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SciFi-Lego-Programmer-Technology-Fanboy. Believes that tabs are better than spaces. he/him

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drmambobob, to random
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So I get that you should use password managers but are there any good ones out there? All those top lists only mention paid services and their free versions are severely limited. I don't want to pay for more things than I am already.

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KeePass (for Windows) or KeePassXC (for all Desktop systems) and a couple of apps for mobile devices that read/write the password database files.

KeePass (and derivatives) are well established, have been around for decades, are free software that runs on your machine, and you can still take that database file and sync it across multiple devices if you want (any way that works for you. I'm using Nextcloud for that, but Dropbox/OneDrive/SyncThing ... would also work)


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Major upside in my opinion: this works for your browser, but also outside of it. I have all the WiFi passwords in there, combinations to locks I own, software license keys and so on.
KeePassXC also does 2-factor-authentication with these 6-digit (TOTP) codes if you like. For regular KeePass this can added by a plugin as well.

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And there is a Browser Plugin that connects your Browser to the database so that you don't have to copy+paste passwords. And if you have SSH-Keys, KeePassXC can act as a ssh-agent. They also recently added support for Passkeys, but that's still somewhat hard to use in my opinion.

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@ArneBab @mike @drmambobob I don't know if this changed or not, but password storage in browsers used to be (effectively) plain text somewhere on your hard drive. If you somehow catch malware or if someone has physical access to your device, that would be "game over".

If you don't use any additional safety feature (firefox primary password, for example https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/use-primary-password-protect-stored-logins ) any kind of attacker would have all the information to decode/decrypt your passwords.

Again, I am not sure how this changed over time and if this is radically different if you use FirefoxSync.

timonsku, to random
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Arguably the receiver doesn't quite fit but I do still like the look of it being integrated into the furniture and it not taking up the top space.

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Are you worried about ventilation?

blinry, to random
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Got collaboration working between VS Code and Neovim today! Really exciting! \o/

What features would you like to see in a tool like this? 🧑‍💻

A VS Code window and a Neovim window are open next to each other. When you type in one window, it is reflected in the other window!

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Also connect it to @HedgeDoc 2.0 :-D

claudius, to opensource
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Winamp's source code is going to be released in september!


ricmac, to random
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A media podcast I listened to today said that “the web is old-fashioned”, as part of their analysis of the OpenAI and Google news this week. As if the web will turn into The Well, or something. But I am seeing the fediverse, standards-based web builders like Eleventy, and open newsletter platforms like Ghost and Buttondown (that both support the web), and I just don’t agree that the web is old-fashioned. Quite the opposite, it’s only just getting started (again)!

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@ricmac to my students, "the web" is what their parents used. "apps" is what they used all their lives. The web has always been around. To them, it is as old as telephones or dishwashers.

timonsku, (edited ) to random
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Yo, if you live in Berlin and have a sunny balcony/garden/window. You can get a plug-in solar setup for basically free.
This city subsidy program gives you up to 500€ for a setup and most only cost you around 300-400€.
Its basically free electricity for your apartment/home.



E: Actually a lot more citites and even some states offer similar programs: https://www.vattenfall.de/infowelt-energie/solar/balkonkraftwerk-foerderung

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drahardja, to random
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A moderator of a FB group I frequent has fallen headlong into the “politeness” trap, insisting that participants observe “civility” and “manners” when they post.

Many of you probably already recognize that is a trap. It is a tool used by aristocrats and the powerful to silence dissent, by protesting how the oppressed choose to cry, instead of dealing with why they cry. Southern slaveowners were probably the most polite bunch of folks you’ll ever know.

Focus on what’s important: kindess, empathy, respect, tolerance. And tell politeness to go fuck itself.

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Ia used to spend time on some Discord server, and in 2021 some anti-vaxxers spilled misinformation and lies about vaccinations. I cared about that community, so I debunked this with sources, actual news articles and studies. I was told to not take up as much space with "my" topic. They instated a rule making all talk about "loaded" topics impossible.

