64bithero, to foss
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Gave Element a try and wasn’t really a fan. There are lot of confusing settings. And the e2ee requires local storage and some encryption key you must bring everywhere. Oh and you can’t log off easily. For now I’ll stick with the Revolt hobbyist project. Lot of good people on there.
#foss #discord #element #revolt #gaming #char

milan, to random German
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so jetz reichts, mal wieder vollständiger lockup weil zu lange nicht auf dem macbook benutzt. hab mir jetzt element-x-ios draufgepackt, auf den ersten blick scheint das ganz wunderbar zu laufen – auch wenn nicht offiziell für macos überprüft.... für batterie ist das vermutlich sowieso die klügere entscheidung

64bithero, to foss
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So evidently Element now has screen sharing and voice chat integrated in an “always on” room. All with encrypted messages. Making a really strong case for me to potentially ditch Revolt. But moving my friends yet again might be impossible

wjmaggos, to mastodon
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I'm less interested in getting to connect seamlessly with than with . Anybody working on this?

ajussak, to Matrix French
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L'instance matrix.org rencontre énormément de dysfonctionnements depuis hier se qui rend l'expérience quasiment inutilisable. L'instance étant déjà sujet à des lenteurs en temps normal, je me tâte à ouvrir ma propre instance mais la migration de mes espaces existants peut être assez fastidieuse...

soatok, to Matrix
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fell, to Matrix
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Matrix certrainly has its rough edges, but I find it awesome that pretty much every major Linux community now has their dedicated space. All federated, of course.

m0bi13, to Matrix Polish
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Dochodzą mnie słuchy, że z .pl są nowe problemy/nadal nie działa.

Sprawdzałem po interwencji @didek (był problem z aktualizacją software) i wrócił wtedy do żywych.

Dzisiaj sprawdzam, nadal działa.

A jak jest u Was?

Ja korzystałem z Web na chat.noevil.pl

Rusty, to Matrix
@Rusty@cubhub.social avatar

I have a lot of Matrix questions :otter_peek:​

Anyone here have any experience spinning up a Matrix instance?

herzenschein, to Matrix

I'll forever die on the hill that #Matrix and especially #Element must support stickers and sticker packs in a first class manner to succeed in the mainstream.

ErikJonker, (edited ) to security Dutch
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I hope the UN can make it work but the federated decentralised approach makes sense. The United Nations ditches Big Tech in a bid for security | TechRadar

janvlug, to opensource
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United Nations International Computing Centre (UNICC) has selected as its communications platform, following a competitive process.

Element stood out as a digitally sovereign platform which offers end-to-end . Its ability to be to support multiple organisations was also a key factor in the process.

will self-host Element through an Element Enterprise subscription.


madargon, to Matrix
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Yesterday desktop app nuked my main long-lasting session and reminded me that correct address of my server is, not
:blobcatjoy: ​:blobcatmlem:​

Huh, but in the past it worked both ways?

fedora, to Matrix
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We're very happy to use a free and open source, decentralized tool for chat - @matrix has been a great resource! Fedora contributors can easily connect with each other or outside communities with a single account.

All users who make a Fedora Account are able generate a related Matrix account from fedora.im.

Learn more about Matrix and how Fedora uses it! https://fedoramagazine.org/fedora-chat-your-gateway-to-matrix/

kuketzblog, to Discord German
@kuketzblog@social.tchncs.de avatar

. Die Überarbeitung der Messenger-Matrix ist nun vollständig abgeschlossen. Über einen Tipp/Klick auf Teilen würde ich mich riesig freuen, damit sich die Messenger-Übersicht (weiter) verbreitet. ❤️ 👍

Deutsch: https://www.messenger-matrix.de/messenger-matrix.html
Englisch: https://www.messenger-matrix.de/messenger-matrix-en.html
FAQ: https://www.messenger-matrix.de/#faq
Mitarbeit: https://codeberg.org/kuketzblog/www.messenger-matrix.de

vwbusguy, to Matrix
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For some reason not all of my conversations show up in so I end up having two versions of installed on my phones which is not wonderful for battery life and data usage. Element X should have been branded as Element Beta or something along those lines.

kuketzblog, to Matrix German
@kuketzblog@social.tchncs.de avatar

Liebe . Nach eurem Feedback zur Messenger-Matrix habe ich diese erneut überarbeitet. Es wäre schön, wenn ihr erneut euer Feedback hinterlassen könntet. (bitte keine Anfragen zur Bewertung/Aufnahme weiterer Messenger!).


SandstormWoof, to matrix in Matrix Discord-like Voice Channels

I have raised this question in the -web:matrix.org Matrix room. I got an answer: The use case or feature I have described is still being developed and an experimental version is available as a Beta feature.

  • On the browser the experimental feature is under: Settings → Labs → New Video rooms
  • On the desktop app it’s under: Settings → Labs → Join the Beta (joining the Beta enables the “New video rooms”)

From when I tested it, the experimental feature shows the amount of people currently connected to the video/voice call/channel, but not who those users are. I assume that will be added in future.

Either way, thanks for the community for clearing that up for us. As soon as this feature is in the official version, I will try getting my friends from Discord to Matrix. In an initial transition phase probably with Discord-Matrix-bridges.

kuketzblog, to Matrix German
@kuketzblog@social.tchncs.de avatar

#Followerpower ist gefragt. Nachdem großen Update der Messenger-Matrix habe ich noch den Line-Messenger ergänzt. Ich bitte alle #Follower mal einen prüfenden Blick auf die Matrix zu werfen - insbesondere auf jene Messenger, die ihr selbst benutzt. Sollten Angaben nicht stimmen bzw. überarbeitet werden, so meldet das bitte. Entweder hier oder über die Projektseite.


#messenger #element #matrix #signal #simplex #telegram #line
#threema #viber #whatsapp #wire

dbrgn, to Matrix German
@dbrgn@chaos.social avatar

Uff, bei #Matrix sieht man als Serveradmin im Log jeden Klick eines Users auf einen Chat im Matrix Client 😕 So viel zum Thema Metadatensparsamkeit.

#synapse #element #privacy

kuketzblog, to Discord German
@kuketzblog@social.tchncs.de avatar

🚨 Größere Überarbeitung der Messenger-Matrix:

  • App-Icons hinzugefügt
  • aTox entfernt, Viber hinzugefügt
  • Neue Kategorie "Benutzbarkeit"
  • Neues Kriterium "Post-Quantum Verschlüsselung"
  • Diverse Aktualisierungen


riaschissl, to Matrix
@riaschissl@noc.social avatar

I'm really fed up with MS Teams.

In the past, I've used Matrix/element, and I can't say how many times better it worked. About 1.5 years ago, we decided migrate to MS 365 and I find it a pita.

Does anybody have a clue about the status of Teams<->Matrix integration? I remember, there were numerous attempts to do this using a bridge/puppet, but at least AFAIK that didn't work too well.

What is the status of this? Any insights appreciated 😎

SirTapTap, to Matrix
@SirTapTap@mastodon.social avatar

Huh, / desperately need a UX team

linus, to Matrix
@linus@donotsta.re avatar

is there a way to force fetching all encryption keys (i.e. what I think happens automatically when scrolling up in the history) without doing that manually in / some other client? Or is my understanding of how this works incorrect? :boost_ok:

richardpascoe, to fdroid

Well, I have finally installed F-Droid on my Android mobile as I continue to move away from Big Tech. Most of the open source applications I'm using have an official version on the store! Signal seems to be the exception, so any thoughts on Element as a possible replacement please? Obviously, views on other alternatives just as welcome!

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