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You can grab an Echo Pop speaker for $19.99 just in time for Father's Day

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My Favorite Amazon Deal of the Day: MacBook Pro Laptop M3

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▶ Black Hole Jets Seem To Do Things We Never Thought Possible

#amazon #blackhole

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I just finished watching the Fallout tv series and it was really well done. I'm glad to know it's getting a second season.

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"Amazon Prime customers in the US now get free GrubHub+ delivery"

I try to order through the restaurant directly, using their preferred delivery mechanism.

I worry that GrubHub, DoorDash, etc., adds to the cost of food, cuts into the restaurant's take on an order.

This a fair take?

Details here...

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▶ Mysterious Object Named After a Sandwich Is a Major Record Holder

#amazon #holder

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'He's covering his tracks': Customer says Amazon driver faked photos of her delivered packages


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▶ Strange Radio Signal That Repeats Every 54 Minutes Found in the Milky Way


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Weird how when you say the word “Amazon” you no longer think of the jungle. When you tell people you are going to travel to the Amazon you have to explain yourself.

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Deals on Kindles may seem attractive, but don't forget Amazon is one of the most devoted peddlers of DRM. We prefer books we can loan to our friends, free of restriction and prying eyes. Read more about how to live DRM-free: #EndDRM #DRM #BoycottAmazon #Amazon

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So, I've got a bit of a housemate issue. I need a mini-fridge so I can eat my food in peace and not get sick. It's for my health and safety. The 1st item on my #wishlist #amazon #mutualaid #Foodsafety @mutualaid @blackmastodon @disabilityjustice

Or a donation toward the cost would be a blessing too. Write "fridge" in the notes. Thank you.

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How to Cancel Your Amazon Prime Membership After Prime Day Is Over


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Amazon Prime Day Discounts Aren't Always As Big As They Seem


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Sammelklage gegen Amazon Prime wegen Einführung von Werbung

Im Februar führte Amazon Werbung bei seinem kostenpflichtigen Streamingdienst Prime Video ein. Nur wer mehr zahlt, kann ohne Werbung Serien schauen. Die Verbraucherzentrale Sachsen hat dagegen eine Sammelklage eingereicht.


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My Favorite Amazon Deal of the Day: The Merach Rowing Machine


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35,000 independent UK retailers headed by the British Retail Association have launched the biggest ever retail class action with a £1bn claim for damages against Amazon, which they allege has been pushing them out of its online marketplace.

The claim asserts that between October 2015 & the present day, Amazon used non-public data belonging to the retailers to inform the launch of its own rival products.

#Amazon #OnlineRetailers #Law #ClassAction #UKLaw #Enshittification

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▶ Organism With The Largest Genome Ever Is Completely Unexpected


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No, #Amazon to jest jednak poważna firma! Zamówiłem 1.06 (było: 1.01, poprawiłem) przedmiot, dostawa priorytetowa, mam wykupiony Prime, zaraz wyślą i będę miał!
Minął tydzień, dodzwoniłem się dzisiaj do nich. Okazało się że jest jakiś problem, oni go eskalują i walczą, ale z jakiegoś powodu nie mogą wysłać tegoż przedmiotu do paczkomatu, bo może bateria (nie ma), bo może gabaryt (nie jest). Mówię że ani jedno ani drugie, ale to się okazuje że tam jest więcej problemów i oni eskalują i eskalują i tyle. Mogę zmienić na adres prywatny, wtedy wyślą od razu!
Zmieniłem na prywatny, data dostawy: 14.06. O lol, grubo. Nie dość że przez tydzień dawali tyłka, to teraz dostawa priorytetowa (z ich magazynu, oni są sprzedawcą) z wykupionym Prime-m to kolejny tydzień ;)

Brawo #amazon ;)

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Carl Sagan's future 'celebration of ignorance' prediction from 1995 was spookily spot on

#amazon #carlsagan

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Senators Allege That Amazon Lied to Them About Delivery Drivers

#amazon #bipartisan

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Amazon Labor Union Looks Set to Affiliate With the Teamsters


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