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campaigners have filed a at an court challenging 's plan for mineral exploration, citing insufficient impact assessment of the , the World Wide Fund for and its lawyer said on Friday.

Norway's parliament in January approved a proposal to open a vast ocean area larger than Britain for seabed mineral exploration after a government-commissioned study concluded that its impact would be minimal.

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Step up for #nature by joining in our first ever stadium #StairClimb at the iconic #BCPlace on Sunday, May 26.

Join as an individual or with a team of friends, family, colleagues, or fellow students. All ages are welcome to participate in this exciting event.

Anywhere (Virtual) Climb option available.

#Vancouver #Fundraiser #Exercise #environmental #WWF #wildlife #YVR

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WWF Sues Norway Over Approval of Deep-Sea Mining in Arctic Waters

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sued over plans

says the government has breached the law ‘without adequately assessing the consequences’

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#Norway sued over deep-sea #mining plans

#WWF says the government has breached the law ‘without adequately assessing the consequences'


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Gone on this very day 25 years ago. One of the most talented wrestlers of the nineties, Owen Hart.

The decision to continue PPV after his death is still despicable.

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1/2 Der WWF hat ein Parteien-Ranking zur EU-Wahl erstellt, in dem es darum geht, wie Parteien in Sachen Klima- und Naturschutz abschneiden. Interessant ist dabei Grafik 5/5, die keine Parteien sondern Fraktionen im EU-Parlament anzeigt. Solltet ihr euch nämlich entscheiden, aus Unzufriedenheit über die mangelhafte Klimapolitik der deutschen Parteien eine Kleinpartei zu wählen, wird sie sich am Ende einer dieser Fraktionen anschließen.

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Der hängt an die Piratenpartei zwei Sternchen. Aber es gibt keine Fußnote dazu. 🤔

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Ein neuer -Bericht beleuchtet eine unangenehme Wahrheit inmitten der wachsenden Lebenshaltungskostenkrise: EU stellt jährlich zwischen 34 und 48 Milliarden Euro an für Initiativen zur Verfügung, die der schaden.
Dieser Ansatz ist eine oberflächliche Lösung, die die zugrunde liegenden Probleme nicht angeht: aggressive rechtsextremer Gruppen, die das Narrativ manipulieren, und der Missbrauch von EU-Agrarmitteln durch Mitgliedstaaten
Während sich diese destruktiven Subventionen auf alle wichtigen Wirtschaftssektoren erstrecken, entfällt der Großteil davon auf die .

Milliarden werden für nicht nachhaltige Praktiken ausgegeben
Europäische Länder verwenden bis zu 60 % der Mittel aus der Gemeinsamen (GAP) der EU, die sich jedes Jahr auf 32,1 Milliarden Euro belaufen, um groß angelegte, nicht nachhaltige landwirtschaftliche Praktiken zu fördern. Diese Summe entspricht den jährlichen Gesamtausgaben von Ländern wie Kroatien

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Malaysia plans to introduce "orangutan diplomacy" in its relations with major palm oil-importing countries, offering the animals as trading gifts in an effort to allay concerns about the sector's impact on the environment.

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In debate escalates about whether the phase-out was justified granted its consequences for German economy that are becoming evident now. In the new turn, it is being suggested that the minister of economy Habeck was lied to by his own experts who claimed the phase-out is going to be harmless.^1

At this stage I can only reiterate that since 2011 when the plans were announced hundreds of worldwide climate experts appealed to Germany not to phase-out nuclear, which is one of the few low-carbon and dispatchable sources of energy. Climate scientist James Hansen had been calling German phase-out a “climate crime” and in 2019 hundreds of scientists wrote an open letter to German government asking to reconsider.^2

As I wrote a few years ago, the whole phase-out plan was plagued by cognitive biases, falsified data and excessive optimism about “prospective technologies of future”. The biggest blame however goes to “environmental activists” such as and who were absolutely knowingly and cynically lying about both evils of nuclear and benefits of , convincing many people and pushing the government towards the current failure.^3

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Hm. I wonder if I can get any fediverse admins onboard to disable all images on their instance on the World Sight Day in October, so that only alt text shows up.

#accessibility #a11y #ImageDescription #AltText #FediAdmins #MastoAdmins

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Excellent. 🤗
We could emulate what the initiated with or in 2007.* People jointly turn off the lights.

When many people(s) join in a visible action, it can become a beacon of hope.
Due to the fact, that impacts only a fraction of the population and, as @hspmauli, pointed out today, voluntary "temperance/abstinence is always the problem,"..

@mina @Gargron @tchambers

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Wie halten es die österreichischen Parteien mit dem Naturschutz? Aus Kohle, Öl und Gas aussteigen? Den Green Deal unterstützen? In die Natur investieren?

