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If you ever looked at the actions of the Trump White House and wondered, ‘Are they on drugs?’ — the answer was, in some cases, yes. Absolutely, yes.

In January, the Defense Department’s inspector general released a report detailing how the White House Medical Unit during the Trump administration distributed controlled substances with scant oversight and even sloppier record keeping
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The dirty informant with ties to Russian Intelligence...or better known as the Republican's star witness against President and Hunter Biden.

How clean is the dirt on Hunter Biden? A key Republican source is charged with lying to the FBI
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South Korea and the United States have kicked off their large-scale annual spring military drills as North Korea continues to refine its missile and nuclear weapons programs.

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Israel boycotted Gaza cease-fire talks in Cairo after Hamas rejected its demand for a complete list naming hostages that are still alive, an Israeli newspaper reported.

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U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris has bluntly called out at Israel for not doing enough to ease a "humanitarian catastrophe" in the Gaza Strip.

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#Congress releases 6 funding bills ahead of Fri #shutdown deadline

Congressional appropriators on Sunday released 6 bills that, if passed this week, would keep 6 agencies funded for the rest of the fiscal year after months of turmoil & blockades led by #conservative #Republicans seeking severe cuts to #federal spending.
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#Congress plans to use 2 packages of #legislation to fund the entire govt. The #House must vote on the first package this week, then move it to the #Senate for a vote. Legislative action must be complete before the Mar 8 funding deadline that was set late last week to avoid a partial #GovernmentShutdown.

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Mitchell was among ~150 …who gathered …to celebrate the ascendancy of a group that has become a well-paying sinecure for allies & an incubator for the policies TFG could pursue if elected. The participants toted gift bags in the sunshine & swapped golf clothes for business attire at a dinner where they applauded as 2 Black speakers— …& Rep of FL —extolled conservative values while condemning the racial of the .

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Nikki Haley won her first presidential primary on Sunday. She just had to wait for the D.C. insider crowd to vote.

Haley defeated Donald Trump in the Washington, D.C. Republican primary, a contest that took place over the weekend in a downtown hotel just steps away from the heart of D.C.’s lobbying hub. Haley carried nearly 63 percent of the vote, according to D.C. party officials.

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"Putin has so little respect for Obama that he’s starting to throw around the nuclear word."

  • Trump at weekend rally

Trump crowd goes silent as he confuses Biden and Obama again

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Republican controlled states are the worst for your well-being!

The top 10 most-stressed states in America






South Carolina



West Virginia


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The U.S. Supreme Court plans to issue at least one ruling on Monday (Trump ballot ruling), the day before Colorado holds a presidential primary election in which a lower court kicked Republican frontrunner Donald Trump off the ballot for taking part in an insurrection during the Jan. 6, 2021 U.S. Capitol attack.
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Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Microsoft-Powered Chatbot Just Disappeared - The RFK Jr. campaign's chatbot had previously affirmed Kennedy's promotion of conspiracy ... - /politicsnews

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Watch out for bait-and-switch signature gatherers.

A guy in Civic Center had 4 measures, three CA and one SF. He presented them in a clever order. The first two were:

  1. extend a temporary measure (I think it had been a good prop a few years ago) to fund and provide senior health care

  2. fund medicine for children.

Both were sponsored by reputable-looking health care non-profits and advocacy groups.

Then he presented a measure that was completely incomprehensible and sponsored by the California Apartment Association (and nobody else). Maybe the CAA isn't always wrong, but it was impossible for me to tell in this case. Nope.

Finally, the SF measure would clearly and absolutely hamstring the ability of the SF government to, um, govern. Guess who the sponsor was. Michael Moritz. Nope so hard.

Be careful who you give your signature to. Read everything.

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"Republican refusal to provide military aid to Ukraine will deal a deadly blow to the world system"

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Let's do ourselves a favor and vote out angry politicians elected by unhappy people who stoke strife and want everyone to be as miserable as they are. Bitterness is wildly contagious, and it solves nothing. Reject it.

They are free to hurt themselves and can only hurt us if we let them. They fear and want to destroy everything different. That's not who we are as Americans, it's who they are as a cult. Vote them all out. We deserve better.

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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky walked off the Senate floor Wednesday after announcing he'll step down as Senate Republican leader in November.

The attached cartoon sums up His time in the House. 😂

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Florida is swamped by disease outbreaks as quackery replaces science in the Republican controlled government

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"Those Shoes Stink - Literally"

Trump’s ‘Never Surrender’ sneakers has aged terribly

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