and Bill Cosby got a voice because he validated white racism.


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Tonight’s theme is:

✨🏅☄️ TOP SHELF! 🎀🏆✨󠁯󠀭

🎵 Post FULL ALBUMS that are a 10/10 all the way through along with what you’re drinking. 🎶

  1. Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast
  2. Genesis - Selling England By The Pound
  3. Aesop Rock - The Impossible Kid
  4. Fleetwood Mac - Rumours

(Multiple submissions welcome)

Oban 14

Post often • share • make some friends

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Guns 'n Roses: Appetite for Destruction
Def Leppard: Hysteria
Aerosmith: Toys in the Attic
AC/DC: Back in Black
Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here, Animals, The Wall
Led Zeppelin: 1-4, Physical Graffiti
Beatles: Everything
Cypress Hill: Black Sunday
A3: Exile on Coldharbour Lane
Happy 2B Hardcore: Vol4
Van Halen: 1984
The Who: Hooligans
Meatloaf: Bat out of Hell
Beck: Mellow Gold
Tool: Aenima
Wu Tang Clan: Enter the 36 Chambers
The Pharcyde: Bizarre Ride 2 the Pharcyde

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Dollar store tagless bags, 100 for $2.50.

It's actually damn good tea. Basic black tea.

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Today just got stupid. Thanks to people.

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Data centers in Northern Virginia are using “absurd amounts of water”

“The region is the world’s largest data center hub, with over 300 facilities processing almost 70 percent of global digital information, each using as much as 5 million gallons of water per day. And because cooling methods often rely on evaporation, the water does not go back into wastewater systems. “Data centers rank among the top 10 water-consuming industries in the United States”


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The little people are realizing that stored media are important. We want our own copy of our favorite songs so the enshittifiers and hackers cant fuck it up.

How long before serious shit abandons the cloud entirely rather than deal with the drawbacks?

I'm a big fan of regulation, but I bet we can kill data centers entirely by eliminating demand.

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