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Find some in the latest installment of my weekly blog covering other people's music. This week, music from @jvw @atomicshadow @signalinfusion @NOISEBOB and @floby in genres including , , post and

@experimentalmusic @electronicmusic

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Heute ist wieder Day. Das neue von und Bardi Johannsson aus 🇮🇸 ist ein Instrumentalalbum und sehr sphärisch ohne Gesang. Es ist eine neue musikalische Interpretation des schwedischen -Klassikers von 1921.

The Phantom Carriage from Kælan Mikla & Bardi Johannsson

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Heute ist wieder Day. Das neue von aus 🇧🇪 ist draußen.
Mir gefällt es! 💜🎶😊


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Good morning everyone 👋

today I have released my new single 'Glades'. A midtempo/downtempo song with a soft fluttery synth line that dances around an enchanting music box sample, hope you enjoy! ✨

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On , a few months ago, author Randall Munroe wrote a long story about the "Case of the Missing Hit", a song with the chorus "" with specific lyrics and style aspects, which other people seem to have also heard - yet the song doesn't seem to exist.

Or at least, didn't until it suddenly showed up ;)

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The sun of Ukraine rises over the Donbas – and that's why my latest amateur track, which I recorded this weekend, is called "Donbas Sunrise".
It's a lo-fi production, but I hope you still like it.

Listen to it now for free on soundcloud 🎵

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A full album that can easily be listened as a single track!

SWIM – In Circles

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Animated Violence Mild by Blanck Mass.

Not sure what I think of this yet. Was given to me as an album swap.

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Most listened to music in the past week:

Nine Inch Nails, Ferry Corsten, !!!, Daft Punk, BT, Kanga, Venus Hum, Hatari and Sneaker Pimps.
#music #electronic #House #dance #trip-hop #chillout #industrial #trance

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So I did a little break from pure ambient and created a new called "Rechnermusik". You'll find more beats there and especially lots of sounds ;-).
I hope you like it!

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Most listened to music in the past week:

Nine Inch Nails, Ferry Corsten, !!!, BT, Kanga, Venus Hum, VNV Nation, Apoptygma Berzerk and Icon of Coil.

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Non Paradisi by GosT 🎶

On bandcamp here:

Turns out you don't need guitars to be dark and heavy 👻

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These Revolutionary Electric Bikes Don’t Need Batteries Or Recharging, A World First

> The PI-POP bike’s supercapacitor is constructed from carbon, aluminum, cellulose, and polymers, all of which are more recyclable.

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My daily compulsion... music

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Cory, as always on a tear

“ You ask Amazon, "What's your cheapest batteries?" and it lies to you. If you click the first link in a search-results page, you'll pay 29% more than you would if you got the best product – a product that is, on average, 17 places down on the results page.”

Capitalism is premised on markets with price transparency, at least by the marquee claims made in econ101.


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Genome 4 drops April 5th! Featuring tracks from me (as cisc), Access to Arasaka, Phylum Sinter, Unterm Rad, Alphabox, RENEGADE ANDROiD and many more. You don't want to sleep on this!

There is also a listening party on April 2 at 2:00 PM EDT. RSVP here ->

#synth #idm #glitch #postindustrial #braindance #electronic #electronicmusic @synths

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: ""Enshittification" isn't just a way of describing the symptoms of platform decay: it's also a theory of the mechanism of decay – the means by which platforms get shittier and shittier until they are a giant pile of shit.

I call that mechanism "twiddling": this is the ability of digital services to alter their business-logic – the prices they charge, the payouts they offer, the particulars of the deal – from instant to instant, for each user, continuously:
Contrary to Big Tech's own boasting about its operations, the tricks that tech firms play to siphon value away from business customers and end-users aren't very sophisticated. They're crude gimmicks, like offering a higher per-hour wage to Uber drivers whom the algorithm judges to be picky about which rides they'll clock in for, and then lowering the wage by small increments as a way of lulling the driver into gradually accepting a permanent lower rate:
This is a simple trick. The difference is that tech platforms like Uber can play it over and over, and very quickly."

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Here is a link to 'Checkers' - a song I put together this evening. Featuring the dulcit tones of Richard Nixon.

"Pat does not have a mink coat..."

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