Das hat die Umweltorganisation anlässlich der am 9. Juni erhoben:

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ONG: un sous-traitant accusé de précariser la collecte de dons

La , ou le sous-traitent le démarchage de donateurs à l’entreprise , censé faire des indépendants. Mais le contrôle étroit de leurs journées de travail, pour des rémunérations faibles, fait craindre une « de la collecte».

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Licht aus für das Klima, eine Stunde lang - das ist die zu der der @wwf_deutschland aufruft. Symbolisch geht das Licht weltweit bei ganz vielen Sehenswürdigkeiten aus, um Aufmerksamkeit zu schaffen und Energie zu sparen. Ein dunkles Zeichen für den Klimaschutz, auch in . Das haben wir uns auf einer Radtour vom Barmer Rathaus, zum Stadtwerke Gebäude, vorbei an der Unterbarmer Hauptkirche bis zum Elberfelder Rathaus angesehen.



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🌍🕯️ Am 23. März 2024 um 20.30 Uhr ist es wieder soweit: Die WWF Earth Hour steht an! Eine Stunde lang werden weltweit tausende Städte, Kommunen, Unternehmen sowie Privathaushalte ihre Lichter ausschalten, um ein Zeichen für den Klimaschutz zu setzen.

Es ist an der Zeit, dass wir der Klimakrise mehr Aufmerksamkeit schenken. Vor allem in den Medien. Die Earth Hour bietet eine gute Möglichkeit, gemeinsam ein Statement zu setzen.

Schließt euch an!

💚 @wwf

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scientific journalists debunking popular anti narratives distributed in by Western “environmental” activists and the reasons why they were relatively successful over the last 30 years:

kravietz, avatar


There’s a very important distinction to be made here - scientists aren’t activists. The main difference is that when science is generally speaking in the language of probability, activism speaks in language of certainty, hype and simplification.

Scientific evidence for climate change being caused by human CO2 emissions is vast, I would consider it nearly as solid as law of universal gravitation today - the theory behind it is sound and consistent, and it’s consistent with experimental observations.

My problem with “environmental” activism is that it’s selective and often completely wrong. Where science -represented by IPCC - clearly says nuclear power and CRISPR are enablers to decarbonisation, activism - represented by , etc - says exactly the opposite. They do say climate change is real, which is consistent with IPCC, but then they reject the whole IPCC package and selectively pick parts they like and those they don’t, in an entirely arbitrary manner.

And by their fierce insistence on doing things their way, they effectively only prevent actual decarbonisation.

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That’s unfortunately a classic case study of how activism as done by works exactly against its goals:

  • Making far-fetching and exaggerated statements about what the climate change symptoms, easily ridiculing the careful, well-sourced and conditional predictions
  • Turning carefully worded IPCC probabilistic statements into simplistic certainties, further ridiculing actual scientific forecasts
  • Rushing mitigation goals which are described as “ambitious” but in reality are simply impossible to implement in the declared schedule, ridiculing the actual mitigation scenarios as proposed by IPCC and IEA
  • Cherry-picking from IPCC and IEA research, praising some solutions and discrediting others (e.g. nuclear), thus further ridiculing their mitigation scenarios and presenting them in the usual “even scientists can’t agree” sauce

In short, I can only encourage you to simply ignore any popular media reporting on climate change because it’s 99% guaranteed to repeat activist narratives, thus repeating the above problems.

Instead, if you go and read the actual IPCC and IEA “net zero” scenarios, which are not only clearly written but also use balanced language and are factually correct, you will see that the actual climate science has nothing to do with the activism and most of the (valid) questions you asked are already answered by them.

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shelved report exposing River Wye pollution ‘to keep Tesco happy’

Whatever the type of pollution, profiteering is the common reason why organisations are polluting the water, land & air. Their profit motives come with the, generally bullshit, that the managers of the business "take their environmental responsibility seriously"__The sales pitch designed to sustain the businesses image

The "free market" isn't regulating against the profit before mindset.

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WWF shelved report exposing River Wye pollution ‘to keep Tesco happy’

If the allegations are proven this will be deeply damaging to both organisations. While it is well known that the Wye has been turned into a lurry filled wasteland by chicken farmers, this stinks.

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This week's game of the week, in honour of it being Wrestlemania season is... WWF Super Wrestlemania.

Oh. Why do I do this to myself?

(cc; @retrogaming )

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while i was out thrifting yesterday, i also came across this glorious trash: issues of wwf magazine from the early 90s.

part soap opera digest, part tie-in ads, every page is totally expressive of pre-teen boy saturday morning cartoon culture of north america at the time. i am dying. 🤣

An ad for a 1-900 call in number for an interactive telephone game played at a cost of 0.99 cents per minute.
An array of catalogue items from the wwf’s junk shop, all arranged around your favourite wrestler’s logo.
An array of catalogue items from the wwf’s junk shop, all arranged around your favourite wrestler’s logo. Including a terrible hulkster teddy bear.

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