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As Arizona residents battle invasive heat, they continue to set Record High Highs and Record High Lows!

No relief at night!

Since Arizona began measuring temperatures in 1895, climatologist Erinanne Saffell says the average temperature has risen about 2.5 degrees.
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In the west, the heat dome continues to strengthen and move east.

In Texas, entire wheat fields are being ruined by seed sprouting on the standing stalk: the cause is abnormal heat and humidity.

Las Vegas set a record high of 111F (43.8C) , Death Valley 122F (50C) and tens of millions brace themselves for triple digit temperatures and high humidity.

So far this season, tornadoes are up 50+%

Saturday Morning Temp Map

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Rare Tornado in Ukraine!

A tornado was spotted in the Kiev region

A phenomenon extremely unusual for Ukraine was observed by residents of the Obukhov region.
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The admin toughened vehicle mileage standards, part of a strategy to transform the auto market to one led by to fight .

The measure requires to achieve a 65 mpg avg for all car models by 2031.

experts say retiring the is critical to staving off the most deadly & costly effects of .

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Heat Domes
Heat Stroke
Heat Emergency
Heat etc, etc., etc.,

Global warming and climate change isn't coming - it's here.

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Sign of things to come

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The hottest temperatures to hit the U.S. this year were sweeping across California and the Southwest into Thursday — and the "dangerous" heat's expected to bring record temperatures to much of the region before expanding eastwards this week

Forcast Highs Across the US

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UN chief wants a tax on profits of fossil fuel companies, calling them 'godfathers of climate chaos' - Yes please! The sooner, the better…

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A streak of record-setting #heat that began last summer has now persisted for an entire year across the globe, researchers announced Wed, pushing #Earth closer to a dangerous threshold that the #world’s nations had pledged not to cross.
Temperatures surpassed the 1.5°C #warming threshold over the past year, & scientists warn they will again soon.

#ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #FossilFuels #ParisClimateAgreement #GlobalWarming #ClimateScience #policy

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It's not just Florida or southern locations where climate change is having unintended and adverse impacts (think dengue and malaria becoming endemic to Texas, Arizona or Florida) —
Asia hornets survive UK winter for first time. This invasive species (transported accidentally by "hitchhiking" with cargo) is a threat to honeybees and other native bee species. v @BBCWorld #ClimateChange #GlobalWarming #ClimateCrisis #insects #bees #honeybees #extinction

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Oil Industry Backs Away From Wind!

The renewable green energy disaster off the northeastern US is getting worse

Less than one per cent of the way to the Biden 2030 target

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A wind-driven fire continued to scorch thousands of acres 60 miles (97 kilometers) east of San Francisco, prompting residents to flee their homes and the closure of two major freeways near the central California city of Tracy

Exceedingly warm temps will hamper firefighters this week.

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Debt payments by countries most vulnerable to climate crisis soar

There is nothin like kicking a country when it is down. Having stolen their resources, contributed the largest contribution to Global warming with its effects on lives, the environment and little things such as migration, Western vultures are still allowed to screw them further - before there is anything left.


#GlobalWarming #Finance #GlobalPoverty #Capitalism #Banks #Poverty

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Hard hitting ad.
Protect nature. Protect the environment.

Our future is disappearing.
Source :


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AP analysis finds 2023 set record for US heat deaths, killing in areas that used to handle the heat - The death certificates of more than 2,300 people who died in the United States last summer mention the effects of excessive heat, the highest number in 45 years of records, according to an Associated Press analysis of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data. With May already breaking heat records, 2024 could be even deadlier. #GlobalWarming #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #ClimateChange #PublicHealth

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