I left that community.

can go fuck itself.

claudius, to random German
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Alle paar Jahre denk' ich mir "oh, das könnte ich mal in TeX / LaTeX machen" und jahre später finde ich dann die Brocken und ärger' mich drüber, dass ich nicht Markdown, HTML, LibreOffice oder sonst irgendwas benutzbares genommen habe :-/

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Mach' mal WordPerfect-Dokumente von 1995 auf. Läuft.
Mach' mal OpenOffice-Dokumente von 2003 in LibreOffice auf. Läuft.
Mach' mal HTML von 1998 in irgend einem Browser dieser Welt auf. Läuft.

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@byteborg ich habe seit dem letzten Anlauf das Betriebssystem gewechselt und darf jetzt komplett die Paketnamen neu zusammen puzzlen. Jedenfalls geht mein build Script nicht mehr. Ich hab glücklicherweise auch CI eingerichtet, das geht noch. Aber für Änderungen pushen und mehrere Minuten auf das Build-Ergebnis warten ist eher ungeil.

Oh und natürlich die völlige Unbedienbarkeit wenn man irgendwas anderes will als den Standardkram den jeder macht.

jasoncoon, to random
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OK I have to admit this argument for using let over const for most cases in JavaScript/TypeScript almost has me convinced.
I'm sure I'm going to continue to prefer const, but I see the point.
Video argument: https://www.epicweb.dev/talks/let-me-be

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I don't read this as an argument against const tbh. And similar discussions have happened in other languages as well. In ruby it became common to also call "freeze" on constants. (Haven't done a lot of ruby lately, not sure how this has progressed)

Const is partly about the guarantee, but (IMO) also partly about communicating intent to a fellow programmer.

sarathai, to random German
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Es ist Statistiktag!
Im Monat April haben wir:
100l Heizöl verbraucht
6 m³ Wasser
524 kWh Strom zzgl 70 kWh vom Balkonkraftwerk
davon fallen 203 kWh auf die Wallbox (169 auf den Ioniq5, Rest auf den i3), 87 kWh auf die Klimaanlage
Dobby (i3) wurde 172 km gefahren, Jain Zar (Ioniq5) 3019 km. Das macht einen Durchschnittsverbrauch von 22 kWh bei Jain Zar und 20 kWh bei Dobby.
Diesen Monat ein wenig verfälscht weil wir in Neuruppin und Jena im Urlaub waren.

Happy May 1st!

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@sarathai 22kWh pro 100km ist krass.

Nehmen wir an, ein Diesel bräuchte 5l/100km (absichtlich niedrig angesetzt), dann haben die 5l etwa 50kWh Brennwert (ebenfalls mit den niedrigsten Zahlen gerechnet).

Und da haben wir noch nichtmal eingerechnet, dass zur Herstellung von Benzin und Diesel nochmal Energie gebraucht wird1. Selbst wenn wir den Herstellungs-Stromverbrauch beim Diesel weg lassen, ist das Elektroauto schon mehr als doppelt so effizient.

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@sarathai nach einer sehr kurzen Recherche scheinen 22kWh/100km ein relativ guter Ankerpunkt zu sein. Ich hab für verschiedene Auto-Modelle Zahlen von 15,8 (Kleinwagen) bis 35,6 kWh/100km (Panzer) gefunden. sogar worst-case 35,6kWh sind noch ein gutes Stück von den best-case ~50kWh eines Verbrenners entfernt.

Alle reden über Reichweite, aber kaum jemand darüber, wie viel Energie ein Verbrenner einfach unnütz verballert?

gsuberland, (edited ) to random
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yesterday's work: a discrete inrush current limiting circuit.

