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I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA and I occasionally make things and post stuff online. Blogging since 1997 and can't seem to stop. Please enjoy these wonderful links to other places:

What is your favorite Mastodon client?

Hey everyone, super excited to be exploring the fediverse both here on kbin and elsewhere. Looking for a Mastodon client primarily for iOS, great to see the main app is open-source, but there seems to be quite a few options out there. Feel free to share non-iOS clients for others' benefit as well....

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I've tried a lot of them and finally settled on Mona. It's crazy customizable!

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I don't go to Bayshore much, but if there are some compelling reasons to head over there I will!

joe, to Milwaukee
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I created a magazine (akin to a subreddit) on kbin.social if anyone wants to give it a spin.


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@joe thanks, Joe! I am here for Milwaukee kbin!

(Fun Fact: I used to work at Milwaukee Magazine!)

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It did not fail. Plenty of people left Twitter for the Fediverse.

OC How did you end up finding kbin? Did you migrate here from Reddit?

I was initially introduced to Mastodon a few years ago by a close friend and picked up on it quickly given the benefits of not having to deal with advertising, or being shown what a mega-corporation thought I should have to see through algorithms. I have since found a great instance over on cupoftea.social that promotes quality...

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I've been on Mastodon for 10 months and kbin was mentioned recently as an alternative to reddit so here I am!

typographica, to random
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These wooden address numbers have followed me my whole life, from my family’s summer condo in Idaho, to the house across the street from my childhood home in Salt Lake City, to the Oakland building where @laureola and I live now. https://flic.kr/p/2oGpf8u

Still seeking the designer and manufacturer. They were most likely introduced in the early 1970s.

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@typographica Those are pretty nice!

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