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I believe I found a tiny error in the comment on the picture: the divider is probably R1/R33 (the mentioned R4 is 10K)

caos, (edited ) to android German

📲 "Datensparsames Android mit der Android Debug Bridge" & "Google-Apps und weitere Bloatware loswerden mit dem 'Universal Android Debloater Next Generation'"

Für diejenigen, die Android-Geräte betreiben, bei denen sie kein Custom ROM installieren können (oder wollen), hier zwei gnulinux.ch-Artikel, in denen es darum geht, wie auch ein Stock-Android ohne Root weitgehend datensparsam betrieben werden kann und wie Google-Apps und weitere Bloatware entfernt werden können:

Im ersten Teil der Artikelreihe "Datensparsames Android mit der Android Debug Bridge" beschreibt Matthias "den Versuch, unter Android durch Umbau mittels der Android Debug Bridge (ADB), ohne Root soweit wie möglich an das Datenschutzniveau besserer Android Custom ROMs heranzukommen. Es ist der erste Teil einer voraussichtlich dreiteiligen Serie. Im ersten Teil wird der Ansatz für ein aktuelles Samsung Android (Stock-ROM) mit Android 14 demonstriert." und zeigt "wie mit Hilfe der Android Debug Bridge (ADB) und weniger Apps zur Geräteadministration auch ein vorinstalliertes Stock-ROM mehr oder weniger datenschutzfreundlich umgebaut werden kann".

Ergänzend dazu habe ich im Artikel "Google-Apps und weitere Bloatware loswerden mit dem Universal Android Debloater Next Generation" noch eins der Tools vorgestellt, mit dessen Hilfe Funktionen der "Android Debug Bridge" über ein grafisches Frontend genutzt werden. So können auf relativ einfachem Weg auf vergoogelten Androids Google-Apps und weitere Bloatware wie Hersteller- und Werbeapps entfernt werden.

#Android #Google #DeGoogle #Datenschutz #Privacy #Samsung #ADB #Bloatware #UniversalAndroidDebloater #FDroid #CustomROM #RethinkDNS #Shelter


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@caos der Link führt bei mir ins Leere

simontatham, to random
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Centuries after Sauron's defeat, Middle-Earth developed motor racing, and Gandalf found his new dream job: driving the safety car.

Unfortunately, he didn't think of applying for that job until he needed a career change, having been fired from the prestigious position of Head of Examinations at the University of Gondor.

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I hear he was a football/soccer trainer for a very short amount of time, too!

blinry, to random
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@blinry sieht magnetisch aus 🧲

Ich fühle mich jedenfalls magisch dort hin gezogen.

Mastodon, to mastodon
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#Mastodon forms new 501(c)(3) non-profit entity with new board of directors in the United States to facilitate tax-deductible donations and in-kind support:


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@Mastodon does that mean you'll be subject to FISA 702 orders now?

arstechnica, to random
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Report: Switch 2 Joy-Cons will attach via magnets

Design choice may have implications for current Joy-Con compatibility.


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@ronanmcd @arstechnica maybe the analog sticks are magnetic and can be replaced while gaming 😜

gsuberland, to random
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if anyone's got some spare time, I'd very much appreciate some technical review of the mk2 CO2/AQI sensor board design for EMF Camp.

full schematics, top/bottom copper, renders, and BoM are in the PDF: https://poly.nomial.co.uk/junk/CO2SensorBoardMk2_20240426.pdf

relevant info:

  • ESP8266 devboard plugs in underneath, board is either powered by USB Micro on devboard or USB-C on mainboard
  • fab & assembly by JLC
  • 4L board, inner layers are solid ground planes
  • 4P header is for SSD1306 OLED
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Why not something more recent like any of the Esp32 models?

simon, to random
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I'm considering building a feature for a SaaS app that lets you "invite" a customer support person to be able to see your private data in order to help you debug an issue - where everything they look at is logged in an audit log that's visible to you and you also get to see when they "resign" from their temporary access

Is this a common feature? Has anyone seen good implementations of this kind of pattern before?

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Do you mean in the sense Jitsi or BigBlueButton lets anyone share a Videostream of what's on their screen? Because these worked quite well for less technology-experienced members of my family.
@thisismissem @simon

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@janl I was asking if this is what you were looking for while mentioning two readily available tools that usually worked OK for me. No invalidation intended.

I somehow have the feeling that we do not "vibe" at all. I'll just stop replying to your posts altogether.

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